Sunday, 24 June 2007

Oh No! Not Another Blog!

Yes, another blog but this one is actually necessary if I do say so myself.

The immigration debate in Canada is one sided. Those who oppose Canada's current immigration and refugee system, with the attendant multiculturalism rhetoric that goes with it, have been successfully silenced by those on both the left and the right of the political spectrum with ad-homonym accusations of racism and xenophobia. Rarely are the issues sincerely discussed up here in the Great White North even though the issues are of severe importance to the future of this great nation of ours. Critics such as myself are forced to retreat to the anonymity and democratic atmosphere of the internet so that our voices may be heard and exercise our often denied human right of freedom of speech without fear of being painted as villainous racists and xenophobes worthy of front row seats before a human rights tribunal and a tax payer funded vacation in one of Canada's many fine correctional institutions. Our concerns are real and our voices deserve to be heard. Instead we are ignored and marginalized by the media and our government who both work in concert to promote a corrupt and dysfunctional immigration and multiculturalism policy in Canada that many Canadians are increasingly growing weary of.

I am a patriot. I love Canada and I am opposed to anything that I think that is harming my country and my countrymen. I support an immigration policy for Canada. I just do not support the one my country has adopted. What was once sound and reasonable has devolved into an industry that benefits the few at the expense of the many. Canadian and immigrant are being hurt by it alike and it has to stop.

Canada accepts too many immigrants of whom most of them do not meet the basic requirements to enter via Canada's points system. Only about 25% of Canada's immigrants fall under the skilled category. The sponsored relatives of these immigrants make up a significant portion of Canada's immigration intake. These are largely the aged parents of both spouses who will eventually be a burden on Canada's already overburdened health care system as well as the unskilled relatives who otherwise could not enter the country as skilled labour. This has helped create the doctor shortage that Canada is now experiencing. Some Canadians are being denied basic medical services because of this and this is not right. Fake refugees, and there are more than you think, make up another portion of Canada's immigrant intake. Most refugees to Canada are not refugees. They are frauds and Canadians are paying the costs. The investor class is another and this has been subject to abuse and exposed as a fraud as well. The investor class is essentially a way an immigrant can buy Canadian citizenship a wholesale prices minus the job creation it was intended to produce. But it does import voters for the Liberal party which explains why the abuse has been allowed to continue.

I can write more but I will save it for later posts. I don't care to maintain a blog. I assume it will take up some of my time and life is too short to waste it in front of a computer monitor. Besides, who is going to read any of this anyway? But this issue is important to me and I see that little to nothing is being done to reverse or correct the wrongs that are being inflicted upon Canada and Canadians by this country's immigration and refugee system. This system is corrupt and it is being supported by discredited assumptions. These lies need to be exposed because our politicians, the CBC, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and other media outlets refuse to provide a balanced discussion on immigration. Canadian culture and identity, the livelihoods and quality of life of Canadians, our public spaces, and the natural beauty that is Canada, are being threatened by mass immigration. Enough is enough!

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