Friday, 27 July 2007

Ontario Immigration and Citizenship Minister Resigns Over Ethnic Vote Buying Scandal

Minister quits over grants

Jul 26, 2007 08:34 PM

Tobi Cohen
Chinta Puxley
Canadian Press

Ontario's minister of citizenship and immigration had to resign after an auditor general's report found $32 million was handed out to ethnic groups without an "open, transparent or accountable" process, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Thursday as he apologized to taxpayers.

In his investigation into the controversial year-end grants, Auditor General Jim McCarter found there was no evidence minister Mike Colle doled out money to Liberal-friendly ethnic groups, as alleged by the opposition.

Still, McCarter said the province rushed money out the door without adequate accountability or transparency.


Some organizations got cash when they didn't really need the money, McCarter added. The Ontario Cricket Association requested $150,000 but got $1 million – half of which is now sitting in a GIC account, he said.

Note - You may find it odd to include the Ontario Cricket Association in this ethnic vote buying scandal but once you realize that Cricket in Canada is predominately played by immigrants from the Caribbean and South Asia then it all makes sense.

"Decisions behind who got what were often based on conversations, not applications," McCarter said, adding many organizations said they weren't even aware how the minister knew they needed the money.

Note - In other words, "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours."

Conservative Leader John Tory said Colle's resignation wasn't enough, given the Liberals had to be dragged kicking and screaming to bring in the auditor general to investigate this "sorry mess."

The lack of a formal process showed a "complete lack of respect for the taxpayers' money," Tory said.

Note - This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. John Tory is playing the same game the provincial Liberals did by proposing to extend public money to faith based schools if elected this October. It's common electoral strategy in the "New Canada": ethnic vote buying.

"There could be a family out there tonight ... who have a child with autism waiting for treatment and the cricket club – with which I have no issue at all – has $500,000 of the taxpayers' money sitting in a GIC," said Tory, vowing to make this an election issue.

Note - This is one of my main reasons for keeping this blog. Why are Canadians subsidizing ethnic community groups and organizations when needy Canadians are more deserving of that help? Why do these ethnic community groups exist to begin with? They discourage assimilation more than anything.

Read it all here.

This isn't shocking at all when one realizes that ethnic vote buying is politics as usual here in the "New Canada". What is equally irksome is that these ethnic groups played along just like those immigrants who take an unethical immigration consultant's advice to file a fraudulent refugee claim. It takes two to bribe: one to bribe and one to receive.

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