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Canada imports Jamaican culture of single mother/multiple fathers

Where are the men?

There's a hidden crisis in this city. Single moms speak out about the scary struggle to raise children who don't expect to survive past the age of 25

In other, and I am sure unrelated, news "Parents, kids flee hail of bullets".

Residents run for cover as gunfight erupts to disrupt barbecue near home where Jordan Manners lived.

The absent father and the mother with children by different men is often cited as a characteristic of members of gang culture. It is also a cultural norm of Jamaica. So is gun violence. When you allow the importation of a people whose home country indulges in such behaviour, what do you expect from them when they come to Canada?

Immigration to Canada is not a human right. Canadian immigration policy is not an exercise in charity. It is supposed to benefit the country and its people save in the case of asylum seekers who genuinely need protection from persecution and not the refugee frauds that have gamed our system (I’m looking at you Tamils, Mexicans, Israelis, Somalis). Canada’s immigration policy does not benefit the vast majority of Canadians but it does benefit the immigrant (and his or her soon to be imported relatives), ethnic communities, and those whose livelihood is dependant on the importation of people.

Our immigration system has failed this country in the importation of people from socially dysfunctional and culturally incompatible societies. Jamaica is one such country. Canada is under no obligation to allow Jamaicans, or anyone else for that matter, to immigrate here. In instances where social misbehaviour is apparent then Canada should stop brining those people in. The problem is not illegal guns imported from the U.S. The problem is that we Canadians allowed the importation of a culture whose people are willing to use them.


Roseton said...

Some of the comments in your article is correct with regards to Jamaica and the Jamaican immigrants to Canada but I think you have put it in the wrong context. Outside of Toronto there is no known Jamaican gang. Over 95% of Jamaican immigrants to Canada are highly skilled professionals with exemplary family lives. Therefore Canada does benefit from Jamaican immigrants. What Canada needs to do is to re-examine its immigration policy to make more difficult for those who will not contribute positively to the Canadian society to enter the country. However I do agree that children raised by single mothers in in extreme proverty are usually the breeding ground for gang members.

Anonymous said...

Some areas of Jamaica experience high levels of violent crime. Jamaica has had one of the highest murder rates in the world for many years, usually ranking third after Colombia and South Africa, according to UN estimates. Jamaica's former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson described the situation as "a national challenge of unprecedented proportions". In 2005, Jamaica had 1,674 murders for a murder rate of 64.10 per 100,000 people; that year Jamaica had the highest murder rate in the world.

And this is where we draw our immigrants from? No wonder gunmen are causing mayhem in our communities and slaughtering innocent people.

Overall, Canada DOES not benefit enough from Jamaican immigration. to make up for the problems associated with gangs, drugs and violent crime. We'd be better off with other immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Rosetin - you are wrong, there is a strong gang element here in Calgary, and with a fairly heavy Jamaican influence. Just visit Chinook Mall or better still, Marlborough Mall, when "cultural festivities" are in full swing, and see the dozens of intimidating young Jamaican men blocking the women's washrooms and hitting brazanly on the white girls that try to use the facilities. The security guards are too intimidated to do anything except call the police who at least have the authority (and the guns) to move throw them out. I know a security guard who was chased for his life by a gang of over 30 young Jamaican men with guns, machetes and knives,through an apartment community just because he worked there. Fortunately he got away and was able to call the police. Yet none of the gun toting "cultural enrichers" actually lived there. Yes, the Jamaicans have guns in Calgary too, after all isn't packing heat part of their national indentity these days? BTW I was in Jamaica a few months ago. What a dump! I'll never go back, ever.

With the average black IQ at 72 and you add this to fatherless young men who grow up in a violent neighbourhood, surrounded by gang activity, and not expecting to live to see 30, then you've got serious problems.

Toronto's wimpy leftie, David Miller, waffles on about banning handguns and building more basket ball courts. Yes, good one you NDP airhead! Why not disarm all law abiding citizens so only the cops and the "ganstas" have guns. But hey, maybe they'll see the light, stop shooting at each other and start a basketball league!

NDP Leader Jack Layton has spoken about the "despair" and "poverty" as the rootcauses of crime. So Jack, your saying that just because you are poor AND black, you are going to resort to crime to get by? Talk about a racist attitude! Canada has among the most generous social assistance progams in the world, not to mention subsidized housing and generous educational assistance programs. There is NO EXCUSE for anyone in Canada to claim that poverty led them into crime. If things in Canada are really so hard for the poor immigrants, then quite bleating and go live somewhere else.

Here's a better idea: Let's ban Jamaicans. Sure, there are decent Jamaicans and I've met lots of them. But the less you let in, the less trouble we'll have. After all, The Jamaican population of Toronto makes up about 3.5 % of the city's total, yet 80% of the gun crime involves Jamaican gansters. Sorry to ask such a racist and insensitive question here, but did "poverty" make them do it?

Let's drop the niceties and talk plain, hard facts here. Canada should stop taking in immigrants from those countries which produce violent cultures, and deport IMMEDIATELY any immigrant or "refugee" who committs violent crimes, regardless of whether or not they hold a Canadian passport. But not even Stephen Harper has the stomach for that.

I am not at all confident that anyone in authority, whether politician or police officer has the stones to speak plainly and publicly about this appalling situation. Political correctness and out-of-control multiculturalism are killing us. Who really has the will and the voice to speak out?

Roseton said...

Yes Jamaica does experience high levels of violent crime but who are these crimes against? Jamaicans. A country having a high crime rate doesn't means the entire world is at risk. Looking at the statistic says that Jamaica has the 3rd highest murder rate per capita. It is crime against its own not the world. The population in Jamaica is only 2.6m with approx.1,600 murders for 2008. How many murders are commited by Jamaicans in Canada? You also need to be aware of why Jamaicans committed these crime and who they are before you condemned all all Jamaicans and see them as gangsters. Also what about that high crime rate in Saskatoon are they been commited by Jamaican Gangs or Canadians? Crime in Jamaica stem from poverty, drugs and corruption. Less than 1% of the population is a criminal or has commited any violent crime in his/her lifetime. Jamaica operates as a drug transhipment port for suppling North Americans (including Canada) and Europeans drunkies who wasted their lifes on drugs. Look at the history of immigrants to Canada you will see that West Indians immigrants (majority being Jamaicans)are usually highly skilled and educated. They are excelling and can be found in all sector of the Canadian workforce. You need to visit other Canadian cities where Jamaicans contribution far outweighs whatever minor problems that are created by some so-call "Jamaicans".

Bill your comment is racist with regards to a black person's IQ. This proves to me that your IQ level is no better than the rate you have so frivously thrown at all black people. Therefore you are not qualify to make a judge as to which immigrants Canada should allow in.

Anonymous said...


I agree with some of your points - Jamaicans aren't the only ones committing gang crime, there's Vietnamese gangs, Somalian gangs, Tamil Gangs and Korean gangs infestating our cities too. All gangs, regardless of who or what they are, should be treated like terrorists. Ruthlessly. Some of them can barely speak English and have little or no education to speak of - so how are they getting into the country and why is it so hard to get rid of them?

We have allowed ourselves to become effeminate, subdued slaves to political correctness. For as long as we bury ourselves in useless left wing ideology of "inclusion" and political correctness, then we will continue to lose our streets to gangs & guns. No number of well-meaning Mayor Millers and Jack Layton's will save us. They are as useless as one another.

As for my comments on black IQ levels being racist, why then are there now plans to establish black-only schools in Toronto? How rascist is that? How about the United Negro College Fund in the USA? A bit dated don't you think? Yet white kids or asian kids can't go those those colleges. Any school or college that excludes people on the basis of race or colour will be shut down in a New York minute. But blacks can have it both ways? Whose fault is it that black kids are failing their grades? Is it poverty? Discrimination? Not enough basket ball courts and after school activities? Or is it because their IQ levels actually are really lower than other kids from different racial backgrounds? Now, I've met black people who are smarter than me, have more money than me, and are wealthier than me. But they are really the exception.

Mind you, I won't boast about being an immigrant myself with an IQ of 167, my own successful business and an M.A. Degree under my belt. And I'm a world-wide traveler. I've met good and bad everywhere and I certainly will not pin the blame on any one "race" for Toronto's problems. My own wife of 21 years is not white and we have two mixed kids between us.

But, facts are facts. We need to take a long, hard look at our immigration policies,and deal with ethnic gangs at the roots without worrying about "offending" their cultures. Take a look at what's happening in Calgary with the notorious Vietnamese gangster, Jackie Tran, who has been implicated in the slaying of several rival gang members. This individual has contributed NOTHING to Canada, yet he's been here for years, milking our system with free legal representation and countless appeals against deportation, which are thankfully coming to an end. Although he has now been ordered deported to Vietnam, he has cost us millions in legal fees. He is one of the best reason we have for shutting down immigration for at least 10 years.

Don't worry, I'm sure we can still have enough children to make up for the shortfall, provided of course we don't keep murdering 100,000+ of them every years through abortion.

Bill Gibbons

Anonymous said...

The discussion of racism and discrimination is a whole different arena. Are you up to the task to open this discussion? I should point out that if you are not from a minority group in Canada then you won’t have the necessary facts to backup your comments. Blacks who are smarter than you are not the exception. I am surprise that you say you are a traveller or maybe you don’t visit countries which are predominantly black race. Then surely you would have met smart black people. I was not educated in Canada but all my degrees are equivalent to the ones here that makes me just as intelligent as any white Canadian who have completed these degrees.
You ask how these criminals get here. Some of them were born here. They are Canadian citizens having limited knowledge of their parents’ birth place. So whatever influences they had which allow them to become criminals were right here in the Canadian society. Every country breeds criminals and Canada is no exception. Do you think it is fair for Canada sent these Canadian bred criminals to the parents’ place of birth?
The opening of the black school in Toronto is not racism it is stupidity. This will only alienate black kids from white kids which spell disaster. What are they going to teach black kids? Black history; which has no relevance in Canada. How will these kids relate when they are adults? They should be looking at how to eliminate discrimination in the society so that black kids can be more comfortable and have the necessary confidence to learn and trust the system. A white child with a D average in school is guaranteed a good paying job after school not so for the black child. Failing grade does have a negative impact on a black child and if poor there is no money for extra lesson or college. The white child on the other hand with failing grades and even if poor is able to get a good paying job. My last two jobs I was managed or not managed by young inexperience uneducated white people and I don’t think this is an exception it is the norm. Look at what happen to MP Riatt and more recently, the Prime Minister at the G8 summit, what a blunder s but what do you expect the government is also doing the same thing hiring young white inexperience people for jobs they are unable to perform satisfactorily.
You say you are an immigrant but what immigrant are you? Black or White or Yellow? Whichever group you are in will definitely affect your status here and of course you have the exceptions. A white immigrant’s child born here is accepted as a Canadian but a black immigrant’s child will always be an immigrant. I am not sure if you are aware of the hardship immigrants faces especially in the job market.
Not allowing in immigrants for 10 years is not to solve the gang problem. As I said before some gang members are born here. I know you don’t want to believe it but immigrants are important to the Canadian economy. Do you know how much money is required of an immigrant to bring to Canada? Of course you need the immigrants to do the Call Centre jobs that Canadians hate.


Anonymous said...

Hello Roseton,

Sorry not to have replied sooner, but I've been either very busy with work (I own my own company) or I'm travelling.

I take your points and will respond to them here.

First off, I do not restrict my travels to white countries (if there is such a thing any more), but I spent a fair bit of time in Africa, which is not work related.

You are most likely correct that many ethnic gangsters are born in Canada. However, regardless of the gansters ethnic background, all such criminals should be dealt with ruthlessly. Unfortunatyely, our judges often fail to deal with violent criminals effectively.

As far as immigration is concerned, do we really need 24,000people a year? Canada might be a big country, but we only have so many towns and cities to absorb newcomers. And the strain placed on our municipal services is already beginning to show.

When Canada was established as a nation, most of our immigrants were of European stock, including the Scots, Irish, English and Welsh. All this changed when a draft dodging coward called Pierre Trudeau decided to open the floogates and allow hundreds of thousands of Third World vagrants into Canada.

Whwen i arrived here in the 1990s, i couldn't even join the police because i was white and heterosexual, in spite of having a good military recorsd from the UK. The police services in Canada at that time wanted visible minorites, gays, lesbians and aboriginals. Today there are now so many older police officers retiring that they cannot find enough receruits in Canada to replace them. So what do they do? Go to the UK and recruit hunderds of Bobbies to come and work here, Most of them are - wait for it - white heterosexual males!

Funny old world ain't it?

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that we have reached the point where technology has become one with our society, and I am 99% certain that we have passed the point of no return in our relationship with technology.

I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Ethical concerns aside... I just hope that as technology further innovates, the possibility of copying our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's a fantasy that I daydream about all the time.

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Anonymous said...

I have just been reading through your discussion and have found it very interesting to say the least; I don't normally comment, but I will make an exception today;
1. Criminals born and bred in the usa, uk and Canada were initially deported into Jamaica and set free (unknown to the authorities); I do not know if this has changed; This increased the proportion of criminals in the small island
2. They do not represent the majority of the population who are now victims of this invasion
3. The Jamaican justice and prison system was not designed intially to accomdate the inflow from US, UK and yes there is a problem.....
4.The single mother / multiple father is not 'culture'. Many Jamaicans are Christians,(if you check your statistics); we grow up in a home with one father and mother that are married; some are divorced or single. Christian mothers grow up their children with godly principles;other religions have strong family values as well. The 'ghetto' however is different; those usually make the 'tv news' and 'newpapers' and do not represent the majority.
5. I find the racial comments amusing; I went to private school in Jamaica, where there were whites and blacks; Based on your arguments the white children should have done much better than the black children; lol(too bad they did not know that!) I think that's hilarious,both races had brilliant and challenged children, but if it makes you feel better about yourself, then dream on. The colour on our skin is just a pigment my friend like the colours of the rainbow;- But why should we try disillusion you?
6. You should give the Canadian Government a little more credit; The screening process to immigrate to Canada is rigourous, (you should check it out)and designed to screen out 'vagrants' and those of a low 'IQ' (there are some loop holes however)which they can fix.....the low IQ....finds ways to infiltrate the system!
7. Based on your rhetoric,
If X is a Jamiacan with a single mother
and X is a criminal
then all Jamaicans are criminals and are from single mothers

then the can we assume that
Melinda is a Cow
Melinda has a disease
All cows have a disease;

Now is that silly or not? Whatever your IQ!

PaxCanadiana said...

Thanks for the comment but a point by point response.

One point #1 you are correct. Jamaican deportees from the UK, US, and Canada were often engaged in criminal activities in those countries which was why they were deported (I believe the returning planes were called "con-AIr" by Jamaicans). But criminality is a significant segment of Jamaican society whether you want to acknowledge it or not. So returning these criminals made as much difference as a drop of water in a lake.

Saying what you did in point #1 you were implying that they are products of Canadian society. On the contrary. They are products of Jamaican culture transplanted to Canadian society. Though born here they never really were Canadian to begin with being raised in an overseas Jamaican society. They are as Jamaican as Ska music.

On point #2 I agree with you as well. But the problem is that they are products of a promiscuous Jamaican culture leading to family break down. Single mothers raising children fathered by different men has negative social consequences of which criminality is one. There are stable Jamaican families but it is equally common for children to be running around Jamaican society who cannot identify their father. This has been transplanted to Canada.

On point #3 my response is build more prisons.

On point #4 to call oneself Christian and to act like a Christian are separate things. According to the U.S. organization CIS Jamaica has an illegitimacy rate of 86%.

On point number #5 I am going to have to take your word on that but for the record I don't believe race has anything to do with intelligence. Culture does and in my experience with Jamaicans here they do not place much value in higher learning. Mind you this isn't necessarily a bad thing since many do go into the trades.

On point #6 I do not give the Canadian government any credit when it comes to immigration matters. That is why I have this blog. How rigorous the screening process is is debatable but there are other avenues vagrants and those of low IQ get into Canada. We just had a ship of uninvited migrants land off our west coast. It's likely they will all stay successfully circumventing the screening process. Others get in through family, overstay visas and then have children here (Jamaicans do this), or lie to our faces like Sri Lanka's Tamils.

On point #7 Jamaica has the highest murder rate in the western hemisphere. It also has one of the highest, if not the highest, rates of child illegitimacy. We cannot generalize and say that all Jamaicans are criminals but we can surmise that Jamaican culture has a propensity to criminality and child illegitimacy. It then becomes a matter of whether Canada, as an immigrant receiving nation, wants to import individuals produced within that culture.

Having said the above it is my opinion that the benefits to Canada of Jamaican immigration is moot at best. I say this as someone who enjoys particular Jamaican cultural products like Ska music. If Canada is committed to attracting the best and brightest (which for political reasons it really isn't but says so to placate a discontented host society) then Jamaica should be at the bottom of the list.

I say this objectively so please don't take it personal.

Anonymous said...

I lived and worked in Jamaica in the 1970s, about the time that large scale immigration to Canada started. It was obvious that as they arrived, they would bring their culture with them. Guns, drugs, single parent families etc. were the norm. Frankly, wherever you go in the world, Jamaicans have earned a bad reputation. No one wants them. Unfortuneatly, Canada, USA, UK have generous immigration rules that promote family reunification. Using this, along with illegals immigration, they spread like a crime cancer. They have ruined many Toronto neighbourhoods, schools and made Toronto's reputation slide from one of a beautiful, peaceful city to one resembling the worst of Kingston, Jamaica or NYC. Pity that under Trudeau we started on this liberal immigration policy. Our children will hate us for this. Many people have had to move from Toronto to the suburbs, who would have thought this only 20 years ago, that we would be driven out. They are a truly awful people.

Anonymous said...

Jamaicans are notorious for being violent, for single parent families. However, as big a problem as they are, it is will not impact on Canada as much as Indian immigration. They are just as prone to violence, but they excel with scams and are organized enough to over run town councils, and federal elections. My view is that we need to cut down on immigration from these countries. We dont need the crime, the welfare recipients or the slums they bring with them. Look at Brampton, Scarborough or North Toronto. These are no go areas and white flight is taking place that we only saw in the USA. We have really messed up. We need to enforce the laws with very tough sentences for drugs and violence. In other words, lock up the criminals for a very long time. Yep, the liberals will cry about the number of minorities in prison, but if they commit the crimes, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that thare are still people out there who blames everything on jamaicans. First of all the Jamaican population is only 3.8% and 90% of them lives in poor communities, but it seems to me that you have all the answers then ask yourself if these jamaican "bad boys" are so poor who provides them with guns and drugs? please think long and hard cause it seems like you are living under a rock or you were born with white privilage.the bust that took place in the peel region that took the life of a 50 year old male had nothing to do with Jamaican males and all those pizza place that has been selling weed crack and other dangerous drugs at the back of the store. And the corner stores that have been selling drugs at the back they are not owned by Jamaicans now start looking else where for those big time dealers that are turning your people into drunky and the East indians that are importing all the dangerous drugs into Canada all jamaicans do is sell weed they are not suiside boomers nor serial killers. What do you mean when you say canada import jamaican culture of single mother? please read your history the white europeans started it when they took the aboriginals off their land and then kill the males with your infected blankets. please go check stats Canada and learn somthing, whit canadians are the ones who collect the most wefair cheque. You sound angry well news flash if you are racist too bad go educate yourself about jamaica and jamaicans living in Canada and stop feeding yourself with what the media is giving. just like every country in the world canada is also full of corruption and for a first world country like canada why do they the higest rate in child poverty? is it because the 3.8% of jamaicans living in toronto are all poor?

PaxCanadiana said...

First of all the Jamaican population is only 3.8% and 90% of them lives in poor communities, but it seems to me that you have all the answers then ask yourself if these jamaican "bad boys" are so poor who provides them with guns and drugs?

OOOHHH, OOOHHH, I know, Iknow! Whitey right?

If it is true that 90% of Canada's Jamaican population live in poverty then why do you think that is?

please read your history the white europeans started it when they took the aboriginals off their land and then kill the males with your infected blankets.

I knew it. It is whitey's fault. Canada's Jamaican population is poor because white Europeans "took the aboriginals off their land and then kill the males with your infected blankets". It makes sense now.

And actually there is little proof that small pox infected blankets were ever used as a bio-weapon against the native population here or in the U.S. That's actually a myth invented by an American activist. There may have been one instance in the U.S.'s genocidal war against its native population but that never happened here in Canada.

...East indians that are importing all the dangerous drugs into Canada...

Hey, no argument here but you forgot to mention Asians as well.

a first world country like canada why do they the higest rate in child poverty? is it because the 3.8% of jamaicans living in toronto are all poor?

No, its because of mass immigration. We are importing too many people our country needs.

Look, I have nothing personally against Jamaicans. I've worked with them, I befriended some of them, I love 60's/70's ska and rock steady (don't care too much for reggae though); they were decent people and truth be told I prefer their company to Asians but honestly I don't see how well served Canada is by importing many of them. Much of the problems that plague Jane/Finch in Toronto is due to an imported Caribbean culture. That's just how it is.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments. I especially like the ones that state: "Our country" and "our cities" are overrun by "other ethnicities". Hmm. I am a teacher with two university degrees. It is ACTUALLY the country that belongs to First Nations people. NOT WHITE PEOPLE. Do some research on your own so called " own country" and how Caucasian people have degrated and destroyed entire cultures through systemic racism and through racial spatialization. Ask your self why people do what they do, instead of judging on skin color and personal bias. Research the history of Canada...

PaxCanadiana said...

It is ACTUALLY the country that belongs to First Nations people. NOT WHITE PEOPLE.

So since it doesn't belong to white people I guess that means non-whites have every right to come to Canada and occupy a "country that belongs to First Nations people." Yes, no, maybe?

how Caucasian people have degrated and destroyed entire cultures through systemic racism and through racial spatialization.

Let me guess. You were educated at OISE weren't you?

I assume you currently reside in Canada. So do you have any intentions of correcting historical crimes by returning the lands that "belong to first nations people" by leaving the country? Set the example. If you're not going to do that then invoking the "first nations" card reveals you to be a hypocrite.

And doing so just condones the colonization of "stolen lands." If whitey did it, why not everyone else? Right? Every immigrant that comes to Canada is a statement of endoresement on behalf of the immigrant favouring the European conquest of North America. Thus, that makes them a colonizer of a "country that belongs to First Nations people."

And if you're not a native Canadian yourself don't co-opt their history to justify immigration. It's shameful and opportunistic. I doubt you really care about native issues at all.

Anonymous said...

Wow reading through some of these statements made me feel like I was back in the 1960’s. I am a 25 year old Jamaican Canadian woman and I find most of theses comments insulting and ignorant. Canada is suppose to be one of the most understanding and accepting countries in the world and all I see here is a bunch of hate. I am a 8th generation Canadian, my father is Jamaican and based on the previous comments, this means that I have no yearning for education, that I feed off of society, have no urge to take care of my family and am poisoning society with drugs and destructive behavior. I have worked a FULL time job since the age of 14 and have continued doing so, I have never been convicted of a crime or participate in something that would cause un-do harm to others. Most Jamaicans that I know work multiple lowing paying blue collar jobs, that other CANADIANS, feel that are below them. Most of them are self –sufficient god fearing people. How dare you stereotype a whole country based on the mistakes of some. Most of the youths that are involved in gangs are those that were born here. They choose to conduct themselves in such a fashion because most of the youths now a days, and I do include myself in this category, have been brainwashed into thinking that we do not have to work for anything that is given to us; that things should just fall into our laps because we say so. Our parents worked hard to fight for equality and justice. Why does the younger generation feel that they do not need to do the same? Life is work, its hard, its painful and it takes a strong person to build themselves up from nothing. That is never going to change. We need to educate our youth because things will never change until you know and accept your past to build a better future. Canadian BLACK history, does exist and our youth needs to know about it. Blacks have played a major role in shaping our country. From the land they tended to unwillingly to rotary engines. Black people are survivors, we take the hand we are dealt, pull up our socks and keep moving. We have prevailed through so much, especially Jamaicans. For example Marooners, Africans who were brought to Jamaica and refused to be beaten into submission, created there own free colony where acting violent and establishing themselves as people not to F**K with, was the only thing that kept them free. The future is shaped by the past and if acting violently was the only way to ensure the protection of your people would you not travel down such a path. How dare you condemn a people for doing the very thing that kept them safe for so long in the first place. People need to remember that for centuries black people’s mind’s were broken to ensure that slavery continued without much defiance. We need to educate and help those that do not know any other way and come to the understanding that we are all humans not just Canadian, Jamaican or whatever. We have more then enough to help as many as possible instead of being greedy and letting others die because of our inability to value human life above all else. Why is it that in the 21st century we as human beings are still having issues with being understanding!

PaxCanadiana said...

Wow reading through some of these statements made me feel like I was back in the 1960’s. I am a 25 year old Jamaican Canadian woman...I am a 8th generation Canadian

How would you know what 1960s Canada was like if you are 25 today?

And how can you be an 8th generation Canadian unless it's on your mother's side? Saying you're 8th generation Canadian means you can trace your ancestry in Canada, more or less, to about 160 years ago. And I'm pretty confident to assume there were no Jamaicans in Canada at the time. In fact Jamaicans didn't set foot on Canadian soil 'til about the mid 1960s-70s as caregivers and labourers and thus have no Canadian history to boast of. So I don't know what you're talking about.

I don't doubt your work ethic nor that of many Jamaicans in Canada. I have worked along side many of them and I prefer their company to Asians. But the sad reality is that Canada has benefited very little, if at all, from Jamaican immigration. The misbehaving Canadian born kids you speak of are not the products of Canadian society but of Jamaican culture transplanted to Canada.

Canada has no obligation to allow anyone to settle in the country. We do so mistakenly out of principle. With that said some immigrants are more preferable than others and frankly Jamaicans should be at the bottom of the list. Nothing personal.

Blacks have played a major role in shaping our country.

Like how exactly? The examples you give are minor, negligible contributions, footnotes to history like the Asians "building" the rail-road. (They didn't actually they were part of a larger labour force who worked cheaper than others).

Canada has no black history (or Asian history for that matter) to speak of which is why black history in Canada is kind of a joke to me. What history is there aside from Harriet Tubman and the underground rail-road? That's why there is no black Canadian culture in Canada. It's pretty much non-existent much like there is no such thing as Asian-Canadian or Indo-Canadian culture. These things are figments of the multiculturalist's imagination just like the idea of being Jamaican-Canadian. What does that even mean? You're either Canadian or your not. Calling yourself "Jamaican-Canadian" just tells me that you see yourself as a Jamaican living in Canada even though you may have been born here. So don't feel offended if I don't consider you Canadian. You pretty much have yourself to blame for that.

Anonymous said...

Pax, yet again, you pre-empt me and took all my "thunder" away in response to "25 year old Jamaican Canadian woman", but I'll do my best with my own retort. :)

Having had actual "feet on the ground" experience with Toronto's lifestyle during the 1960s and thereafter, I feel qualified to respond.

During the mid to late 60s, part of my daily employment duties required that I spend some of my time away from my King St. office, to be at Queen's Park.

Instead of riding the subway, I often chose to walk up Yonge St. and mingle with the crowds which were 99% White, along with the odd Chinese from the Dundas St. Chinatown area on occasion.

With one exception, a pedestrian encountered no beggars asking for money. The one exception, if that was the case, was an old, grey-bearded man who squatted near Yonge & Queen selling pencils.

I encountered NO Blacks or other visible minorities; the rare exception being the occasional American Black visitor during the summer months. If that rare Black person was to be seen, one could spot them a block away amongst a sea of White faces on Yonge St. at that time.

"Roseton" says "Over 95% of Jamaican immigrants to Canada are highly skilled professionals with exemplary family lives. Therefore Canada does benefit from Jamaican immigrants."

What a joke! We're not all dupes that are brainwashed by those phony T.V. commercials showing vastly over-represented Black people-12.5% U.S. population and (2% of Canada's population), as having stable and "exemplary family lives". Where's your credible source for making that ridiculous statement, that defies description??

"Bill your comment is racist with regards to a black person's IQ."

This is becoming like "shooting fish in a barrel".

First, we're ALL "racist" by degrees, and by whatever definition you'd like to apply to the voodoo word today.

The overused "racist" smear word becomes more meaningless by the day. Anybody invoking the "racist" word is simply declaring they don't have a valid argument to stand on.... so, to shut the debater down, out comes the bugaboo word.

Secondly, tens of thousands of IQ tests over decades of research, confirm ad nauseam, that Black people consistently score the lowest average of any racial group. Your African brethren in Africa average about 70, and with some White admixture in your genes, North American Blacks average about 85 points across the board.

There's more than enough qualified information on the Internet that renders this IQ topic a moot point. And, in the real world, cognitive dissonance is not one of my weak points.

Alas, if Canada had only seriously taken lessons from our American cousins' experience in race-related matters, Canadians wouldn't have to contend with this mis-named fiasco called "multiculturalism" today.

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Anonymous said...

I nevre thought that canadiands could be so mean and cruel towards the Jamaican culture. Evevry thing that all of you have wrote are rasist, degrading and low and it is a shame . Jamaicans dp a lot for the socitey in Canada and they do not involve in crimes. I hope you all feel ashamed of your selfs and shame on the person who even started this topic

Shellisha said...

WOW. The comments on here are revolting! I am a FIRST NATIONS woman- dene; with two university degrees. My soon to be husband is Jamaican. I have travelled to Jamaica many times and it is a beautiful country that, like Canadian government, is corrupt. The corrupt government leads to the crime and violence there. I have stayed in the 'country' in Jamaica, but have also been to Kingston various times. Canadian government is corrupt as well, they are better at hiding it, and don't inform the public of the spending of monies or where they are allocated to be spent. Try putting the Canadian government on minimum wage, and see how quickly the system will change. Before we can make ASSUMPTIONS, people must look at each case individually. Brutal~some of these comments. If you had a government that didn't provide employment, had no social assistance programs or healthcare, and you needed to feed yourself or your family, would you steal to eat? We need to look at both sides to see. We are all human~ none superior to the next. If you think that you or anyone else is 'entitled' to a 'superior' point of view or view that you may never be exposed to a situation of unemployment or poverty think again.

One Love~

Green Greener said...

Dude you are an idiot and a fool. Those so called IQ results were based on b.s racist views by Europeans about Afrikans in the same way these same Europeans who murdered and raped tons of ppl would swear according to their scientific research that Afrikans are the most aggressive ppl. Additionally, intellect is not based on race because it is not something we are born with that is ignorant and stupid. If it were based on that then we wouldn't need knowledge to increase our intelligence. This is apposed to a physical characteristic like bigger butts for example. Now there is NP way any IQ test they could have done in Afrika would not havr acked bias because some countries in Afrila don't have enough resources to enhance education in schools. Bearing this in mind, there are Afrikan scholars who studied in Afrika and further continued their studies in the West, e.g. Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achibe, Marcus Garvey, Koffi Annan, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Cheikh Diop, Fela Kuti and more. And these people are considered geniuses and intellectuals in their fields. Additionally, some of those black Americans in the US drop out of school but this is because unlike whites, they have been taught not to care for education. Remember, there was a time when black ppl were not allowed to educate themselves, not even read. So of course whites have had more years and opportunities to increase their understanding. So again it is biased to compare black Americans to whites in these regard because some of them come from generations who were prevented from developing mentally and because of this they don't take education as setious ad they should and as such, have a significant drop out rate