Monday, 10 September 2007

Immigrants: The Cheaper Alternative; Ontario fast tracks economic poaching of delveloping world, Liberals and the Left cheer

Province fast-tracks hiring from abroad

Program cuts red tape for smaller communities seeking skilled workers
Sep 10, 2007 04:30 AM
Nicholas Keung

For smaller communities that have been off immigrants' radar screens, help has finally arrived.

Starting tomorrow, Ontario's Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration will start promoting an immigration fast-tracking program that helps employers faced with labour shortages to bring in workers from abroad.

A series of seminars will be conducted around the province and websites will offer details on the opportunities and settlement support available in various communities.

Note - Smaller communites are typically bereft of "diversity" of the multicult kind. Since the vast majority of immigrants come from the developing world, primarily India and China, these communities may be getting more than they are asking for. However, the vast majority of immigrants eventually settle in and around Canada's major urban centers. I can see how this policy will be abused. It's just another opened door.

The program, quietly launched this summer, allows the province to nominate applicants for immigration based on labour needs and provincial priorities, to help employers and multinational corporations in Ontario recruit and retain foreign-trained workers.


Employers pay a nonrefundable fee of $2,000 for each application, or $200 for international students already in Canada.

Read the whole article here.

Over twenty-five years of mass immigration and Canada still cannot meet its labour needs. One major reason is that almost half of Canada's immigrants with some saying as much as 75% do not enter Canada as skilled immigrants. Most are the sponsored relatives of landed immigrants and refugees and their sponsored relatives. These people do not need to meet the same requirements that skilled immigrants do to get into the country. The family reunification aspect of Canada's immigration policy does not meet the economic and labour needs of this country but it does get you voted into office and it does keep a myriad of "professionals" employed in the immigration industry. All you need is one successful immigration application and one successful refugee claim and you get the whole family. For over two decades Canada has been importing a largely superfluous population but this is good news for employers looking to exploit cheap labour.

More to the point is that immigration is in the same league as any other form of economic exploitation of the developing world since most of Canada's immigrants are poached from the third world. These countries need their skilled labour more so than we do yet the funny is that even this form of third-world exploitation has the support of those on the political left and other self-proclaimed "progressives". These are the people who protest trade meetings, throw rocks through windows, organize globalization protests, harangue western based corporations for the exploitation of third world workers and resources yet support the exploitation of the developing world's most important resource: its human resource.

Also mass immigration has become more of a weapon against working Canadians and their families by flooding the labour market with exploitable labour thus having a depressing effect on wages and salaries. Mass immigration also increase demand for such things as housing driving rents and housing prices skyward. This only hurts the most economically vulnerable of Canadians yet I still have to see the left and other so-called “progressives” protest this at a workers rights rally or an affordably hosing demonstration.

The greatest insult is that this is the Ontario government and the private sector investing in foreigners as opposed to Ontarians. There are many who are unemployed or underemployed. It is these people who should be trained to fill labour shortages first. We should only turn to immigration if it is absolutely necessary. But considering the fact that it is mostly low skilled and low wage paying employers in the retail and hospitality sectors crying for workers then perhaps third world immigrants are the apt choice. After all, they should be used to being exploited by now.

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