Saturday, 8 September 2007

As I was saying, again,...

Doctor shortage sends 36 patients to United States for brain surgery

Costly option triggered by Ontario shortages in specialists, hospital beds
Sep 08, 2007 04:30 AM
Tanya Talaga
Health Reporter

The headline says it all but you can read it all here.

There are many factors contributing the current doctor shortage Canada is facing. One of them is greed as Canadian doctors move to the U.S. where they will be over compensated (average income is U.S$195,000 compared to CDN$92,000 here in Canada) and helping make basic health care inaccessible to 40 million Americans (now that's what I call "helping people"). But to what extent has mass immigration contributed to the doctor shortage here in Canada? No study exists; well none that I know of at least, that focuses on this question but I suspect mass immigration has contributed to it greatly. My suspicions are justified if we consider that Canada has been introducing around 250,000 people a year, about one million over four years, for over the past twenty years into Canadian society with full health coverage as guaranteed by the, sigh, Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. If we do not have a corresponding increase in doctors to meet that rapid population increase then Canada will have a doctor shortage to some degree because demand has now increased for this limited resource. How is this servicing the needs of Canadians? How are we being compassionate, and not be hypocritical, if the answer to this problem is to poach the third world, an act that has been condemned by the World Health Organization, of its much needed medical professionals?

I contend that much of Canada's health care problems could have been lessened if not avoided outright were it not for mass immigration and a more sander immigration policy. Much of Canada's immigrants are the aged relatives of landed immigrants and refugees. We do not need them here. Canada has a responsibility to its own seniors, not to those of India or China. Many Canadians have worked all their life and paid into a public health care system only to have to suffer long wait times because immigrants have created a backlog in the system. This is not just. This is not right. This is wrong and it is an incredible injustice to Canadians. This is why Canada needs to immediately reduce its immigrant intake. The status quo will only make matters worse.

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