Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Immigrants to Canada Contribute to Climate Change.

I don’t know about you but it seems Justin Trudeau has spent more time outside the country than in it ever since the Liberals won the federal election back in November of 2015 but I think it’s because Justin is so awesome and it's unfair to the whole of the world if Canadians hog that awesomeness all to themselves.  You see, Justin is so awesome that Canada is too vast, her audience too small to contain and bear witness to the awesomeness that is Justin Trudeau.  Justin knows this so almost immediately after the Liberals won the election that terrible day back in November he embarked on his “Justin Trudeau Is So Awesome” world tour because it would be a crime against humanity to deny the people of the world the opportunity to bask in his awesomeness.  He is after all God’s gift to Canada and Canada’s gift to the world.

That’s why I find it bizarre that he was in New York City recently to lecture the UN on climate change and sign yet another symbolic, non-binding agreement to address it when his globetrotting to date has probably farted out more CO2 emissions into the atmosphere than the bottom 20% of the world’s population does in an entire year.  I mean how serious can you take this guy when he brings along an entourage of 383 souls to the Paris climate summit; more than the U.S., the U.K., and Australia combined; when a smaller contingent of people would have sufficed producing a smaller CO2 footprint and reinforce the image of a government concerned about climate change. 

I don’t believe he gives a damn about climate change.  I think he’s using it as a platform to champion with hopes it will net him a nod from Stockholm.  It also feeds his messiah complex.  It’s all about him really.  Everything, be it the election, gender equality, or climate change.  It’s a means to generate narcissistic supply for the narcissistic Prime Minister and mine adoration from a sycophantic press and a fan base of half-wits.

Were he truly concerned about climate change his party wouldn’t be so determined to shovel more people into the country especially from nations with a lower carbon footprint per capita than Canada.  This is because Canadians have one of the largest carbon footprints in the world.  To put this in perspective, while China is the biggest global producer of CO2 emissions it also has the largest population in the world and broken down per capita Canadians are bigger producers of CO2 emissions than the Chinese.  Yet China is a top source of immigrants to Canada as is India and the Philippines.  Immigrants from these countries, and elsewhere, increase their carbon footprint simply by moving to Canada.

A specific way immigrants contribute to climate change is pushing urban sprawl onto the nation’s arable lands making Canada more dependent on food imports and large agribusiness factory farms both of which have larger carbon footprints than a farm growing local produce.  Furthermore, in urban sprawl the car is king and urban sprawl just expands the urban heat island effect.

Canadians’ large carbon footprint may have to do with the fact that Canada is a northern country with long, cold, dark winters and short hot summers.  It’s a vast country with a relatively sparse population.  To stay warm during the winters, cool in the summers, and to generally traverse its great expanse requires the consumption of inordinate amount of resources.  This may help explain why Canada is warming twice the global rate.  Canada isn’t suitable to hosting a large population.

Whether you accept climate change is real or not is up to you.  However Justin Trudeau has made it very clear it’s very real and very important to him.  When the next election rolls around another one million more people would have been imported into the country increasing their carbon footprint and Canada’s as well.  Allowing that, coupled with his international playboy-esque jet setting, if climate change really matters to Justin Trudeau he has a funny way of showing it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

GDP Is A Misleading Metric.

Proponents of mass immigration often point out how immigration contributes positively to increasing the country’s GDP.  While this may be true it doesn’t provide a complete picture because GDP doesn’t measure the overall standard of living or quality of life of a population.

A nation’s GDP can increase while the quality of life of its citizens can stagnate even decline.  For example an individual can work twelve hour days, seven days a week and that will contribute to the GDP but not provide a very favourable lifestyle.  However if this individual decided to take a day off each week for leisurely pursuits then this wouldn’t be recorded in GDP measurements since leisure isn’t measured but that leisure time would improve that individual's quality of life.  And a life of constant work, especially at a job that brings little fulfillment beyond financial need, with no time for leisure is a life not worth living.

Let’s look at the obvious fact that immigrants take up space.  This means they drive up demand for housing.  They also buy and drive cars.  They also get sick and need to see a doctor.  They also need a job to pay for all of this among other things.  All of this contributes to growing the GDP since their demand for goods and services is a measurable activity when calculating GDP numbers.
However, by driving up the demand for housing they also drive up the cost of living since the suppliers of housing can increase prices.  This means more disposable income is going to housing instead of meeting other needs.  They drive cars and clog up our already clogged up highways and city streets causing greater commute times and lost productivity to say nothing of the pollution they create.  When they get sick they fill up our emergency rooms and hospitals giving Canada one of the worst wait times in the industrialized world.  None of this is taken into account in measuring the GDP.  As for incomes immigration has had little if any positive effect on income levels and most likely helps to keep real incomes stagnant which means more money is going to pay for your car you drive to your job to make an income to pay for the increasing cost of living.  As for leisure time f**k that!  Who has time for that when you need to work all the time because you don’t make enough money at your job because mass immigration has saturated the job market?  That is if you can find a job that provides an income you can live on.  There are also the negative effects on one’s mental and physical health due to urban sprawl and densification, the loss of green spaces and arable land, effects on social cohesion, and so forth.

GDP is a dubious metric to begin.  To be honest I'm suspect of Canada's GDP numbers since Canadians have to assume record levels of debt to maintain the illusion of prosperity.  But saying mass immigration contributes to positive GDP growth is a disarming tactic because it implies that a growing GDP begets net benefits for the country and therefore the entirety of Canadian society and who can be against that?  But GDP is used to mask the quality of life diminishing problems mass immigration creates.  Indeed, while it’s arguable that immigration has contributed positively to growing Canada’s GDP it can be equally argued, quite persuasively, that it has negatively affected the quality of life for Canadians especially for us who live in the nation’s largest cities.  And since 30%, if not more, of Canada's GDP is composed of real estate and the service sector I'm cynical enough to believe mass immigration is being used to buoy Canada's otherwise weak economy the way China used rampant property development to inflate it's suspect GDP numbers.

Monday, April 11, 2016

#NotSorryKomagataMaru or Will The Sikh Lobby Apologize For The Murder Of W.C. Hopkinson?

Just asking.

And while you're at it how about Air India Flight 182?

Seriously, didn't we do this five years ago?

Not good enough for you?

Now you want another one?

Holy sh*t!  And you wonder why Canadians view you so disfavourably.

I understand you venerate Inspector Hopkinson's killer, Mewa Singh.  See him as a martyr do ya? But the Muslims are the violent ones.  How about that?

It looks like Prime Minister Nincompoop is going to do what Liberals do best and pander to their favourite pet ethnic voting block by apologizing for an event most of us never heard of involving people who are long dead and gone that a previous Conservative government already apologized for to try and beat the Liberals at their own game.

For the uninitiated the so-called Komagata-Maru Incident went down something like this.

An enterprising Sikh in B.C. at the time chartered a Japanese boat and sold passage to Canada to mostly fellow Sikhs back in the Punjab in British controlled India.  They sailed to Canada after departing from Hong Kong and arrived in Vancouver harbour expecting to disembark and bhangra their way right into the country because f**k Canadian sovereignty.  But the Canadian government wouldn't have it and so the Sikhs became restless and acted like violent retards.  After a two month stand-off Canada said "f**k this sh*t" and sent the boat packing with an armed escort into international waters to arrive in India where it's passengers refused to acquiesce to demands by the British to disembark.  And then they proceeded to act like violent retards.  A riot ensued and the British said "f**k this sh*t" and opened fire.  People died.

And it's our fault.

And we're sorry.

We're sorry we didn't let you break our laws and crash our borders because if we did then you wouldn't have acted like violent retards and got some people killed.  Because acting like violent retards is kinda your thing but that's our fault too I guess.  So what I'm trying to say is I'm sorry, I think, because it's our fault, or my fault, or something.

Hey, did anybody see my car?  It's a white Volkswagon Tiguan with plates WHTGLT.  I left it around 124th street and Old Yale Rd in Surrey, B.C.; in the Khalsa School parking lot to be precise.  I left it there to go see a doctor about getting a refill on my medicine.  If anybody finds it you know how to contact me.

Privately Sponsored, Publically Paid For.

There’s much to write about the debacle that is Canada’s response to the Syrian refugee situation and I may get around to publishing a post or two about it but I wouldn’t be writing anything that hasn’t been said in the comments section of the CBC new site or in the commentary of those who share the view that bringing these people here and in such great numbers is a stupid idea.  And referring to a past "success" is no guarantee of a repeated future outcome.  With that said I’m not too sure if I care to write much about the Syrians since it’s the system I want to focus on and the Syrians are just the current benefactors in a long line of past and future benefactors of our most dysfunctional and easily gameable asylum system.

I will say this.  It’s not really Canada’s response in the general sense, as in “we, the people”, but more so the response made by a gaggle of people who occupy influential and privileged positions in the public and private spheres whose inveterate need to virtue-signal compel them to engage in actions that the rest of us will eventually have to pay for in one form or another with no consideration on how we feel about the matter.  From what I gather most of us are sick of hearing about the Syrian refugees and can you blame us?  It’s infuriating to see our political class, from our civic leaders to our national representatives, foot-drag to address more pressing local and national concerns yet can find the time and resources to help foreigners in trouble especially when the cameras are rolling.  Besides, is it really the best idea to bring them here in the first place?  Wouldn’t the resources we’re spending to bring 50,000 Syrians (because the 25,000 the Liberals promised to dump into Canada pre-election didn’t piss us off enough it seems) be better spent and aid more people if it was allocated directly to the refugee camps?  How is bringing in 50,000 Syrians going to positively affect the crisis they are fleeing aside from making a few misguided Canadians feel good about themselves?  It really does lack any rational consideration but that’s par for the course.  We expelled logic and reason from shepherding the nation’s immigration policy a long time ago and replaced them with compassion and political necessity as the guiding lights which is why the system has become such an unmanageable monstrous mess.

In any case, and in the spirit of not repeating what has already been said elsewhere, there’s a write-up at Rebel Media about the true costs of private sponsorship of refugees.  If you haven’t already read it then do so.

A key point to take away from this is that private sponsors are only liable for up to one year for the upkeep of their charge.  After that they become wards of the state if they haven’t become fully self-reliant by then.  The sponsors get all the warm feelings and positive press while we, the public, eventually get the joy of having to pay for it all.

Another key point is that privately sponsored refugees are not wholly supported by their sponsors.  They are entitled to a bevy of publicly funded benefits like dental and health care which their sponsors are not on the hook for.
This contradicts the official government line that privately sponsored refugees are not a burden to the public when in fact they are but the government hasn’t been very forthright about its Syrian refugee pet project now has it?  We learned at first that most Syrians didn’t want to come here.  Of those who came to Canada we now know that many weren’t in any immediate danger.  In fact many already had accommodations, renting apartments in Lebanon and Turkey, along with gainful employment.  That being true these Syrians ceased being refugees having found relative refuge.

What’s bothersome about this whole affair is how it was presented to the public as if this was the only viable course of action when alternative options should have been given considerable weight.  Pre-election the Conservative approach appeared to be the most reasonable enjoying healthy public support but our grand-standing left of center parties had to double down on the lunacy and show how out of touch they are with those they want to govern by demanding Canada take an unpopular course of action particularly when that unfortunate boy washed ashore on a Turkish beach.  They capitalized on a terrible event to pander to our emotions so as to present themselves to the public as the compassionate choice and therefore the most fit to govern.  The whole thing reeked of grandiose moral exhibitionism for the sake of obtaining political capital.  And with the election of the Liberals, and thus making a world fame chasing primadonna the national leader (and I use the word "leader" in the loosest sense possible), expect things to get much worse.  So if you’re anything like me you may want to remove all sharp objects from your home.  But if you want to keep them on hand for, you know, "reasons" then remember it’s down the road not across the street.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

So Where Was I?

Apparently I wasn’t having a nightmare after all.  The Liberals really did win the election back in October, 2015 sending a very undeserving and a very vain and vapid man to the PMO.  

I barely slept that night and have slept very little since then only to recently awaken from my first bought of prolonged sleep after knocking myself senseless from one too many facepalms to the head thanks to the one too many times our allegedly objective and dispassionate national media swooned over the cringeworthy statements and deeds of our Tumblr-tier PM.  Like, holy f**k!

As if it couldn’t get any worse a pathetic known drunkard of an ex-banker with a PhD. in crystal ball gazing gets appointed Minister of Immigration in Justin Trudeau’s vote pandering, “It’s [current year]” cabinet of mostly token appointees.  Good God!

So it looks like it’s time to dust off the old blog and pick up from where I left off ‘cause I don’t know how I’m going to handle the next few years without an outlet to blow off some steam.  While I will concentrate on immigration as the main thrust of my writing I may go off topic from time to time to comment on the attention getting, “Look at me everyone” antics of Pierre Trudeau’s spawn as well as the overall pathetic state of Canadian politics and the mediocrities that pollute it.

I hate blogging and I didn’t miss it but it’s only been five months since their election victory and already the Liberals make me want to jump from the heights of the CN Tower after ingesting two cyanide capsules for good measure.  

And they’re just getting started. 

God, it’s going to be a long f**king four years.

Monday, July 21, 2014

'Ethnic Markets' Driving Extinction of Ontario's Turtles.

Turtle populations in southern Ontario are under threat by poachers, who sell the critters on the black market as aquarium novelties or for the dinner plate. 
Ron Brooks, who studied turtles in Algonquin Provincial Park for 40 years, said there are no statistics on the number of turtles being poached and sold in the illegal wildlife trade. 
But he said it appears that poachers will collect turtles and sell them to ethnic markets for delicacies such as turtle soup. 
“It’s very difficult to find out what’s going on,” Brooks said. 
Eight species of turtles live in Ontario, seven of which are considered at risk. Two of these species — the spotted and wood turtles — are classified as endangered. 
For turtle researchers, the risk of poaching prompts them to take precautions.
Hmm. Ethnic markets.  I wonder what they mean by ethnic markets.  I mean who has no qualms poaching Ontario's wildlife for profit in ethnic markets.  All the members of Canada's ethnic communities, and I mean all of them , who make up these so-called "ethnic markets" are law abiding citizens, or so I'm told. None would ever, ever, ever engage in any illegal activity whatsoever.

So I'm blaming you, the white heterosexual conservative male.  It's obviously all your fault. You hate diversity so it stands to reason you hate biodiversity as well.  So sad!  Just embrace the "new Canada" already.  It's for your own good.  If need be I can set you up with a government funded lobotomy if that'll help.  You'll love it, I promise.

Oh, and incidentally we need another head tax.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

So I Take It Hon. Justice Anne Mactavish Doesn't Read The Comments Section of Newspapers.

Why would she? It's only where us common rabble get the opportunity to chime in on news items of interest and voice our opinion. And why would she care about that? Why waste her precious time with the opinions of us little people when only elite opinion matter.

And that's, apparently, what she relied upon as she and the supreme court reversed the Conservative government's 2012 decision to deny failed refugee claimants, tourists for all intents and purposes, from receiving public health care benefits.

According to Colby Cosh writing in Macleans magazine Hon. Justice Anne Mactavish looked at newspapers and magazines to consider what constitutes "cruel and unusual punishment" to "a large segment of the population." And who, may you ask, is this large segment of the population?
...doctors, who gave dissatisfied statements to the press; provincial politicians, whose luminous anger was conveyed through that same press; and editorialists and columnists, whose collective indignation, plopped on a page in haste, was compiled into a “compendium” for her perusal.
To put it another way the marginal elite minority view.

Had she bothered herself to read beyond the final word of the final sentence of the concluding paragraph of each news item she referenced and read what Canadians had to say about the cuts in the comments (providing comments were allowed) she'd realize a considerable amount of Canadians supported them.

But Anne Mactavish goes to diner parties, not BBQs so I doubt she knows, or cares, what the average Canadian thinks.

So here it is again where the marginal elite view of the Canadian establishment gets to set the agenda regardless of popular public opinion while we pretend we live in a functioning democracy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

If Mohamed Fahmy Is A Canadian Then Why Isn't Jim Carrey An American?: On 'Canadians' and Canucks.

Tough break for Mohamed Fahmy. He was handed a seven year prison sentence in Egypt on terrorism related charges. This is Egypt so you can be assured the charges are bogus.

So why is he Canada's problem?

Oh right, that dual citizenship thing. You see, Mohamed Fahmy was born in Egypt and lived there until his family immigrated to Canada in 1991. They eventually spoke the enchanted words of the citizenship oath and like a Hogwarts spell presto-chango were magically transformed into maple syrup bleeding Canadians on the spot.

Mohamed Fahmy is forty years old which means he was seventeen when he first arrived in Canada. According to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, Fahmy hasn't lived in Canada for the past eleven years. Doing the math Fahmy hasn't lived in Canada for twenty-eight years out of his forty year life. He's only spent twelve years of his life in Canada spending the majority of his life outside the country. Yet, he's Canadian somehow and therefore our responsibility.

But if Mohamed Fahmy is Canadian then why isn't Jim Carrey an American? Jim Carrey is a famous Hollywood comedic actor. He was born in Canada but for most of his life has lived and worked in the U.S. He also holds U.S. citizenship. Applying the criteria the Canadian media does to claim Mohamed Fahmy as Canadian, and thus our responsibility, then Jim Carrey is not Canadian but is, in fact, an American.

But we don't say that do we? We say Jim Carrey is Canadian just like we do with Mike Myers or with any Canadian who's made a name for him or herself outside the country. We even do it with Keanu Reeves even though he wasn't born in Canada and was merely passing through.

When it comes to claiming citizens we want our cake and to eat it too. When foreigners move to Canada and become Canadian citizens we say they're Canadians now. When Canadian born citizens move abroad and become dual citizens of a foreign country we still claim them as Canadians. And when foreigners with Canadian citizenship return to their homelands we still call them Canadians even though they're now living in their native lands of birth.  Funny that.

But what is citizenship if nothing more than a legal document granting you specific state guarantees and protections. Beyond that it doesn't say anything about you. That's why there's a difference between Canadian citizens and Canadians, between "Canadians" and "Canucks." We inherently know the differences and words on a piece of paper can't easily erase them.

There are some 50,000 Canadians right now living and working in Lebanon. There's an additional 300,000 or so Canadians living and working in Hong Kong. There's a total 2.8 million Canadians living and working abroad, mostly in the U.S. How many of these people are dual citizens and if so why should their Canadian nationality take precedence in their dual citizenship status? China doesn't recognize dual citizenship at all. In the eyes of Beijing dual Chinese-Canadian citizens are nothing but Chinese. The Indian government recognizes its overseas citizens as Non Resident Indians. It further recognizes the children born to its overseas population as a Person of Indian Origin for two generations; likewise for Egypt. Canada only recognizes one generation but this does mean one can be born and live abroad not having once set foot in the country and not know a word in either English of French let alone be able to locate Canada on a map and still be considered Canadian by law.

Being born in Canada doesn't mean you're Canadian either. Many are being born on Canadian soil in cultural and social settings that are de facto colonies of nations with no historical or founding roots in the creation of the country. With the aid of modern day communications technology what we euphemistically refer to as ethnic communities are in practice territorial expansions of other nations on Canadian soil.

What I'm saying is citizenship doesn't mean anything anymore. Now, it's nothing more than the legal right to carry a passport of a particular nation and expect the protection of the government that issued it and access to the benefits of the society it governs. It used to mean something when you said you were British, or American, or French, or Australian, or German, or Spanish, or Canadian. Thanks to globalization and the culturally suicidal madness of multiculturalism mass immigration, mostly third world immigration, is making western societies more alike rather than enhancing the uniqueness and attractiveness of each nation. It's the paradox of multiculturalism. The more multicultural a nation becomes the less multicultural the world. Now what makes us different is just geography and language where citizenship is sought based on ease of attainment and the entitlements and protections it bestows to the holder. We're not importing "new Canadians." We're assuming liabilities.

This brings me back to Mohamed Fahmy. In his defense he told the court he could "never possibly betray his country." When I read that I was honestly puzzled. How does he mean he could never possibly betray Canada? Then I realized when he said "his country" he meant Egypt. I guess Canada is just an insurance policy then; to bail him out when he gets into trouble. He's Egyptian but Canadian when it suites his needs but that's the "new Canadian" I've come to discover. Be it a hyphen, dual citizen, "newcomer", immigrant or their Canadian born kids they're Canadian but only when they need to be.

Monday, June 23, 2014

$24 Billion.

That's that amount of money Canada's seven million foreign born residents removed from the Canadian economy in 2012 as remittances according to a World Bank study.

I don't have a problem with remittances. I would probably do the same thing. It beats foreign aid as it goes directly to the people who need it instead of corrupt government coffers.

But, on a balance sheet this is a loss for Canada. It's been established that immigrants' contribution to the economy is negligible. They are also a tax burden according to a much cited, and relatively unchallenged, Fraser Institute study. With TFWs compounding the costs to Canadians by contributing to regional unemployment and wage suppression now we learn Canada's foreign born, both permanent and temporary, are removing some $20 billion dollars from the economy yearly.

Since none of this is beneficial to the average Canadian the immigration system is turning out to be a money hemorrhaging investment only the shadiest of financial advisers would recommend.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

From the Best and Brightest Files: Another Alleged 'Canadian', Another Bonafide Jihadi

Farah Mohamed Shirdon, a Calgarian in his early 20s, is fighting overseas with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, CBC News has learned. 
Shirdon, who was enrolled in the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology until at least 2012, appears in an ISIS video released two months ago. 
Before burning his Canadian passport, Shirdon, in full view of the camera lens, issues a threat to Canada, the U.S. and "all oppressors." 
"We are coming and we will destroy you by the will of God," Shirdon says on the video. 
He comes from a prominent and well-educated Somali family. His father’s brother, Abdi Farah Shirdon, was a former prime minister of Somalia who has survived numerous attempts on his life by al-Shabab militants fighting for an Islamic state in Somalia under the banner of al-Qaeda. 
Shirdon’s mother and sister live in Calgary and are deeply involved in the religious life of their community. CBC News reached out to them repeatedly, but they would only say they are "confused and pained by Farah’s choice," before asking for privacy. 
Though it’s unclear how real his threats are, Shirdon is the latest young man from Calgary to be identified by CBC News as a Canadian fighting overseas.
Hey, the guy's Somali so cut him a break. You weren't expecting much from him anyway were you?

He's from a people who couldn't be bothered to learn and remember their alleged ancient script so had to adopt the English Latin alphabet in the 1970s just to catch up with the rest of the world. How about that? Somalia didn't have a functioning alphabet until the late 20th century yet our immigration department thinks that somehow importing thousands of Somalis will enrich the country and give Canada a competitive edge on the world stage.


Nothing but the best and brightest for Canada I guess.