Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Canada’s refugee laws extend “compassion” to wanted war criminals and inciters of genocide

Rwanda drops death penalty for convicted war criminals

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 | 7:54 AM ET
The Canadian Press

The Rwandan government has dropped the death penalty for convicted war criminals, removing a major hurdle to the deportation of genocide suspects hiding out in countries like Canada.

The decision could unblock the deportation of Leon Mugesera, a Rwandan who remains in Canada more than two years after the Supreme Court ordered him out for a 1992 speech inciting the massacre of Tutsis.

Canada would not deport Mugesera or other war crime suspects to Rwanda as long as they faced the likelihood of execution or any other cruel and unusual punishment.


Hutu extremist fled to Canada in 1993

Mugesera and his Quebec City lawyer, Guy Bertrand, declined an interview request on Monday. Bertrand's secretary passed along a message, saying "as long as the case is still pending, there won't be any interviews. We're still waiting."

Mugesera and his lawyer have maintained in the past that Mugesera and his family face persecution and death in Rwanda.


Marina Wilson, a spokeswoman for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, said Canada does "not deport to countries that have the death penalty, where the individual might face execution."

But Wilson pointed out a person can face other forms of persecution in his home country that could delay deportation.

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The fact that Canada does not deport anyone who may face the death penalty or "other forms of persecution" is a beacon calling all international thugs, criminals, and con men alike to our shores. Once they are here we cannot get rid of them. The only exception is if these people pose a threat to Canadian security. This is known as the Suresh exception. Other than that these people become Canada's problem.

It is yet one more irony of a leftist, liberal, and overly permissive society. We believe in a "just society" yet give refuge to those fleeing justice. A significant number of refugees to Canada are not real refugees. They are economic migrants, the mobile middle to upper classes of the third world mostly, who abuse Canada's refugee system to gain entry to Canada. Others are criminals who knowingly committed crimes in their home countries and have come to Canada to escape justice. Others groups of people Canada shows "compassion" too are the relatives of Somali warlords and their families; those same warlords who continue the political instability in Somalia and bring death and misery to millions of Somalis. Others include LTTE thugs and Baabar Khalsa terrorists.

The claim that persecution and possible death awaits them if deported is cited by almost all refugee claimants because they know Canada cannot deport them. It is hard to prove that they will be persecuted but then again it is hard to prove that they will not and since Canada's refugee laws places the burden of proof on Canada the refugee con is usually a sure bet. It's worked for Tamils.

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