Friday, 29 June 2007

In Other News The Sun Rose and Set As Predicted

Shooting suspects flee Canada

Police working with Jamaican authorities to extradite the pair
Jun 28, 2007 04:30 AM
Betsy Powell
Crime Reporter

Two Canadian-born suspects wanted by Toronto police on first-degree murder charges have fled the country and are believed to be hiding in Jamaica, police said yesterday.

Police have issued warrants for Anthony Grant, 21, known as T.J., of Brampton, and Devon Vivian, 20, of Toronto, for killing 19-year-old Jose Hierro Saez during a drive-by shooting in Rexdale on a sunny Saturday afternoon earlier this month. They're also wanted for four counts of attempted murder.

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You know you're a liberal if you dare not speak the obvious: most of the violent crime in Toronto is committed by black males. And invariably there always seems to be a Jamaica connection.

Jamaica is a small Caribbean island. It is also a failed state and it would be wise for Canada to stop all Jamaican immigration. We don't need them and the social benefits are apparent. I do not believe in a non-discriminatory, color blind immigration system. It is our country and we do not have to allow in anybody who walks of a plane or does well on a score card. If a particular group of people continuously misbehave then stop bringing them in.

Jamaica has a population of around 2.6 million. Canada is home to about 211,000 Jamaicans, about 5-6% of Jamaica’s total population, who mostly live in Toronto. Guess who is responsible for most of the gun crime in Toronto? Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the world, ranking third after South Africa and Brazil. In recent years Jamaica has observed a surge in gun violence. I love this line from this article:

"Some observers associate the surge of violence with the large numbers of Jamaican criminals deported back to the island each year from the United States, Britain and Canada. Last year, the United States alone returned 1,196 criminals.”

One of the many social ills plaguing the black community in Toronto is the cultural phenomenon of single black mothers with children by different fathers (I have seen this first hand). Many children are growing up never knowing a father to discipline them when they misbehave. This is considered one factor leading to the anti-social and oftentimes criminal behaviour of many black youths. Guess which country excels in women giving birth to offspring by different men?

Given that these appear to be cultural norms of that tiny island nation what do you expect from them when you bring them here? Most Jamaicans do not engage in gun violence in Toronto and it is unfair to make that impression but this is a case where a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Besides, if absentee fathers and single mothers are a root of criminal activity and a sizeable portion of Jamaicans in Canada engage in this practice then this is worthy or our consideration. I don’t know how Jamaicans get into Canada but for the sake of our society we need to stop it

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Anonymous said...

You are a dumb uneducated ignorant prick.

What about all the south asian's who are killing women senselessly? what about the Chinese gangs in vancouver?
and what about all the WHITE pedophiles, rapists and serial killers?

seems to me like ur just a racist idiot.

jamaica>your life