Tuesday, 10 July 2007

More Immigrants = More Cars on the Road

Cleaner cars, but more on the road

Jul 10, 2007 04:30

Sheila Dabu
Staff Reporter

More cars, more people and trans-boundary pollution are contributing to smog alerts and higher ozone levels, making air pollution levels worse, say environmental experts who welcomed yesterday's announcement of a national Air Quality Health Index program.

It's an interesting paradox: Auto makers are using cleaner technology, but air pollution has been on the rise because there are more cars on the road, experts say. Urban sprawl also adds to higher emissions levels as people use their cars to travel greater distances. And according to a 2005 report by Toronto Public Health, much of the air pollution in Ontario comes from the U.S., including coal-fired plants in Ohio.

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As I said before, the Toronto Star cannot be taken seriously when it comes to environmental issues because it refuses to discuss mass immigration to Canada as a prime contributor to environmental degradation in this country. In fact this can be said about many environmental groups including the Sierra Club. I assume it has more to do with ideological commitments than rational thinking and the two are not always the same thing.

Much is being made nowadays of cleaner running cars and the Toronto Star et al. have been trying to coral public opinion to pressure governments and the private sector to take action on cleaner running vehicles. This is a good thing. But the gains that have been made by environmentally friendly cars are negated by that fact that there are more cars on the road. A 10% reduction in car emissions has a positive effect on the air we breathe because fewer pollutants will be injected into the atmosphere. But this will only be effective if the number of cars on the road stays relatively constant. Mass immigration into a particular area, such as Toronto and its surrounding areas, has increased the number of cars on the road and car usage thus erasing any gains that may have been made by environmentally friendly automobile technology.

Mass immigration is also driving rapid urban sprawl. More green spaces are threatened, trees fallen, and valuable farmland is being destroyed forever to accommodate the rapid introduction of a mostly unnecessary people. Urban sprawl increases our society’s dependency on car usage. This means longer commute times with increased traffic congestion and idling cars.

The most cost effective way to preserve the environment in Canada is to reduce mass immigration now! This will also have the most immediate effect as well. We will not have to worry about spending more billions on the billions we spend already to service the immigration industry and its clients to create rapid transit systems. Nor will we need to worry about traffic jams or have to move to remote towns. There is no justification for brining in 250,000+ people, the highest per capita in the industrialized world, into Canada each year. Canadians will benefit if we reduce this country’s immigrant intake. Canada has a natural heritage famous throughout the world and future generations of Canadians deserve to inherit this heritage like we did. Why do we feel the need to sacrifice it for lesser things like diversity and multiculturalism; things most Canadians really don’t care about anyways?

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