Wednesday, 18 July 2007

"Canadians" instruct potential "Canadians" on how to cheat, well, other Canadians

Preying on immigrants unchecked, lawyers say

Regulatory body failing to weed out dishonest consultants, Ottawa told

Jul 16, 2007 04:30 AM

Nicholas Keung
Jim Rankin

In light of the Toronto Star's investigation into unscrupulous immigration consultants, the Canadian Bar Association is urging Ottawa to review a flawed regulatory system that's "crying out for redress."

In a letter to Immigration Minister Diane Finley, the lawyers' association criticized the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, a regulatory body established by Ottawa in 2004, for failing to protect the public from unethical and unqualified practitioners.

"The federal government gave the imprimatur of legitimacy to CSIC through recognition of its members as `authorized representatives,'" wrote Parker MacCarthy, president of the 37,000-member lawyers' association.


Lawyers have been criticized for acting out of self-interest in hobbling immigration consultants, but the CBA's Alex Stojicevic said his profession is closely regulated.

"There are both insurance safeguards and law society safeguards in place," said the Vancouver immigration lawyer.

Read the whole article here.

The Toronto Star did an expose of the unscrupulous practices of many immigration consultants. It’s worth a read. If you missed the link above you can read it here.

Some of these immigration consultants are former immigrants themselves. What is so irksome about these people is that they are immigrants instructing potential immigrants on how to cheat Canada and Canadians. By doing so they are literally saying that they have no respect for Canada, Canadians, and our laws. But why should they? Our citizenship requirements have been debased so much over the years that immigrants today feel that they are entitled to it. If you give something away so easily then don’t be surprised when people take it for granted let alone abuse it.

One of the immigration consultants in the Star expose was a Chinese woman. The other was a South Asian male. The Star editorial cartoon showed a white male ostensibly duping a non-white female dressed in a one piece black dress and wearing a head scarf. This cartoon, obviously, is not based in reality, retreating to the safe haven of white male bashing instead of pointing out that many non-white immigrants to Canada (and the vast majority of immigrants to Canada are non-white) are being scammed by other non-white immigrants. And as the Star expose illustrated, many of these immigrants play along in the scam knowing full well that they are lying. The reality is that the white majority of Canadians are being scammed and victimized by non-white immigrants and not the other way around as the Star editorial would have us believe.

Immigration lawyers are whining because immigration consultants compete for the much valued immigration consulting fees and are therefore an assault on their incomes. These lawyers don’t care if our immigration system is corrupt and encourages as it rewards abuse and fraud. Immigration lawyers helped make it this way and profit from it. Immigration lawyers are just as evil as immigration consultants. Both prey on the greed or desperation of immigrants as they peddle Canadian citizenship on the world citizenship markets. They even lie to potential immigrants by extolling the virtues of Canada and how a non-existing job, and thus the good life, awaits them here.

Ottawa should not just review the flawed consulting process. It should review Canada’s whole flawed immigration and refugee process altogether. Of course immigration lawyers would be opposed to this. After all, it might result in a saner immigration system for this nation that benefits Canadians as opposed to those who make a living in Canada’s immigration industry. It may adversely affect the immigration lawyer’s income and he or she may have to leave their practice and go and get real jobs.


Anonymous said...

It isn't just the immigration lawyers who are corrupt, it is an infestation throughout the whole immigration industry. This article appeared in the Star today regarding an Immigration officer who demanded bribes to expedite applications. They've found him guilty in 3 cases. I wonder if there are more? I'm certain a lot of people kept quiet once they made it in successfully.

Also, the officer himself is a visible minority, who may himself have immigrated to Canada. He probably got the job in part to quotas as it is pretty obvious when one deals with the government that the majority of the workers now seem to be minorities.

PaxCanadiana said...

They've found him guilty in 3 cases. I wonder if there are more?

If you see one there's probably a whole lot more you're not seeing.