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Tamil Sues Over Immigration Case Delay

Man sues over immigration case delay

Son fighting for siblings' entry after parents killed in Sri Lanka awaiting application's processing

Jul 04, 2007 04:30 AM
Tracey Tyler

Since arriving in Canada seven years ago, Sithamparanthar Karalasingam has dreamed of seeing his family.

Anxious to get them away from violence in Sri Lanka, the 25-year-old tractor-trailer driver applied in May of 2003 to have his parents and three siblings join him in Toronto.

But his sponsorship application remained in bureaucratic limbo for more than three years.

Last August, Karalasingam's worst fears came true when Sri Lankan government forces battling Tamil insurgents launched a shelling attack on his family's village in the Jaffna peninsula.

His parents, Thavayoganayaki Karalasingam, 51, and Karalasingam Sithamparanthar, 52, were killed when mortar shells hit their home.

Their son is asking the federal government to admit his siblings into Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, but so far the government has refused.

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Tamils are not legitimate refugees and Canada should stop accepting them as refugees. Most of them are frauds.

If internal flight is an option then that should be pursued first by the refugee. If this option is available then it is in Canada’s legal right to deny his or her claim and send them back to their country of origin. There are areas in Sri Lanka where Tamils form sizeable minorities and they can go there to escape the fighting. One such place is the capitol city of Colombo. If Sithamparanthar Karalasingam’s parents and siblings had done just that instead of remaining in the part of Sri Lanka where most of the fighting is concentrated then they would still be alive. Most of the fighting occurs in the north eastern part of Sri Lanka where the LTTE desire an independent Tamil homeland. GO SOUTH TAMILS! GO SOUTH! You know?! Away from the bombings and fire fights of which many of it is initiated by the LTTE. I know Karalasingam blames Canada for the delay and because of it it’s our fault his parents are dead and because it is our fault we should let his siblings in on humanitarian grounds but it is not our fault. It is his parents fault for choosing to remain in the line of fire. If Arthur C. Clarke can live in Sri Lanka without fear of being shelled I'm sure the Tamils can as well.

Refugees, in accordance with the U.N., are expected to make their claim at the first safest port. This is to prevent the fraudulent practice called “asylum shopping.” Asylum shopping is when an alleged refugee either specifically targets a country or goes from country to country looking for the best deal. There are no direct links between Canada and Sri Lanka yet there are more Tamils in Canada then in any other country outside of Sri Lanka. Why is that when culturally similar India is literally right across the street from Sri Lanka? According to the latest Immigration and Refugee Board figures Sri Lankan refugees (read Tamils) have a 76% acceptance rate. There were times when this rate crept into the 80s. To put this in perspective the next two countries whith high Sri Lankan (read Tamil) asylum claims are Britain, with a 2% acceptance rate, and Germany with a 4% acceptance rate. If Tamils are legitimate refugees then how can Britain and Germany turn back so many Tamil asylum claims and escape U.N. chastisement? From 1990 to 1999 Sri Lanka (read Tamil) ranked #1 in refugee producing countries (it was #2 in 1989 and Somalia was #1 for the same reasons) and Sri Lanka has consistantly placed in the top ten ever since.

The Sri Lankan consulate in Canada gets around 8,000 to 10,000 applications for return visas. If Tamils are escaping persecution and war then why are they so eager to return to potential death and danger?

On an episode of Studio 2 on TVO a gentleman (who I choose not to name but was promoting a book) recounted how Canadian immigration officials were audience to the same persecution story time and time again from different Tamil refugees. They investigated the claims and found out that the story wasn’t true so those who shoveled that persecution story had their claim refused. The immigration officials soon discovered that the story changed literally over night.

Why does Canada continue to entertain these refugee frauds? The answer is clear: we’re a nation of suckers and a con man knows an easy mark when he sees one and that 76% acceptance rate proves it. That’s why Mexico tops the list of refugee producing countries to Canada. Tamils are economic migrants griffting the Canadian refugee system. What kind of behaviour do you expect from a people who defrauded a people and got Canadian citizenship so easily? Three words: Tamil Task Force.

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Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly! I am a Sri lankan Muslim - one of the smallest minorities on the island - I am neither Tamil nor sinhalese. The Tamil Tigers cleansed the north and east of Sri Lanka killing and displacing close to 90,000 Muslims for their Tamil Homeland. All of this was funded out of Canada by 'refugees'. These people were sent out of Sri Lanka by the boat load through various human smuggling channels in the late 80's and 90's. They arrived on the shores of Canada and fully utilised the family class and other sponsorship options to get more Tamil Tigers into developing nations to fund their war against a democratically elected government of Sri Lanka.