Thursday, 27 September 2007

Denied a voice, some may use other means to express discontent

And it won't be pretty.

Bizarre assaults hit quiet town

Asian-Canadians report being shoved into water while fishing near Sutton; police deny racial link

Sep 26, 2007 04:30 AM
Robyn Doolittle
Staff Reporter

With a bucket of minnows, a few flashlights and fishing poles in tow, Ray Lam and his friends make the hour-and-a-bit drive from Thornhill to Lake Simcoe once or twice a week. They arrive just before midnight and stay for a few hours, casting lines in darkness along one of the docks outside the town of Sutton.

Note - Thornhill is located directly north of Toronto. A portion of it resides in the city of Vaughn and the other in Markham. Markham is approcimatle 30% ethnic Chinese, rapidly becoming another Chinese colony of Canada.

But at all times they keep a careful eye on the long weeds behind them.

Since April there have been three cases of assault, mischief and theft against the mostly Asian-Canadian fishermen in the area.


Local youth call it "nippertipping

It consists of locals driving around in the middle of the night, looking for cars parked near piers, docks and bridges. They then creep up behind fishermen and shove them into the lake. Sometimes the fishermen's gear is tossed in or damaged.

"Nip" is a derogatory word for Japanese, apparently used in this context for anyone of Asian descent. "Tipping" refers to a rural prank known as cow tipping. Some townspeople say it's been happening for decades, occasionally triggering gossip but nothing more."


Police say the assaults aren't racially motivated. "There's been three occurrences in 2007 where fishermen, both male and female of many ethnic backgrounds, have been assaulted by persons while they're fishing here," said Det. Sgt. Bill Sadler of York police. "In some cases (they've been) pushed in the water. But they're not specifically directed at Asians."

Some locals "don't like foreigners" said one man, who did not want his name used. "It's been happening since I was young – nippertipping," said the 20-year-old. "Everybody talks about doing it – `Oh, I went down to the docks the other night and roughed up some Asians.' I guess they think it sounds cool. But it doesn't happen often at all."

Read it all here.

Though the police state that the assaults are not racially motivated the fact that it is called "nippertipping" does say something about it. However, it just may be that it is mostly Asians that are at the piers and the local whites go out in boats and therefore Asians will make up a considerable number of available targets. Whatever the reasons are I can assure you that every ethnic minority group will jump on this and stereotype rural white Canadians as backwater racist hicks. It's just one of the many double standards that exist in tolerant, multicultural Canada. If we're not labeling Americans as racists then we’re labeling rural or Western Canadians.

Voices opposing mass immigration and multiculturalism are denied speaking time in tolerant and multicultural Canada. Therefore Canadians will express themselves in other ways and they will express it towards the immigrants themselves. It may be the cold shoulder approach, moving away to a smaller town like Sutton, or even assault. The real targets of Canadian dissatisfaction should be the immigration industry and the politicians who use Canada’s immigration policy for personal gain and not the immigrants themselves because it’s not their fault that they are here. Other people let them in without Canada’s consent and to attack immigrants is unjust.

The best way to avoid future racial conflicts is to allow an open and honest discussion about the consequences of mass immigration and multiculturalism and whether or not the majority of Canadians want this. They are Canadians and they live in Canada and they want to live with other Canadians. But for some, the neighborhoods they once lived in have been transformed into reflections of foreign countries right before their eyes and so they move away. When it follows them to areas they thought were safe they get irritated. Canadians are losing their country to multiculturalism fuelled by mass immigration.

I will not go on to say that these assaults were racially motivated but we can expect incidents similar to this to occur in the future as Canada becomes less and less a representation of its former self. As Canada continues its program of population replacement (the replacement of whites with other racial minority groups) Canadians will want to express their dissatisfaction with this social reengineering but are often silenced by accusations of racism and threatened with Canada's "hate crime" laws. An open discussion on the subject has been long denied Canadians. That’s why I applaud what is going on in Quebec right now. If Canada fails to follow Quebec’s example and publicly discuss “reasonable accommodation” then Canada will become a less tolerant place. And if you think it will only be whites who will be the perpetrators then think again.

Debate on mass immigration and multiculturalism is oppressed in Canada favouring the pro side. Those who are oppressed tend to act out. How will they do it? Let's just hope it's civil.

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