Sunday, 30 September 2007

Are you a Chinese fisherman? Have you suffered an alleged racial attack? The Toronto Star wants to know

So it can publish these stories Ad nauseum.

Fishing trip to Westport turns violent
Chinese anglers say they were threatened by axe-wielding man yelling `No fishing, go home'

Sep 30, 2007 04:30 AM
Surya Bhattacharya
Staff Reporter

We get it, we get it! Torontonians are so much a better people than those white, backwater, racist, inbreeding hicks outside of the city, which essentially means all of Canada, and the U.S., and the whole world actually.

Don't you love it when a member of one racial minority group, in this case Indian, reports on a story about white racist behaviour towards another racial minority group, which in this case is Chinese? It's like an anti-white tag team match.

Let's be honest with ourselves. These stories are published to shame white people and pacify their attitudes towards encroaching multiculturalism and mass immigration. Bull hooey! The attacks on the fishermen are wrong but a pan-Canadian multiculturalism fed by mass immigration is equally wrong. Some Torontonians may cherish the city's multicultural character but many Canadian towns do not want it. Keep it in Toronto please. You have no right to push your multicultural ethos onto the rest of the country. For some of us, if we wanted to live amongst the Chinese we’d move to China. Don’t bring China here because when the Canadian character of every town in this country is erased to favour multiculturalism then where are Canadians supposed to go?

These attacks may be the manifestations of a backlash. Don’t worry. Susan Eng and Avvy Go will be there front and centre to suppress it and make sure the Sinofication of parts of Canada go unabated. In the meantime keep telling yourself “we are a nation of immigrants, diversity is our strength, multiculturalism is the Canadian identify, war is peace, big brother is watching.”

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