Thursday, 26 July 2007

Ontario Conservative Party Wants To Extend Public Funding To Faith Based Shcool (election must be coming up).

And it is. Ontarians go to the polls this October. You almost always tell an election is immanent when Canada's political parties start to dole out public funds to ethnic groups.

Tory would expand religious school funding

Jul 23, 2007 12:18 PM
Kerry Gillespie
Queen's Park Bureau

Faith-based schools should have access to taxpayer funding just like public and Roman Catholic schools do, opposition leader John Tory says.

If the Progressive Conservatives are elected in October, they will appoint former premier Bill Davis to lead a commission to figure out the best way to bring religious schools into the public system, Tory said today.

Davis — who grappled with the issue of fully funding Catholic schools before making it law in the 1980s — is the perfect person to figure out how to bring such students into the public fold, Tory said.

This is classic multicultural "double speak." He wants to "bring such students into the public fold" by allowing them to segregate themselves from the public fold via faith based schools and all of this is to be supported by Canadian taxpayers. The article goes on to further state:

“I want to reach out to parents and children currently outside our public education system and invite them in.”

All religions should be treated fairly and schools should reflect Ontario’s diversity in the 21st century, he added.

First of all they are already invited to enter the public system at no cost. These people willing choose to separate their children from the rest of Canadian society. I thought Canada was supposed to be a country of inclusion, tolerance, and the sharing of cultures and religions. I guess I was wrong. What is becoming increasingly clear is that many immigrants to Canada do not want to fully integrate into Canadian society. The only integration they seek is economic integration which will allow them the first-world lifestyle they want. They want to recreate the social and cultural environments of their respective homelands while enjoying the social and economic benefits of living in Canada.

There are 53,000 students in Ontario who attend Islamic, Hindu, Jewish and Christian schools and if all their schools joined the public system it would cost $400 million a year,Tory said.

That's $400 million that will be withdrawn from the already cash strapped public system.

And while agreeing that such a move would strip funding from public schools, Liberal education Minister Kathleen Wynne said it would also segregate children who should grow up together.

“The end result of this poorly thought out policy is gutting the publicly funded education system in favour of private religious schools,” Wynne said.

“Our publicly funded schools bring together all walks of life. This kind of politics of division is what the Conservatives trade in

Read it all here.

Kathleen Wynne is right. This is divisive and it promotes segregation but that's what multiculturalism encourages. As I have said before, it is becoming clear to me that many immigrants today do not want to integrate into Canadian society preferring instead to live separately within their own communities with their own schools, beauty pageants, nursing homes, etc. all the while enjoying the benefits of living in Canadian society. This is not nation building. Canada is becoming a country of colonies and not a “nation of nations.”

The mistake in all of this was when Bill Davis extended public funding to Catholic schools. Therefore to put an end to this nonsense public funding for Catholic schools should be rescinded. As long as tax dollars go to the Catholic school system in Ontario we will never hear the end of this.

The other mistake is the tacit promotion of importing so many people en masse from culturally and religiously disparate areas of the world. I know it is a left wing fantasy that such a society can function in harmony but let’s live in the real world. The kind of society that multiculturalists want to promote will never function and the push for separates school systems in Ontario is evidence of that. Even if tax dollars never went to the Catholic school system the issue will have risen anyways.

One of the groups pushing the most for this is Muslims. May you recall that some Muslims wanted to establish Sharia law in Ontario thus making that province the only jurisdiction in the whole of the western world to legally recognize Shariah Law. And they almost got it too by way of the arbitration act that allowed Jews (Catholics rarely used it if at all) to settle family matters out of court so as to free up a burdened legal system. The way the Liberal government dealt with Shariah law is the way they should deal with public funding for faith based schools: they rescinded the arbitration act and forced everyone to use the public system.

Polls conducted by the Toronto Star and local Toronto television news station CityTv showed that the vast majority of Ontarians are opposed to public funding for faith based schools. Their solution: rescind funding for the Catholic school system.

The public school system is a place where people of different faiths, races, ethnicities, opinions, etc. come together and are exposed to each other. In a way it is a microcosm of Canada as a whole. If these people want to form their own school systems based on race or religion and to separate themselves from the rest of society all the while enjoying taxes derived from that society, to me that speaks volumes of these people and their attitudes for Canada. It is clear that multiculturalism is not working and we should rescind that policy along with the funds that go to the Catholic school board. And we should promote and immigration system that favours people who will most likely assimilate into Canadian society, not only economically but culturally as well.

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