Friday, 17 August 2007

Punjabi language (Sikh) newspapers in Canada advertise ultrasound clinics in the U.S., intentions to abort female fetuses

From a Michal Coren article in the August 11, 2007 edition of Toronto Sun.

Okay, they didn't exactly word it in that way and they may have shot themselves in the foot, but their story last week was extraordinarily revealing. They revealed that advertisements in two Canadian Punjabi newspapers were promoting ultrasound clinics in the United States where, "You are told the sex (of the baby) immediately."

The implication of this, the story continued, was that "female fetuses" would be aborted. The article then quoted a community activist who said that this was "really, really sad."

One of the great achievements of the feminist movement was the securing of a woman's right to kill her unborn children, the rights of the father and the rights of the unborn child be damned. Ironically enough it is females that are primarily being aborted. I guess the feminists didn't see that one coming but when you are a middle class careerist woman the gender of your unwanted child is irrelevant. An inconvenience is an inconvenience.

Males are preferable to females in South Asian culture and they brought this preference with them here to Canada. This is evident in the fact that there is a high rate of female abortions among South Asians, mostly Sikhs, in Canada. There is also a corresponding high rate of aborted female fetuses in India as well bringing that country ever closer to a demographic crisis since males will eventually outnumber females in great numbers.

This is sexist, discriminatory, and it is incompatible with Canadian values (it is also hypocritical since Sikhs were whining only a while back about discrimination in Canada’s immigration system concerning the name Singh). Women have rights here. But such gender discrimination, to say noting of caste discrimination, is part of South Asian culture. So to what extent do we tolerate it if Canada wishes to remain "committed to multiculturalism"? My answer is we don't because we don't have to. This is Canada. This is not India. Canada has a set of cultural values and Canadians have every right to expect immigrants to this nation to abide by them. If they don’t want to then they shouldn’t come here let alone be here.

Canadian culture and values are in the process of being replaced as more and more immigrants come to Canada in greater numbers and from so many different and dissimilar countries. Canadians are finding themselves under constant pressure to respect and tolerate these self-introduced cultures with no respect and tolerance returned. This is why Canada needs to reform its system. Canadian immigration should favour immigrants whose cultural values are similar if not exact to our own.

Going back to the abortion issue, Canadian women abort around 100,000+ future citizens a year. Maybe the government should address this number before turning to immigration to solve Canada's ageing demographic "problem".


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