Friday, 28 September 2007

"Nippertipping" fallout: Toronto the Good is Toronto the Ugly

I did a search on “nippertipping” and I came across this blog.

Here is some of the enlightened commentary from our Canadian betters in Toronto.

“As "multicultural" as we like to think ourselves, step 20km out of Toronto and you might as well be in Mississippi in the 40's.”




and you're right, just head north the gee tee eh, and you're heading into coon-huntin' territory (and you know i'm not talking about the furry little mammals that up-end your garbage cans in the dead of night, either).

once i got lost in sutton en route to a girlfriend's baby shower, and as i circled the block numerous times looking for the house, a family of four who had been out for their afternoon jaunt stopped dead in their tracks and stared at me as i pulled into the driveway. the look they gave me sent shivers up my spine.

nothing happened, but damn, it was as if they'd never seen an "honest-to-goodness, real-live one" before, and it was just amazing to me that i was only 1/2 hour outside of where i live.”


It certainly sounds like closed-mindedness and racially motivated to me. This is one of the reasons I can't imagine living outside of a large city - I can't and won't tolerate it.


Pretty freaking disgusting. Ironic that people often tout small-town or rural values as so much more "wholesome" than their urban counterparts, and yet this kind of racist undercurrant is still undeniably part of the culture.


Do the words racist, stereotyping, generalizations, paranoia, condescending, and arrogant come to mind?

Ever see the film Birth of A Nation? These Torontonians remind me of the once slave holding Southern Family whose fair daughters need to be protected from interbreeding with the white rural Ontarian/Freed Slaves. It’s comical.

It's interesting how racism is being used to combat racism isn't it? The generalizing that is going around about white rural Ontarians, and western Canadians, is tantamount to racism in my eyes. And the Toronto Star has just thrown fuel on the fire in its one sided piece on "nippertipping". I came across this on FishOntario Forums.

They were talking about it on a call in talk show this morning. A guy from sutton calls in and says.

"I don't want to sound racist but all of those people from over there come here and fill there buckets full of OOS fish and us locals are mad about it"

Makes you think.

Yeah it did make me think. I started to think that maybe the Asians brought this ire upon themselves. How many of them are actually fishing without a license which is a provincial offense? Is it likely that so many Asians have flooded into the area that they have taken up the best fishing spots and are depleting the stocks by hauling away so much fish on a weekly basis? Perhaps there has been a general increase of fishermen in the area that has provoked local irritation. This would explain why the police received incidents of “other races” (read white) being pushed in as well. Did the Star reporter bother to investigate this or was the white bogey man angle more pleasing to the Stars increasing Asian immigrant reader base? These are some questions that need to be answered before we start to shout Hate Crime.

I don't condone the actions of those who pushed those Asian fishermen into the water because I wouldn't appreciate it if it was me. It is wrong no matter who the victim is. But I am starting to think that maybe the Asians instigated it. This doesn't excuse the behaviour of those who did the pushing but it doesn't mean that the Asians are not also partly to blame. There are two sides to every story. Unfortunately the Star chose to publish one side only and now rural white Ontarians are being generalized as racists. This is also from FishOntario Forums:

Not to surprise anyone but racism is alive and well in small town Ontario unoficially ofcourse.

Shame on the Toronto Star

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