Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Multi-faith support for public funding for faith based schools reveals a desire to segregate, not integrate

Faiths unite to back Tory plan to fund their schools

Election battle expected over controversial issue
Aug 29, 2007 04:30 AM
Daniel Girard
education reporter

Far from segregating young people and dividing Ontario society, extending public funding to all faith-based schools would be a unifying move, say proponents.

Note - Note the Orwellian reasoning here. By taking children out of the public system and separating them by faith into publicly funded faith based schools is somehow a "unifying move". This does not make sense.

An alliance of five religious communities yesterday acknowledged the key requirements for obtaining funding would be that schools used accredited teachers and the Ontario curriculum while subjecting all of its students to province-wide testing.


However "if (schools) are left on their own, that will encourage uncontrolled conditions and we will not know what's being taught," Hindu spokesperson Pandit Roopnauth Sharma told a Toronto news conference yesterday.

Note - He could, of course, send his kids to a public school and advise other Hindus to do the same so as to ensure that their children are getting a proper education but that is not what this Hindu leader is lobbying for. He wants a separate Hindu school system supported by tax dollars like the Catholic school system.

The lobby group – called Public Education Fairness Network – includes advocates for Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Armenian communities.

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I noticed that these communities are largely "late comer" immigrant groups, meaning immigrant groups that arrived in Canada after the land was cleared, the field was plowed, the seeds sown, and the crops harvested and are now here to partake of the plenty. This plea for "fairness" is just the latest dish they desire at the buffet table that Canada has become.

Canada's public school system is where Canadians are exposed to other faiths and cultures. It is an arena where opportunities for inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue can arise and thus opportunities for greater understanding between groups. It is multiculturalism in action and now it seems the groups that benefit the most from this are really not interested in it at all. They appear to prefer segregation over integration, cultural insularism over multiculturalism and this is what has become apparent to me. Ethnic and religious community groups in Canada do not care to integrate into Canadian society. The only integration they desire is economic integration which will grant them the "good life" (the house, car, vacations, clothes, etc.) and this is why they came here. It is not that Canada is an interesting place to them or that Canadian identity, culture, and history mean anything to them. Canada, to them, is a lifestyle where they can make their materialist fantasies come true. They champion multiculturalism becomes it means they do not have to integrate into Canadian society and that Canadians are obligated to tolerate and accommodate their ethnic identify. In an Orwellian sense multiculturalism is about segregation, not integration. That is why this push by these religious minority groups is not surprising. This is why I have become opposed to the introduction of large groups of disparate people en masse into Canadian society. It is because they don’t care to integrate and as more and more of them replace Canadians in their cities, towns, and elsewhere then the Canada that we once knew, identified with, and cherished is erased by an introduced one.

It is estimated that it will cost $500 million to fund these separate faith based schools. That’s $500 million out of an already cash strapped public system yet these religious groups don’t seem to care. All they care about is money for them selves. It is not surprising that a conservative party that at one time tried to “create a crisis” in the public education system is promoting this. They want to undermine the public sector to introduce private for profit business as a saviour and now they have ethnic minorities on their side. Talk about a coup.

The sensible and cost effective solution to fair funding for schools is to rescind funding for the Catholic school system but since the Catholics form a voting block as well do not expect that to happen anytime soon. It is so much easier to pander to the ethnic vote with public money and their hands are always outstretched to take the bribe. Just ask Mike Colle.

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Aspiring immigrant said...

This is sick.

If Hindus and Sikhs want their own schools then they already exist in India. They can send their children back for primary education.

These people will tear Canada to shreds if they are allowed to proceed the way they are right now.