Tuesday, 31 July 2007

More Sikh psudo-victimhood from the Toronto Star

Name ban longer than decade

MP, retired bureaucrat cite cases of immigrant Indian name-changes going back to early '90s

Jul 28, 2007 04:30 AM
San Grewal
Staff Reporter

A current MP and a former Canadian immigration officer in New Delhi say the practice of having Indian immigration applicants change surnames Singh and Kaur has been going on for a lot longer than 10 years.

After the World Sikh Organization criticized the policy this week, prompting the department of Citizenship and Immigration to drop it, the department said the name-changing had been in place for a decade.

Note - Why does the World Sikh Organization care? No one is entitled to come to Canada despite what some people might think. Frankly the have no business interloping in the affairs of Canadian immigration policy.

"I had cases going back to the early '90s of people with the name Singh or Kaur being told by CIC in New Delhi to change their surnames," counters Jim Karygiannis (MP Scarborough-Agincourt). "I've had tonnes of cases, not just in my constituency."

Note - Jim Karygiannis' riding is predominately South Asian, mostly Tamils. He, like Ruby Dhalla, do not represent Canadians but mostly represent a foreign people with Canadian citizenship.

Karygiannis says the older generation of immigrants put up with the policy, not wanting to rock the boat. But a new generation of immigrants doesn't feel the same way.

Read it all here.

This is yet another article about a single topic written by the same Toronto Star reporter. The Toronto Star, as a profit maximizing business, has an interest in immigration because almost half of all immigrants to Canada settle in the Toronto area. That is an increase in readership potential and thus advertising revenues in a troubled business sector that has experienced decreasing readership (because of the internet), stagnant stock prices and unimpressive ad revenue. South Asians are well on their way in surpassing the Chinese as the second largest ethnic group in Canada and are more likely to read the Toronto Star than the Chinese. Being aware of this demographic trend and the materialistic, status conscious culture of the South Asian community the Toronto Star has sponsored the publication of a magazine that targets the South Asian community. It is not in the Toronto Star's business interests that Indian immigration to Canada is hindered in any way.

I have already written on this Singh "ban" issue but what I what I would like to add concerns that last line in bold above. I have noticed that many older generation immigrants were grateful to come to Canada and did little to nothing to "rock the boat". They desired to fully assimilate into Canadian society oftentimes by anglicizing their names. They took jobs, worked, paid taxes, and lived their lives, religion, and culture without any imposition on the rest of Canadian society. This "new generation", I have found, are more militant (for lack of a better word). They have an attitude of entitlement; they feel that it is their right to immigrate to Canada; that Canadians must do whatever we can to make them feel comfortable; that we must tolerate and accommodate them but they do not have to tolerate and accommodate us. Multiculturalism encourages these attitudes. It rewards people with all the rights and benefits of being a Canadian without being Canadian. Why work when you’re going to get paid anyway? Canada does not need this "new generation" of immigrants. They are divisive, unaccommodating, and intolerant. Canada needs immigrates who desire to assimilate and call themselves Canadians and not hyphenated Canadians.

Therefore Canada should be encouraging the influx of immigrants who will most likely assimilate fully into Canadian society. If Canada fails to do this, as it is failing now, then the result will be a more intolerant and racist and divided society of the future and it won’t be because of Canadians. How can you be racist and intolerant when you are the minority?

Oh, and as a reminder there are more Sikhs in Canada than anywhere else in the world outside of India. If this were a ban it sure seemed to be ineffective. Also, this complaint is coming from a community that has attacked Canadian laws and culture on more than one occasion. You can't blame some of us if we don't have a sympathetic ear for you now can you?

Monday, 30 July 2007

Sikhs claim pseudo-victimhood, insults Canada (yet again) for implied racism

'Singh' ban denounced

After a storm of complaints from Sikhs, Ottawa reverses New Delhi office's 10-year decree that `the names Kaur and Singh do not qualify for the purpose of immigration to Canada'

Jul 26, 2007 04:30 AM
San Grewal
Staff reporter

One of the most common surnames in Canada, imbued with religious significance for millions of Sikhs around the world, is now, after yesterday's reversal of a 10-year policy, deemed acceptable by the Canadian government.

Note - Singh becoming one of the most common surnames in Canada is a recent achievement. A disproportionate amount of Canada's recently arrived immigrants come from India, particularly the Punjabi region where most of India's Sikhs can be found. In Quebec the surname Nguyen, with Patel following on its heels, is on the verge of becoming more common place than Trembley. This is illustrative of what is wrong with Canada's immigration policy. It is replacing, and displacing, the established domestic demographic with a recently arrived foreign one. This is not nation building.

For the past decade, Indian immigration applicants with the surname Singh or Kaur were told by the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi that their names, too common to process quickly, would have to be changed.

Twenty-four hours after the World Sikh Organization raised the issue, Citizenship and Immigration Canada yesterday announced it was dropping the policy, calling the whole thing a misunderstanding based on a "poorly worded" letter.

It's not known how many people have been affected. Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla (Brampton-Springdale) says in the past three years she's received about 500 complaints from constituents whose family members were told to change their names when applying to immigrate.

The New Delhi immigration office is one of the busiest in the world. Immigration Minister Diane Finley refused to comment, but according to statements from the department, the policy asking for a different name was meant to help speed up applications and prevent cases of mistaken identity due to the commonness of Singh.

Note - I believe Diane Finley. Sikhs are a politically active force here in Canada and they vote in numbers and in blocks. They almost always vote Liberal because the Liberal party is seen as the "immigrant party" which means it is the party most likely to relax Canadian immigration laws and citizenship requirements as well as increase Canada's immigration targets. To the point, the Liberal party is the Sikh party of choice because it allows the unfettered influx of Sikhs into Canada. This "ban", if you want to call it that, was practiced when the Liberals were in power. Why would the Liberals want to anger a portion of the electorate that, due to settlement/colonial patterns in Canada coupled with Canada's "first past the post" elections system, are effectively "the vote" in many federal ridings and can hand the Liberals seats? The Liberals have gone out of their way many times to court Sikh votes. This "ban" doesn't make sense. And Ruby Dhalla is a Liberal herself and is of Indian ancestry. Why is it an issue for her now when the Conservatives are in power? This is shameful race-baiting politics and yet another incident of one of Canada's minority groups insulting the host population by calling them racists. Shame on them.

But for those Sikhs who choose to be baptized, or initiated into the orthodox order of the faith, their previous surname is dropped for Singh or Kaur to symbolize unity and to remove names used to identify social standing within India's caste system.

Note - The caste system in India is derived from the Hindu religion and it effectively excludes over 25% of India's population from economic and political activity as well as exposes these people to daily human rights violations. This is why India is not a model for Canada and this is why Hinduism in un-Canadian.

"If you have to change your name to come here, we have to ask ourselves, `Are we really celebrating all the great things that are hallmarks of this multicultural country?" said Dhalla, whose riding has one of the largest Indo-Canadian populations in the country.

Note - This is why Dhalla got elected. Indo-Canadians are just as conscious of race as anyone else is and may be even more so. Indo-Canadians, like any ethnic minority group in Canada, will, if given the choice, vote for their own. This was made most apparent in the election of Usal Dosanjh as interim B.C. premier. When then disgraced B.C. premier, Bill Van Der Zandt, resigned from office the then ruling NDP party needed to elect a new leader to fill Van Der Zandt's place until the next provincial election. During the run up to the election new members may be signed up to join the political party where they then vote for a new party leader. The B.C. NDP party experienced an incredible increase in the number of members from the Indo-Canadian community many of whom were courted by Dosanjh's wife. She understood quit clearly that these Indo-Canadians will vote for her husband and they did. Usal Dosanjh became the first Indo-Canadian premier in a clear case of a disgraceful and racist ballot stuffing by the Indo-Canadian community in British Columbia. "Whites need not apply." Fortunately the NDP lost the provincial election including Dosanjh who even lost his own seat. I guess it was because of racism.

When asked why the immigration department's policy in New Delhi hadn't been challenged before by politicians, lawyers or the public, Dhalla said she has brought it up to immigration officials.

But she admitted the issue had never made it to the floor of the House of Commons.

"At least not to my knowledge."

Read the whole article here.

This story is a non issue if we consider the fact that there are more Sikhs in Canada then anywhere else in the world outside of India. It seems this "ban" hasn't hindered the Sikh colonization of Canada one bit. I don't know why there are so many Sikhs in Canada but if we are to be frank the behaviour of Sikhs in Canada has been less than admirable. They have continuously been at odds with Canadian laws and culture yet Sikhs expect Canadians to be tolerant and accommodating towards them.

Ruby Dhalla doesn't represent Canadians (though I do suspect she desires to become Prime Minister one day). She is the Ottawa representative of ex-pat Indians and Indians yet to immigrate here. Around 75% of Indo-Canadians were not born in Canada thus making them predominately a foreign people who are Canadian only on paper. A sizeable number of them live in Dhalla's riding and it is they who got her elected. She is the Indian and Non Resident Indian (NRI, the Indian government's recognition of ex-pat Indians) representative in Ottawa and this is my issue and concern: that ethnicity is increasingly becoming a major factor in Canadian politics. It seems Ottawa is well on its way to reflecting the UN where ethnic factions elect representatives to the House of Commons to press their concerns on the rest of the nation. Canadian politics, in conjunction with Canadian society, is being divided along ethnic and racial lines.

One does not necessarily need to be a member of a specific ethnic like Ruby Dhalla to be a tool of an ethnic group. Jim Karryganis, a Scarborough Liberal MP, has made himself a tool of the Tamil lobby because Tamils form a sizeable number of his constituents and by cow-towing to this group Jim can guarantee to be elected year after year. In fact the Tamils, like the Sikhs, have immigrated to Canada in such large numbers (due primarily to Canada's generous refugee system via fraudulent refugee claims) that they form the largest Tamil community outside of Sri Lanka even though India is literally across the street. Tamils can swing the vote in six federal ridings. This is why the Liberal Party failed to list the LTTE as a terrorist organization.

What is becoming apparent is that ethnic communities are not interested in assimilating. They are interested in appropriating Canadian society to fit their economic needs and this includes our political system. An ethnically exclusive national Chinese party was launched in B.C. earlier this month. How long will it be before the Sikhs do the same or the Muslims for that matter? One Bloc Quebecois is one too many. How will Canada survive if our political system is rendered ineffective by ethnic politics?

This is why I support restrictive immigration policies that limit the influx of people from one region or country. A disproportionate number of immigrants to Canada come from India and China making a mockery of any claims to a diverse immigration system. South Asians and Chinese are of such large numbers in Canada that their forays into Canadian politics reveal that they are not interested in co-operating to form a better Canada but are more interested in making Canada better for them. This is divisive and intrusive and it is colonialism in the guise of multiculturalism. And above all it is wrong!

Friday, 27 July 2007

"Got A Jamaican Gang Problem? Blame The Americans" or "We Need Immigrants From Jamaica, Why?"

TORONTO The shooting of Ephraim Brown, 11

To be black and to live in or near public housing in Toronto is to face a big risk of dying young. The fatal shooting of 11-year-old Ephraim Brown while he was riding a scooter Saturday was not an aberration. It is what the city has become.

Toronto is an unusually safe city unless a gun battle happens to break out. It can break out at any time and in any place. Bullets have flown in the Eaton Centre, the big downtown mall. They have flown outside the mall, on Yonge Street. They have flown in bars crowded with 500 people, in the downtown entertainment district and in distant suburbs. They have flown on the streets outside the bars.

But mostly they have flown in and around the public housing projects where poor, black and usually fatherless families live. Six years ago, Dudley Laws, a local activist, produced a list of 100 black people, mostly young men, who had been killed in Toronto by other black people between 1996 and 2001. Today, however, even young children are at risk.


A 15-year-old boy, Jordan Manners, was shot dead in his high school in May. An 11-year-old girl, Tamara Carter, was shot in the eye on a packed city bus three years ago. Amon Beckles, 18, was shot dead two years ago on the church steps at the funeral of his best friend, Jamal Hemmings, 17, who had also been fatally shot. A four-year-old boy, Shaquan Cadougan, was shot in the knee two years ago. All of those shooting victims were black. And in numerous other incidents, bullets whizzed over the heads of children at play. But for good luck, there would have been many more Ephraim Browns.


The research shows that Ephraim's death is not an isolated incident.

Black residents in Toronto are murdered at a far greater rate than non-black Torontonians: roughly 10 victims for every 100,000 people, compared with just two non-black victims, according to research by University of Toronto criminologist Rosemary Gartner, covering the years 1992 to 2003. Homicide victims are younger than in the past, more apt to be shot than before and more likely to be killed in public spaces. (Seventy-five per cent of homicides occur in places such as parking lots and bars, up from 50 per cent in the 1990s.) Toronto has undertaken a variety of useful responses: setting up four 18-member police squads that blitz high-crime areas on foot, creating extra social programs, and keeping schools open for summer programs. But the underlying problem of large, poor, fatherless families, alienated teens and a gangster culture transplanted in part from Jamaica is sinking its roots into Toronto, and will not soon let go.

Read it all here.

These kinds of news reports need the obligatory "not all immigrants from (fill in the blank...)" and so I'll say it: Not all immigrants from Jamaica are criminals. That may be true but the Jamaican cultural norm of the fatherless family and the matriarchal household of single mothers with children by different fathers is alive and well in Toronto and these kinds of households are sometimes the roots of many of the social ills affecting that community which inevitably spreads out to society as a whole in the form of random acts of violence and the death of innocents.

It's the American's fault, of course, that these Jamaican immigrants or their children act the way they do because the Americans export illegal firearms to Canada. So there is the expected call for a ban on all firearms, yet again. When this is finally achieved then Canada will see an increase in murders by machete attacks.

When you import people from a failed state like Jamaica, how do you expect them to behave here in Canada? Why do you think Montreal has a problem with Haitian gangs? Until these countries can get their acts together Canada needs to stop importing their people because they apparently bring their respective countries' social ills with them and are therefore unfit to be called Canadians.

Ontario Immigration and Citizenship Minister Resigns Over Ethnic Vote Buying Scandal

Minister quits over grants

Jul 26, 2007 08:34 PM

Tobi Cohen
Chinta Puxley
Canadian Press

Ontario's minister of citizenship and immigration had to resign after an auditor general's report found $32 million was handed out to ethnic groups without an "open, transparent or accountable" process, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Thursday as he apologized to taxpayers.

In his investigation into the controversial year-end grants, Auditor General Jim McCarter found there was no evidence minister Mike Colle doled out money to Liberal-friendly ethnic groups, as alleged by the opposition.

Still, McCarter said the province rushed money out the door without adequate accountability or transparency.


Some organizations got cash when they didn't really need the money, McCarter added. The Ontario Cricket Association requested $150,000 but got $1 million – half of which is now sitting in a GIC account, he said.

Note - You may find it odd to include the Ontario Cricket Association in this ethnic vote buying scandal but once you realize that Cricket in Canada is predominately played by immigrants from the Caribbean and South Asia then it all makes sense.

"Decisions behind who got what were often based on conversations, not applications," McCarter said, adding many organizations said they weren't even aware how the minister knew they needed the money.

Note - In other words, "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours."

Conservative Leader John Tory said Colle's resignation wasn't enough, given the Liberals had to be dragged kicking and screaming to bring in the auditor general to investigate this "sorry mess."

The lack of a formal process showed a "complete lack of respect for the taxpayers' money," Tory said.

Note - This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. John Tory is playing the same game the provincial Liberals did by proposing to extend public money to faith based schools if elected this October. It's common electoral strategy in the "New Canada": ethnic vote buying.

"There could be a family out there tonight ... who have a child with autism waiting for treatment and the cricket club – with which I have no issue at all – has $500,000 of the taxpayers' money sitting in a GIC," said Tory, vowing to make this an election issue.

Note - This is one of my main reasons for keeping this blog. Why are Canadians subsidizing ethnic community groups and organizations when needy Canadians are more deserving of that help? Why do these ethnic community groups exist to begin with? They discourage assimilation more than anything.

Read it all here.

This isn't shocking at all when one realizes that ethnic vote buying is politics as usual here in the "New Canada". What is equally irksome is that these ethnic groups played along just like those immigrants who take an unethical immigration consultant's advice to file a fraudulent refugee claim. It takes two to bribe: one to bribe and one to receive.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Canada's Immigration Policy Hurts Economy, Immigrants

Immigrant dream turning sour

Jul 25, 2007 04:30 AM

Carol Goar

It always surprises Don Drummond, chief economist of the Toronto Dominion Bank, when business leaders tout immigration as the key to Canada's economic success.

Their information is at least 25 years out of date.

Since the early 1980s, immigrants have done less well than their Canada-born peers. Each year, they fall further behind.

Today's newcomers, despite being highly educated, take longer to become self-supporting than their predecessors. Some never do.
What is even more worrisome is that their children are dropping out of school, creating an intergenerational cycle of poverty.

"They're pulling the economy down," Drummond said. "I don't think people have really understood that."

Business leaders are right that Canada will have to depend on immigrants to maintain its standard of living. They already account for two-thirds of the country's population growth. By 2030, it will be 100 per cent.

NOTE - That's contestable. And to say that Canada will have to depend on immigrants to maintain its standard of living is an assumption that needs to be challenged along with the assumption that population growth is also necessary for maintaining a high standard of living.

But they are wrong to blithely assume that the 240,000 newcomers who arrive in Canada each year will integrate into the workforce, catch up to their native-born contemporaries and propel the economy forward.

That used to happen.


Some commentators blame the decline on a shift in immigration flows. They contend that recent newcomers from Asia don't adapt to life in this country as well as their European predecessors.

Note - There are reasons for that. First: Immigrants predominately came from ethnically and culturally similar parts of the world such as Europe or the U.S. Second: We didn't accept too many of them. Canada's high immigration numbers hurt immigrants as well.

But a number other factors have also changed:

Ottawa has revamped Canada's immigration system to attract highly educated foreigners, not skilled tradespeople. This has created a workforce that is out of sync with the country's labour needs. It has also stunted the careers of many well-qualified immigrants, who arrive only to find their academic and professional credentials aren't recognized here.

Read it all here.

The rest of the article goes on to say how Canada has failed them, blah, blah, blah, as someone of Carol Goar’s ideological bent is compelled to do. Other than that it is still a worth while read.

She is wrong of course. One of the main reasons for the decline is that we accept too many immigrants. A sizeable portion of immigrants enter Canada via the family class stream or other sponsorship schemes where the beneficiary does not need any marketable job skills or language skills. Adding to these numbers are self selecting immigrants or economic migrants gaming the most generous and lax refugee policy in the entire industrialized world.

Canada’s immigration system is no longer designed to meet the economic needs of the country. If that were the case then Canada could achieve this goal if we imported somewhere between 60 to 80 thousand immigrants a year (including their nuclear families) via the skilled class only . We do not need their aged parents, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, nephews, etc. But Canada accepts about 240,000 to 260,000, the highest per capita intake in the entire world, each year. These high numbers guarantee employment for those who make a living off of Canada immigration industry (lawyers, social workers, community groups, etc.) It also serves as an effective tool for Canada’s political parties to garner a favourable report with Canada’s ethnic communities and buy their votes. It costs Canadian taxpayers an estimated $2-4 billion dollars a year to service this country’s immigration policy. These costs effectively eat up any economic benefit this nation may derive from the importation of these people.

Canada needs to reduce its immigrant intake. This country accepts too many immigrants and, ironically, immigrants are suffering for it. If Carol Goar et al. wish to do something about the economic plight of Canada’s immigrant communities then we should start with reducing the numbers Canada accepts as immigrants each year and then go from there.

Ontario Conservative Party Wants To Extend Public Funding To Faith Based Shcool (election must be coming up).

And it is. Ontarians go to the polls this October. You almost always tell an election is immanent when Canada's political parties start to dole out public funds to ethnic groups.

Tory would expand religious school funding

Jul 23, 2007 12:18 PM
Kerry Gillespie
Queen's Park Bureau

Faith-based schools should have access to taxpayer funding just like public and Roman Catholic schools do, opposition leader John Tory says.

If the Progressive Conservatives are elected in October, they will appoint former premier Bill Davis to lead a commission to figure out the best way to bring religious schools into the public system, Tory said today.

Davis — who grappled with the issue of fully funding Catholic schools before making it law in the 1980s — is the perfect person to figure out how to bring such students into the public fold, Tory said.

This is classic multicultural "double speak." He wants to "bring such students into the public fold" by allowing them to segregate themselves from the public fold via faith based schools and all of this is to be supported by Canadian taxpayers. The article goes on to further state:

“I want to reach out to parents and children currently outside our public education system and invite them in.”

All religions should be treated fairly and schools should reflect Ontario’s diversity in the 21st century, he added.

First of all they are already invited to enter the public system at no cost. These people willing choose to separate their children from the rest of Canadian society. I thought Canada was supposed to be a country of inclusion, tolerance, and the sharing of cultures and religions. I guess I was wrong. What is becoming increasingly clear is that many immigrants to Canada do not want to fully integrate into Canadian society. The only integration they seek is economic integration which will allow them the first-world lifestyle they want. They want to recreate the social and cultural environments of their respective homelands while enjoying the social and economic benefits of living in Canada.

There are 53,000 students in Ontario who attend Islamic, Hindu, Jewish and Christian schools and if all their schools joined the public system it would cost $400 million a year,Tory said.

That's $400 million that will be withdrawn from the already cash strapped public system.

And while agreeing that such a move would strip funding from public schools, Liberal education Minister Kathleen Wynne said it would also segregate children who should grow up together.

“The end result of this poorly thought out policy is gutting the publicly funded education system in favour of private religious schools,” Wynne said.

“Our publicly funded schools bring together all walks of life. This kind of politics of division is what the Conservatives trade in

Read it all here.

Kathleen Wynne is right. This is divisive and it promotes segregation but that's what multiculturalism encourages. As I have said before, it is becoming clear to me that many immigrants today do not want to integrate into Canadian society preferring instead to live separately within their own communities with their own schools, beauty pageants, nursing homes, etc. all the while enjoying the benefits of living in Canadian society. This is not nation building. Canada is becoming a country of colonies and not a “nation of nations.”

The mistake in all of this was when Bill Davis extended public funding to Catholic schools. Therefore to put an end to this nonsense public funding for Catholic schools should be rescinded. As long as tax dollars go to the Catholic school system in Ontario we will never hear the end of this.

The other mistake is the tacit promotion of importing so many people en masse from culturally and religiously disparate areas of the world. I know it is a left wing fantasy that such a society can function in harmony but let’s live in the real world. The kind of society that multiculturalists want to promote will never function and the push for separates school systems in Ontario is evidence of that. Even if tax dollars never went to the Catholic school system the issue will have risen anyways.

One of the groups pushing the most for this is Muslims. May you recall that some Muslims wanted to establish Sharia law in Ontario thus making that province the only jurisdiction in the whole of the western world to legally recognize Shariah Law. And they almost got it too by way of the arbitration act that allowed Jews (Catholics rarely used it if at all) to settle family matters out of court so as to free up a burdened legal system. The way the Liberal government dealt with Shariah law is the way they should deal with public funding for faith based schools: they rescinded the arbitration act and forced everyone to use the public system.

Polls conducted by the Toronto Star and local Toronto television news station CityTv showed that the vast majority of Ontarians are opposed to public funding for faith based schools. Their solution: rescind funding for the Catholic school system.

The public school system is a place where people of different faiths, races, ethnicities, opinions, etc. come together and are exposed to each other. In a way it is a microcosm of Canada as a whole. If these people want to form their own school systems based on race or religion and to separate themselves from the rest of society all the while enjoying taxes derived from that society, to me that speaks volumes of these people and their attitudes for Canada. It is clear that multiculturalism is not working and we should rescind that policy along with the funds that go to the Catholic school board. And we should promote and immigration system that favours people who will most likely assimilate into Canadian society, not only economically but culturally as well.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

$40 million Hindu monument to Indo-Canadian hubris is now opened to the public (except to Dalits of course)

Thousands drawn to temple's dazzle

Jul 23, 2007 04:30 AM

Catherine Porter
Staff Reporter

Italian marble. Indian sandstone. Turkish limestone. Burmese teak.

The new BAPS Shri Swaminarayan temple was declared not just a place of Hindu worship for Indo-Canadians, but a symbol of their new home in Canada.

"It seems to me Toronto is the perfect place for this mandir (temple)," Premier Dalton McGuinty said before thousands of Indo-Canadians waving Indian and Canadian flags yesterday during the opening ceremony of their new temple near Highway 27 and Finch Ave.

The Highway 27 and Finch Avenue area is an ugly location for such an impressive building. It is noisy, near the airport, bereft of any natural beauty, and is home to mostly small industrial businesses and hotels. It is an urban wasteland.

"This is a place where people from all over the world come together to create something beautiful – a strong and diverse society."

This, of course, is to be expected from politician’s angling for ethnic block votes. There is the obligatory, and Orwellian, "strong and diverse" rhetoric that dominates immigration and multicultural discourse in this country but in actuality it is mostly "diversity for diversity" sake. He is right to say that people from "all over the world" come to Canada but Indians, and Chinese for that matter, figure prominently in the faces of immigrants to this nation. In other words immigrants from just two countries, India and China, make up a high percentage of Canada's immigrants. If we take all of South Asia as a whole (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) and combine it with Asia and South-East Asia (China, Viet Nam, Korea, etc.) that intake percentage goes through the roof. One region of the world counts for more than half (I've heard 90% but I can't verify that) of Canada's immigrants. That is why Chinese and South Asian faces are increasingly making up a greater percentage of the Canadian population than any other ethnic group. Chinese is the second largest ethnic group in Canada but they are expected to be surpassed by South Asians in 2017 as both seek to rival and best Canada's dominate European ancestry in the game of "ethnic catch up." Because of this our immigrant intake is not that diverse and talk of diversity is actually more lip service than truth. Canada’s immigration policy is more concerned about numbers (the more the better) than it is about diversity.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said India was a model for Canada as a democratic country that brings together varied languages and cultures. "Today we're celebrating one of our country's greatest strengths – our commitment to pluralism."

India is not a role model for Canada. It is one of the most violent and corrupt nations on the planet that intentionally excludes a quarter of its population from economic and political activity. These excluded people are called Dalits and are they suffer human rights abuses on a daily basis via the hands of their upper-Caste Hindu betters. Dalits are a product of Hindu theology that teaches the natural inequality of man. This is why Hinduism is un-Canadian and this is why it is ridiculous for Stephen Harper to say what he did and this is why we shouldn't be celebrating Hinduism's presence in Canada. The Hindus that are in Canada are of the wealthier and mobile upper Caste variety. They also vote. Dalits are not in Canada because they are too poor and too uneducated to leave the shackles of upper Caste dominated Indian society. If they are in Canada then they would not be allowed to enter the $40 million dollar temple by accident of birth. Is this tolerable? Is this Canadian?

"It's a way to not just maintain our culture, but give to Canada," said Meera Sharma, an Indian-born journalist who hosts a local Punjabi radio show.

The holy building is the first example of grandiose Indian architecture in Canada, said Mitesh Badiwala, a cardiac surgery resident who was among the hundreds of volunteers yesterday. "Growing up in Canada, there wasn't a place I could come to to explain my Indian roots and share with the people who were close to me," he said. "Now, I don't need to use words. I just have to bring them here."

Read it all here.

The erections of such buildings are so that immigrants to this country can retain their cultural lifestyles back home and pass it on to their children, as these last two paragraphs imply. As one Indian woman put it to here visiting parents on the CTV coverage of this temple, it's to show that, and I'm paraphrasing, "there is no difference between India and Canada." This temple helps to achieve the goal of making parts of Canadian society reflective of Indian society so that the only way you could tell you are in Canada is by the weather and better social services. It discourages assimilation and total integration into Canadian society by maintaining "the other" status (South Asians remain "the other" as Canadians remain "the other" to them). This temple serves as a magnet and beacon to other Indian immigrants to encourage them to come here and swell the ranks of NRI's (non resident Indians, how the Indian government refers to ex-pat Indians) in Canada.

The problem with this is that this is Canada and it's the only one we got. When immigrants to this country come here and transform segments of Canadian society into mirror reflections of their respective homelands Canadians lose that piece of their public space and society. It becomes, in character, a colony of the nation of a particular immigrant group (Chinatown, little Italy, little India, etc.) If this pattern were to spread across the nation as a whole, and it is possible as it is encouraged by multiculturalism, then Canada will only exist in name only. To illustrate this point further imagine if all of Canada’s immigrants came from India and this continued indefinitely with current birth rates and demographic trends. The once European Christian heritage and identity of Canada will be replaced by a South Asian Hindu one. This is population replacement not population growth.

Canada is a unique nation and it is worth preserving. We should be encouraging immigrants to assimilate. If this is a problem then Canada should favour immigrants who will be more successful at assimilating culturally. If not then Canada will become a colony one temple at a time.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Canada Needs Immigrants From Jamaica, Why?

Judge wants review of file of criminal immigrant

Jul 19, 2007 04:30 AM

Nick Pron
Courts Bureau

Mickie Roan Beckford has been described as a career criminal, a man who has been in and out of jail 20 times in the 20 years since he first came to Canada from his native Jamaica.

And now a Toronto judge wants immigration officials to review the file of the crack addict who refuses to work and hasn't taken any medical treatment after being diagnosed with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Even though immigration officials ordered his deportation two years ago, Beckford, 41, remained in the country pending an appeal, and kept up his life of crime, committing another 17 offences.


In a nine-page judgment released earlier this month, the Ontario Court of Justice judge described Beckford as a habitual offender who got addicted to crack cocaine and turned to crime to pay for his habit after immigrating to Canada in the late 1980s to live with his mother and three sisters.

His mother and three sisters? Where's the father? Do I need to ask?

Read it all here.

The appeal system in this country is a joke. Blame immigration lawyers for that one. The system needs to be reformed pronto. And we can start by arresting all immigration from Jamaica.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Latest StatsCan Study Proves Immigration Cannot Reverse Canada's Ageing Demographic Trend

Amid a greying GTA, a young oasis in Peel

Jul 18, 2007 04:30 AM

Robyn Doolittle
Louise Brown
Jim Wilkes
Staff Reporters

Kshitij Gaur's biggest problem with Brampton is the crowds.

He moved here three years ago from New Delhi to raise a family. He already had a wife and daughter and has since added a son.

He has no problem finding community centres, shopping or schools. It just takes a while to get to them. "The streets are very crowded. There is lots of traffic," he said.

Clearly, Brampton's having some growing pains – in more ways than one. Census numbers from 2006 show Brampton has a higher proportion of children 15 and under – 22.9 per cent – than any Greater Toronto community.

The city's median age is just 33.7, five years younger than greybeard neighbour Toronto and almost six years less than the Canadian median of 39.5 years.

Brampton bucks the nationwide trend, which actually saw the number of children under age 15 decline by 2.5 per cent over the five years from 2001 to 2006. The proportion of under-15s across the country is 17. 7 per cent.

On the other end of the spectrum, nearly one out of three Canadians is a baby boomer, aged between 41 and 60. The 65-and-over population is also booming, so to speak, as it's now a record-high 13.7 per cent of the country's population.


"All our growth now is in Brampton because that's where the open fields are; right up Highway 10 to the east and the west – and they're all new Canadians, predominantly south Asians," says Janet McDougald, chair of the Peel District School Board and long an advocate of more money for 905 schools.

Read the whole article here.

For almost three decades Canadians have been told that we need mass immigration to reverse Canada’s aging demographic trend. This latest StatsCan study shows that immigration has so far failed to achieve this end. In fact it hasn’t even made an impact at all.

The Star article doesn’t make this point but it doesn’t want to. The Star, like most mass media in Canada, care more to avoid such a discussion. The article was written to show Canadians how immigration has kept this part of Canada young. But it is not that young. Most of the immigrants to this part of the Greater Toronto Area (the GTA) come from South Asia. They are already married and already have kids and they just bring them here. They also bring in their aged relatives and this is one reason why immigration has failed to positively effect Canada’s aging population. Because of family class immigration Canada has stupidly assisted the graying of our society by bringing in the parents of both spouses to Canada. Per Capita, Canada imports more people over the age of 65 then who turn 65 in our country. Because of this the average age of immigrants to Canada has been steadily increasing to the average age of 35.

StatsCan has also shown twice now that immigrant women have the same number of children as Canadian women do. Only two groups, Muslims and Sikhs, had birth rates higher than the national average of 1.5 and that is due to cultural reasons. However, it is likely that their children will have same number of children as Canadian women do now. That is because Canada’s low birth rate is tied to local socio-economic reasons. In other words, in Canada’s uncertain economy and insecure job market Canadians cannot afford to have more children if any at all.

Historically Canada has depended on a natural birth rate to replace and grow its population and less so on immigration. That’s because immigration alone cannot keep Canada’s population young and growing. For it to do so “immigration levels would eventually have to rise to 28 times their present level, bringing Canada's population to a staggering level of 165.4 million in 2050.” This is from an immigrationwatchcanada.org bulletin that is worth the read.

Ottawa needs to effect policies that encourage Canadians to have more children. That is the only solution. Immigration is not the solution. The only certain thing immigration trends will bring about is population replacement as immigrants settle, cluster, and colonize Canadian neighbourhoods and towns thus driving out Canadians or reducing them to minority status. If this is what is meant by the “New Canada” then I prefer the “Old Canada” thank you very much. There was nothing wrong with it anyways.

"Canadians" instruct potential "Canadians" on how to cheat, well, other Canadians

Preying on immigrants unchecked, lawyers say

Regulatory body failing to weed out dishonest consultants, Ottawa told

Jul 16, 2007 04:30 AM

Nicholas Keung
Jim Rankin

In light of the Toronto Star's investigation into unscrupulous immigration consultants, the Canadian Bar Association is urging Ottawa to review a flawed regulatory system that's "crying out for redress."

In a letter to Immigration Minister Diane Finley, the lawyers' association criticized the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, a regulatory body established by Ottawa in 2004, for failing to protect the public from unethical and unqualified practitioners.

"The federal government gave the imprimatur of legitimacy to CSIC through recognition of its members as `authorized representatives,'" wrote Parker MacCarthy, president of the 37,000-member lawyers' association.


Lawyers have been criticized for acting out of self-interest in hobbling immigration consultants, but the CBA's Alex Stojicevic said his profession is closely regulated.

"There are both insurance safeguards and law society safeguards in place," said the Vancouver immigration lawyer.

Read the whole article here.

The Toronto Star did an expose of the unscrupulous practices of many immigration consultants. It’s worth a read. If you missed the link above you can read it here.

Some of these immigration consultants are former immigrants themselves. What is so irksome about these people is that they are immigrants instructing potential immigrants on how to cheat Canada and Canadians. By doing so they are literally saying that they have no respect for Canada, Canadians, and our laws. But why should they? Our citizenship requirements have been debased so much over the years that immigrants today feel that they are entitled to it. If you give something away so easily then don’t be surprised when people take it for granted let alone abuse it.

One of the immigration consultants in the Star expose was a Chinese woman. The other was a South Asian male. The Star editorial cartoon showed a white male ostensibly duping a non-white female dressed in a one piece black dress and wearing a head scarf. This cartoon, obviously, is not based in reality, retreating to the safe haven of white male bashing instead of pointing out that many non-white immigrants to Canada (and the vast majority of immigrants to Canada are non-white) are being scammed by other non-white immigrants. And as the Star expose illustrated, many of these immigrants play along in the scam knowing full well that they are lying. The reality is that the white majority of Canadians are being scammed and victimized by non-white immigrants and not the other way around as the Star editorial would have us believe.

Immigration lawyers are whining because immigration consultants compete for the much valued immigration consulting fees and are therefore an assault on their incomes. These lawyers don’t care if our immigration system is corrupt and encourages as it rewards abuse and fraud. Immigration lawyers helped make it this way and profit from it. Immigration lawyers are just as evil as immigration consultants. Both prey on the greed or desperation of immigrants as they peddle Canadian citizenship on the world citizenship markets. They even lie to potential immigrants by extolling the virtues of Canada and how a non-existing job, and thus the good life, awaits them here.

Ottawa should not just review the flawed consulting process. It should review Canada’s whole flawed immigration and refugee process altogether. Of course immigration lawyers would be opposed to this. After all, it might result in a saner immigration system for this nation that benefits Canadians as opposed to those who make a living in Canada’s immigration industry. It may adversely affect the immigration lawyer’s income and he or she may have to leave their practice and go and get real jobs.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

According to CNNMoney, Best Place To Live in the U.S. Has "not great ethnic diversity"

1. Middleton, Wis.

Median home price (2006):$290,269
Average property taxes (2005):$5,067
Pros: Small-town charm; booming economy; extensive parks and bike trails
Cons: Do you like winter?

Many Middletonians commute to Madison, but Middleton proper has a strong pool of jobs too, mainly in the pharmaceutical, tech and medical industries. After business hours, Middleton has more going on than you might expect for a town of 17,000. The beer garden at the Capital Brewery is host to corporate mixers, and there are good restaurants downtown.

But make no mistake: Family life is what Middleton is about. In the summer you'll see parents and kids plying the bike trails of the conservancy, splashing in the town's waterslide-equipped pool or sailing on Lake Mendota. On the downside, winter is tough, and there's not great ethnic diversity


Immigration Myth Exposed: The Brain Drain Lie

Reverse brain drain brings urban expert to U of T

Jul 11, 2007 04:30 AM

Daniel Girard

Writing about America's "looming creativity crisis," renowned urban thinker Richard Florida nearly three years ago warned that religious intolerance and tightening security might chase away its best and brightest.

"Terrorism is less a threat to the United States than the possibility that creative and talented people will stop wanting to live within its borders," Florida wrote in the Harvard Business Review in October 2004.

"The nation must act in concrete ways to reassure both people – both Americans and global citizens – that it values openness, diversity and tolerance."

Now, the best-selling author is proving his own prediction.

Florida, 49, a public policy professor at George Mason University in Virginia, is coming to the University of Toronto as a professor of business economics in the Rotman School of Management.


However, there's no shortage of those willing to applaud the appointment of Florida, whose work includes the books The Rise of the Creative Class (2002), The Flight of the Creative Class (2005) and a paper earlier this year that used a "Bohemian-Gay Index" to argue that areas friendlier to artists, bohemians and gays have higher property values, support higher incomes and have a better chance of prospering.

Read the whole article here.

What I want to write about is the alleged brain drain Canada was/is suffering from and how mass immigration is a tool to remedy the problem.

Back in the 1990’s Canada’s brain drain was of some concern. It was continuously in the press and television media. Canadians of particular intellectual talent were leaving the country, primarily to the U.S., and therefore Canada’s ability to compete globally was being undermined. At least that was the pitch. Immigration was and still is being touted as the solution to the problem and the greater the number of immigrants the better.

However there is a hypocrisy that, of course, escaped any form of comment from anyone especially those on the left. If the bribing away of Canadian talent by the Americans is a bad thing then how is it a good thing when Canada was, and still is, bribing away talent primarily from the developing world? If we are a compassionate people then is it not better that Canada not import the intellectual talent of the third world so that they can help develop their societies and therefore do more long-term good for more people than foreign aid packages ever did? In fact the World Health Organization chastised the rich countries, Canada included, for depriving the third world of its medical talent. For some strange reason this rape of the third world of its most precious resource has hardly, if ever, been condemned by anyone on the left in this country who seem to champion it more than anything.

Those on the right tried to use the brain drain as a reason to cut taxes primarily for the rich as a means to retain these people. They were saying that higher taxes in Canada were driving these people away. Therefore Canada must cut taxes. This, obviously, bespeaks of how Canadian society is being catered to the needs of the rich; to see that they are comfortable and that the wealth that they generate for themselves will somehow, hopefully, “trickle down” to us bottom feeders.

A poll was conducted of those Canadians who were bound for the U.S. It turned out that taxes were not even near the top of the list of reasons for their departure. If I recall correctly it was reason number five. The number one reason why Canadians were leaving was that they couldn’t find suitable employment in Canada. In other words there were no jobs for them here. It turned out that Canada was producing more skilled labour than its economy could handle. What made matters worse was that Canada chose to import more immigrants into this labour market based on an assumed labour shortage thus making it more difficult for university grads to find a suitable job and career. A case in point is engineers. Canada has been importing the same number of engineers that graduate from Canadian universities each year effectively doubling the labour supply and compounding that supply every year. There is a reason why immigrant engineers are driving taxi cabs and it is has nothing to do with discrimination.

Some labour shortages do exist but they have been exacerbated by mass immigration. The doctor shortage has been created because of mass immigration. Canada was importing mass amounts of people without regard to the supply of doctors and many immigrant doctors do not meet Canadian medical standards. Canadians are effectively competing with immigrants, particularly the imported parents of immigrants who have not paid much into the medical system, for medical care. How is this just?

The labout shortage that business is crying about is a shortage of cheap skilled labour and low wage unskilled labour. Most of the jobs going unfilled are retail and service based. These are jobs that typically pay minimum wage and are difficult to raise a family on. They are jobs Canadians will not do AT THAT PAY but immigrants will do thus keeping these jobs low waged. Others, like construction, are cyclical. Recall the rush for IT specialists in the 1990s. Immigrant proponents were shouting that Canada needs more IT specialists and we should raise the numbers. Then the tech bubble burst but apparently Canada still needs more IT specialists and more immigrants. It’s insane. Business just uses immigration as a means to attack working Canadians.

The brain drain is a lie and the labour shortage should be taken with some skepticism. Canada’s immigration policy has side tracked many careers if not ruined them outright. Immigration should be used to benefit all Canadians. It shouldn’t be used by the few to attack them.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Refugee Scam Alert: Claim To Be Gay

Refuge from the Stones

Mohammed Syed says his sexuality puts his life in danger back home and he prays that Canada will grant him sanctuary. Trouble is, so many asylum seekers now are claiming to be gay when they�re not

Globe and Mail, December 6, 2003

By Marina Jimenez

It�s not uncommon in Pakistan to see grown men strolling through the streets and markets hand in hand. This is a gesture of affection, not romance: These men live in a conservative Islamic society where homosexuality is not only taboo but illegal, and sodomy punishable by flogging. In some madrassas, the nation�s all-male religious schools, boys are made to sleep with the lights on to guard against �particular friendships.�

So, when word of Mohammed Syed�s adolescent gay love affair spread through his neighbourhood in Rawalpindi, a bustling city of two million next door to Islamabad, the capital, he feared for his safety.

He began to receive threatening phone calls, he says, and one day, on his way home from school, he was attacked by three members of the fundamentalist political party Jamat-I-Islamia. Before beating him, Mr. Syed recalls, �They yelled �gandoo�, which is like �fag� in Urdu.�

Now 27, he is a business student in Toronto, and recently applied to stay in Canada as a refugee, claiming that forcing him to go home is a guarantee of persecution.

This makes Mr. Syed a bit of a trendsetter. In the past 18 months, nearly 8,000 Pakistanis have sought asylum here; their homeland is Canada�s leading source of refugee claimants. Although most complain of religious persecution, suddenly a growing number of them declare that they need protection because they are gay.

In fact, there is a rapidly rising number of self-professed gay refugees from such unlikely places as Costa Rica, not exactly a nation associated with repression.

Canada is renowned for its sexual tolerance, but many of the same-sex newcomers have run into a problem: The authorities suspect that many of them simply aren�t what they claim to be.

Read it all here.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Tamil Sues Over Immigration Case Delay

Man sues over immigration case delay

Son fighting for siblings' entry after parents killed in Sri Lanka awaiting application's processing

Jul 04, 2007 04:30 AM
Tracey Tyler

Since arriving in Canada seven years ago, Sithamparanthar Karalasingam has dreamed of seeing his family.

Anxious to get them away from violence in Sri Lanka, the 25-year-old tractor-trailer driver applied in May of 2003 to have his parents and three siblings join him in Toronto.

But his sponsorship application remained in bureaucratic limbo for more than three years.

Last August, Karalasingam's worst fears came true when Sri Lankan government forces battling Tamil insurgents launched a shelling attack on his family's village in the Jaffna peninsula.

His parents, Thavayoganayaki Karalasingam, 51, and Karalasingam Sithamparanthar, 52, were killed when mortar shells hit their home.

Their son is asking the federal government to admit his siblings into Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, but so far the government has refused.

Read it all here.

Tamils are not legitimate refugees and Canada should stop accepting them as refugees. Most of them are frauds.

If internal flight is an option then that should be pursued first by the refugee. If this option is available then it is in Canada’s legal right to deny his or her claim and send them back to their country of origin. There are areas in Sri Lanka where Tamils form sizeable minorities and they can go there to escape the fighting. One such place is the capitol city of Colombo. If Sithamparanthar Karalasingam’s parents and siblings had done just that instead of remaining in the part of Sri Lanka where most of the fighting is concentrated then they would still be alive. Most of the fighting occurs in the north eastern part of Sri Lanka where the LTTE desire an independent Tamil homeland. GO SOUTH TAMILS! GO SOUTH! You know?! Away from the bombings and fire fights of which many of it is initiated by the LTTE. I know Karalasingam blames Canada for the delay and because of it it’s our fault his parents are dead and because it is our fault we should let his siblings in on humanitarian grounds but it is not our fault. It is his parents fault for choosing to remain in the line of fire. If Arthur C. Clarke can live in Sri Lanka without fear of being shelled I'm sure the Tamils can as well.

Refugees, in accordance with the U.N., are expected to make their claim at the first safest port. This is to prevent the fraudulent practice called “asylum shopping.” Asylum shopping is when an alleged refugee either specifically targets a country or goes from country to country looking for the best deal. There are no direct links between Canada and Sri Lanka yet there are more Tamils in Canada then in any other country outside of Sri Lanka. Why is that when culturally similar India is literally right across the street from Sri Lanka? According to the latest Immigration and Refugee Board figures Sri Lankan refugees (read Tamils) have a 76% acceptance rate. There were times when this rate crept into the 80s. To put this in perspective the next two countries whith high Sri Lankan (read Tamil) asylum claims are Britain, with a 2% acceptance rate, and Germany with a 4% acceptance rate. If Tamils are legitimate refugees then how can Britain and Germany turn back so many Tamil asylum claims and escape U.N. chastisement? From 1990 to 1999 Sri Lanka (read Tamil) ranked #1 in refugee producing countries (it was #2 in 1989 and Somalia was #1 for the same reasons) and Sri Lanka has consistantly placed in the top ten ever since.

The Sri Lankan consulate in Canada gets around 8,000 to 10,000 applications for return visas. If Tamils are escaping persecution and war then why are they so eager to return to potential death and danger?

On an episode of Studio 2 on TVO a gentleman (who I choose not to name but was promoting a book) recounted how Canadian immigration officials were audience to the same persecution story time and time again from different Tamil refugees. They investigated the claims and found out that the story wasn’t true so those who shoveled that persecution story had their claim refused. The immigration officials soon discovered that the story changed literally over night.

Why does Canada continue to entertain these refugee frauds? The answer is clear: we’re a nation of suckers and a con man knows an easy mark when he sees one and that 76% acceptance rate proves it. That’s why Mexico tops the list of refugee producing countries to Canada. Tamils are economic migrants griffting the Canadian refugee system. What kind of behaviour do you expect from a people who defrauded a people and got Canadian citizenship so easily? Three words: Tamil Task Force.

Refugee Scam Alert

The article says it all.

Israeli refugees on the rise

They're on Canada's top-10 list as critics charge we're being `duped'

Jan 27, 2007 04:30 AM
Nicholas Keung

In a surprising twist, Israel has entered Canada's list of top-10 source countries for refugees, prompting concerns about alleged exploitation of the system by Jewish settlers from the former Soviet Union.

Israel, ranked 10th, is the only developed country in the top 10, according to the latest statistics from the Immigration and Refugee Board, with 507 individuals filing for refugee status in 2006.

That represents only 4 per cent of the total 12,805 claims filed.

But a representative of the Canadian Jewish community is urging Ottawa not to let Israeli asylum seekers abuse the refugee determination system, alleging most of the claimants are, in fact, economic migrants.

Read it all here.

It May Be That Many Iraqi Refugees are Not Legitimate Refugees

Iraqi refugees face uncertainty, sponsors claim

Canada's tougher stance is hard to justify, say aid groups backing private sponsorships

Jul 10, 2007 04:30 AM

Nicholas Keung
Immigration/Diversity Reporter

Aziz Sepan fled his homeland at the height of the Iraq-Iran war in 1985 and arrived in Canada four years later as a government-sponsored refugee.

Working closely with World Vision, the Iraqi man has since brought in 100-plus countrymen through Canada's private sponsorship program that resettles refugees who have local community support.

However, as the number of Iraqi asylum seekers surges – 2 million in the Middle East and as many others displaced internally – amid the escalating violence in post-invasion Iraq, aid groups are alarmed by Canada's growing refusals of refugee applications.

Canadian-based aid organizations (a total of 87 have sponsorship agreements with Ottawa) said the approval rate for Iraqi applications has dropped from 60 per cent to 30 per cent over the last four years. As of last year, 2,200 cases were sitting at Canada's Damascus visa station; processing time has doubled from 17 to 35 months.

Sepan, who owns three convenience stores, a flower shop and a trading company in Greater Toronto, was disheartened last August when his godfather's application was denied. "It just doesn't make sense," said the 43-year-old Vaughan resident. "Private sponsorships don't cost the government a penny. None of the people I helped sponsor here has taken a penny of social assistance."


While those who made it to Canada to file a refugee application have a 93 per cent success rate, only 147 Iraqi asylum seekers managed to achieve that in 2006.

Read it allhere.

Private sponsorships and refugees vetted abroad by government agencies have one thing in common: immigration lawyers don’t get paid because the refugee’s status has already been determined. However, if they land at any one of Canada’s airports or sea ports or just show up on our soil like some bogus refugee status seeking Sikhs did in 1986 or the Chinese off of B.C. a few years back then that’s where the lawyers come in. These later types of wannabe Canadian citizens are the most preferential types of refugees because, of course, lawyers get paid.

The legal profession helped ruin our immigration system for their benefit. We accept more immigrants than this country can handle and our refugee system is just asking to be abused because of immigration lawyers.

The article notes that acceptance rates for privately sponsored Iraqi refugees are decreasing yet ones that land on Canadian soil have a 93% acceptance rate. Why the discrepancy? It might be that many Iraqi refugees are not legitimate refugees. If the conditions in Iraq now are enough for a successful Iraqi refugee claim then technically tens of millions of Iraqi’s can claim refugee status and enter Canada. But we all know that we cannot accept them all though legally they have the right to make a refugee claim in Canada thanks to the nefarious Singh decision of 1985. All they have to do is land at one of our airports and say “refugee.” They can then drag out their claim for years at taxpayer expense. They will have the assistance of a lawyer, at taxpayer expense, and have their case heard in a quasi-judicial system, at taxpayer expense, overseen by politically appointed “judges” who need no law degree, or a University degree, nor any previous legal training or experience either. They are usually patronage appointments; plum jobs for friends and rewards for loyal service. They are typically ignorant of the countries that many refugees come from and this works to the benefit of the refugee fraud and his or her lawyer. On the other hand government agencies operating abroad are better equipped at determining refugees because they are working in the conditions many of these refugees come from.

This may explain the discrepancy. Ignorant judges vs. knowledgeable government agents. It is possible that many Iraqi refugees are not legitimate refugees. So what if a privately sponsored refugee doesn’t cost the taxpayers any money. A fake is a fake.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

More Immigrants = More Cars on the Road

Cleaner cars, but more on the road

Jul 10, 2007 04:30

Sheila Dabu
Staff Reporter

More cars, more people and trans-boundary pollution are contributing to smog alerts and higher ozone levels, making air pollution levels worse, say environmental experts who welcomed yesterday's announcement of a national Air Quality Health Index program.

It's an interesting paradox: Auto makers are using cleaner technology, but air pollution has been on the rise because there are more cars on the road, experts say. Urban sprawl also adds to higher emissions levels as people use their cars to travel greater distances. And according to a 2005 report by Toronto Public Health, much of the air pollution in Ontario comes from the U.S., including coal-fired plants in Ohio.

Read all here.

As I said before, the Toronto Star cannot be taken seriously when it comes to environmental issues because it refuses to discuss mass immigration to Canada as a prime contributor to environmental degradation in this country. In fact this can be said about many environmental groups including the Sierra Club. I assume it has more to do with ideological commitments than rational thinking and the two are not always the same thing.

Much is being made nowadays of cleaner running cars and the Toronto Star et al. have been trying to coral public opinion to pressure governments and the private sector to take action on cleaner running vehicles. This is a good thing. But the gains that have been made by environmentally friendly cars are negated by that fact that there are more cars on the road. A 10% reduction in car emissions has a positive effect on the air we breathe because fewer pollutants will be injected into the atmosphere. But this will only be effective if the number of cars on the road stays relatively constant. Mass immigration into a particular area, such as Toronto and its surrounding areas, has increased the number of cars on the road and car usage thus erasing any gains that may have been made by environmentally friendly automobile technology.

Mass immigration is also driving rapid urban sprawl. More green spaces are threatened, trees fallen, and valuable farmland is being destroyed forever to accommodate the rapid introduction of a mostly unnecessary people. Urban sprawl increases our society’s dependency on car usage. This means longer commute times with increased traffic congestion and idling cars.

The most cost effective way to preserve the environment in Canada is to reduce mass immigration now! This will also have the most immediate effect as well. We will not have to worry about spending more billions on the billions we spend already to service the immigration industry and its clients to create rapid transit systems. Nor will we need to worry about traffic jams or have to move to remote towns. There is no justification for brining in 250,000+ people, the highest per capita in the industrialized world, into Canada each year. Canadians will benefit if we reduce this country’s immigrant intake. Canada has a natural heritage famous throughout the world and future generations of Canadians deserve to inherit this heritage like we did. Why do we feel the need to sacrifice it for lesser things like diversity and multiculturalism; things most Canadians really don’t care about anyways?

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Immigration Scam Alert!

Nine months hiding in a church

Fearful woman takes sanctuary to fight deportation that also threatens her Canadian-born child, 11

Jul 07, 2007 04:30 AM

Jen Gerson
Staff Reporter

While 11-year-old Alice finds the box of tissues, her mother cries as she tells how she has come to live in the choir room of an Anglican church in Mississauga – and is crying still at what might happen if she leaves.

Felicia Abimbola knows it was a desperate measure, but when she was ordered after 17 years here to return to her native Nigeria, she faced a desperate choice: Ask her church for sanctuary, or depart for Africa and decide whether to leave her Canadian-born daughter behind.

That was in October.

She hasn't left the Trinity Anglican church since.

Abimbola doesn't want to return to Nigeria. She says she has no life there: Her husband died shortly after she arrived here and she has since been living with her brother-in-law who, according to Nigerian custom, has become her common-law husband. They share a child, Alice, but he can't work and isn't able to care for her.

After arriving in Canada on a two-week visitor's permit, Abimbola has made three applications to stay on humanitarian grounds. She's awaiting a decision on the third.

Few illegal immigrants use it, but there is a last resort for those desperate to stay: church sanctuary. No law protects them there, but it's a long-standing tradition that the state won't invade church space to take someone into custody.


And she's angry. She's no criminal, she says. She has a diploma as a personal support worker. She's not looking to be a burden.

Read it all here.

To the point, she is a criminal in the sense that she broke Canada's immigration laws and entered Canada under fraudulent pretenses. But our immigration laws are not real laws anyways so why all the fuss?

Her behaviour and regard for our immigration laws is typical of many illegal immigrants to our country and the scam she operated is typical and simple as well. The scam goes as follows. First, you enter Canada anyway you can. The visitors Visa or fake refugee claim are popular ones. Second, while here get yourself or your spouse pregnant if not pregnant already. Third, overstay your welcome. If you are a fake refugee, and you know who you are, burden Canadian taxpayers with endless appeals and lawyer fees. Fourth, give birth. These babies are known as “passport babies” or “anchor babies” because any children born on Canadian soil is automatically given Canadian citizenship. Illegal immigrants and failed refugee claimants will then use these babies as excuses to stay in Canada which is step five. However this doesn’t always go so smoothly. Step six is to get the Toronto Star to aid and abet your illegal behaviour with an emotionally driven “puff piece” that ignores the abuse of our system to favour the desperate situation an irresponsible woman has gotten herself into. Step six is, if deported; use your “anchor baby” to get you into the country at a future date.

This happens all the time in this country and we have to stop it. The best way is to rewrite our citizenship laws. Canadian citizenship should only be automatically granted to the children of Canadian citizens born on Canadian soil. I know there will be a few whiners who will be concerned about the citizenship status of the child but that’s not our problem. That responsibility rests with the individual. If need be Canada should take the lead and rewrite international law so that those children born to nationals on foreign soil will retain the citizenship of the parent(s) if the parent(s) do not have citizenship in the land on which the child was born. There, problem solved and money saved.

What I find hypocritical of stories like these is that the illegal immigrant breaks our immigration laws but expects our citizenship laws to be enforced when it comes to their children. You hate the law when it is against you but you love it when it is on your side.

Her behaviour costs Canadian taxpayers money. It is money that could be used for the betterment of Canadians but instead it is wasted to entertain the irresponsible behaviour of law breakers. No official figures exist but it is estimated that Canada spends around $2-4 billion dollars a year to service our immigration and refugee system including other services these immigrants will use when in the country. Imagine how much money we will save and can reinvest in the betterment of Canadian lives if we would just cut immigration numbers and clarify our laws to eliminate abuse of our immigration and refugee systems. But since urban politicians need ethnic block votes don’t expect any changes soon and expect such abuse to continue unabated.

Population Growth, Not Population Replacement!

Storied Quebec clan fights for 1st place in last names

Vietnamese surname threatens to overtake French one in Montreal

Jul 07, 2007 04:30 AM

Sean Gordon
Quebec Bureau Chief

MONTREAL–Whether you're talking about Montreal Mayor Gérald or former Canadiens great Mario – arguably the most famous of all Tremblays – those who share Quebec's most common surname descend from the same 17th-century farm couple.

This fall the Association des Tremblay d'Amérique will celebrate the 350th anniversary of the event that started it all: the nuptials between Pierre Tremblay, an obscure farmer from the Perche region of northwestern France, and his 15-year-old bride, Ozanne Achon.

They had 10 children, four of them boys, and their own respective broods yielded an estimable 58 grandchildren, the majority of whom were male.

Today there are more than 80,000 Tremblays in Quebec, which makes them the largest clan in the province – and the third biggest family in Canada.


But the Tremblay hegemony is under threat in Quebec's most populous city. It's a sign of the times that the Tremblays – Quebec's answer to Smith in the United States or Garcia in Spain – are on the verge of losing their number-one status on the island of Montreal.

According to figures compiled by the Institut de la statistique du Québec, the Montreal Tremblays will shortly be outnumbered by the Nguyens. And if the Vietnamese Nguyens don't overtake the pur laine Tremblays, it could well be the South Asian Patels, who sit at number five on the island.

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What I find disconcerting about this is that this illustrates what is wrong with Canada’s current immigration and multiculturalism policies. What took the Tremblays 350 years to accomplish it will take the Nguyens or the Patels, two names of a people that have no real historical roots in Canada, literally one generation to achieve and it has to do with mass immigration.

What’s in a name? This is not just an issue of a name. It is an illustration that immigration is more than just population growth. It is outright population replacement. About 80-90% of all immigrates to Canada come from non traditional (read non European) countries and it has been like that for quite some time now. Canada’s ethnic heritage and history is predominately ancestral European but Canada’s current immigration policy is a reversal of that. If current immigration and demographic trends continue ad infinitum then Canada’s ancestral European heritage and character will be replaced by an Asian one. Put more bluntly, white Canadians will a minority in their own country.

Do Canadians want this? This question has rarely if ever asked but I imagine that most Canadians do not. Most Canadians, me included, see the benefits of an immigration policy and we welcome immigrants from all countries but not to the extent of replacing the ethnic heritage and character of Canada including our country’s traditions and culture. People, whether we wish to admit it or not, identify closest with those of their own ethnicity and this is not a bad thing because it helps create a socially stable society. Ethnically diverse societies are the most unstable ones.

Canadian immigration policy should be realigned to favour immigrants of European ancestry. This is wise and just. Racism will be minimal and tolerance will rule because the ethnic majority will not be threatened by the introduction of “different” (for lack of a better word) people because they know that they are and will continue to constitute the majority. However the mass introduction of “different” people will have the opposite effect because the ethnic majority will become fearful that they are losing their country. Wars have been fought over this. Are we so naïve and smug in Canada to assume that ethnic conflicts and tensions will pass us by just because we are Canada and such things do not happen here?

Is it just for our government to promote and perpetuate an immigration policy that will replace the people they govern with an alien one? If countries such as India, China, and Japan find it wise to promote ethnically exclusive countries why cannot Canada? Is it still Canada when Chinese becomes the ethnic majority? If it comes to that then it will be a “new Canada.” The old Canada would have been erased and frankly that is criminal.

Happy Belated Canada Day!

I know it is a week late but I was out of town exploring the beautiful landscape of rolling hills and many lakes that characterize southern Ontario.

Canada Day, of course, falls on July 1 of every year. It is on this day that we celebrate the birth of our country because Canada was officially founded as a nation on July 1, 1867 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island via the British North America Act. July 1 is also the day when everyone in this country waves the Canadian flag and proudly calls themselves Canadian. They then spend the next 364 days flying the flags of other countries and proudly remind everyone that they are from somewhere else. They are Canadian but not Canadian. Makes sense to me I guess.

Canada was initially referred to as the Dominion of Canada and Canada Day was initially called Dominion Day. The Kingdom of Canada was first proposed because, although Canada was made a sovereign Confederation of provinces in 1867, it was independent from the British Empire in a limited capacity and it seems Canadians liked it this way. Kingdom of Canada was dropped, however, because John A. MacDonald, and the British Foreign Secretary, Lord Derby concurred that such a name was provocative to Canada’s southern neighbour.

So Dominion was chosen. Why Dominion? One story has it that it was taken from Psalm 72:8 in the Bible which reads, in reference to God:

May he have dominion from sea to sea,
and from the River to the ends of the earth.

The more plausible reason is that Dominion was in reference to “British dominions beyond the seas,” such as New Zealand and Australia.

Dominion was eventually lost and Canada is now known formally and officially as Canada.