Saturday, 8 September 2007

In Canada, even our crime is multicultural

Sixth man sentenced in $100M ecstasy bust

Conspirator gets 7 years for his role; 2004 sting in Markham largest of its kind in country
Sep 08, 2007 04:30 AM
Tracy Huffman
Staff Reporter

It was the largest bust of its kind in the country: York Regional police seized more than $100 million worth of ecstasy and dismantled illegal labs in three Markham homes in December 2004.

Note - Markham is locted just north-east of Toronto and it has a large Chinese poplulation.

This week, the case came to a conclusion when a Superior Court judge in British Columbia sentenced a sixth and final man, Xun Ricky Zhang, to seven years in prison.

Zhang, 25, of Richmond, B.C., pleaded guilty to conspiracy to produce a controlled substance

Note - Like Markham, Richmond B.C. has a large Chinses population as well. The reason is because Richmond sounds like "rich man" in English. For this reason Richmond Hill, Ontario, Markham's neighbour to the west, has a large Chinese population as well.

Also serving time for conspiracy to produce a controlled substance is Khai Cuong Ly, 28, of Vancouver who was sentenced earlier this year to seven years. Huo Zhong Tan, 30, was sentenced in 2006 to five years in prison for production of a controlled substance and has since been paroled. King Fung Ho, 51, Hughes Souligny, 37, and En Ming Hee, 31, all of British Columbia, were sentenced in 2005 for conspiracy to produce a controlled substance. All have been paroled.

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With mass immigration comes a greater inability to screen undesirables. Because of this Canada is importing criminal elements from other countries. In this case Canada has imported the Chinese drug trade, and counterfeiting trade I might add, much like Canada has imported the dysfunctional and crime ridden culture of Jamaica. We have also imported Tamil thugs who lied to get their way into Canada just like their more law abiding countrymen. Vancouver has a large Chinese population, so much so that it is oftentimes referred to as “Hongcouver”. Vancouver is also North America’s heroin capital. Heroin is made from opium. Opium was introduced into China by the drug pushing powers of the U.S. and Britain in the nineteenth century. This resulted in the “opium wars” as China tried to defend its country from being turned into a nation of heroin addicts. Now a section of Vancouver is a “nation of heroin addicts”. Coincidence? Probably.

Right now China is Canada’s top immigrant producing country and one of the top ten refugee producing countries. With less immigration numbers Canada can more adequately screen its immigrants. Right now we don't have the resources and hiring more staff and throwing more money at the issue would only throw more millions on the pile of billions Canada already spends to service the immigration industry. It's the numbers folks. Canada does not need to import 250,000+ people a year most of whom should not be here.

This is the largest drug bust in Canadian history. The largest mass murder in Canadian history was committed by Indian immigrants of the Sikh faith. What am I inferring? Nothing really I guess. It just ticks me off.

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