Saturday, 29 September 2007

“Nippertipping”: a “Hate Crime” or an expression of dissent?


The Chinese in Canada are under attack!!! Susan Eng, Avy Go and the MultiCult Enforcment Team to the rescue

From the Toronto Star.

Hate-crime probe begins

York Region force to investigate whether attacks on fishermen were racially motivated

Sep 28, 2007 04:30 AM
Paola Loriggio

York Region police have launched hate-crime investigations into four incidents of "nippertipping," acts of violence or mischief targeting mostly Asian-Canadians.

Note – Note how the article says “mostly Asian-Canadians”. That’s because some of those assaulted were not Asian but of another race. The act of violence involves pushing them into the water.

"We are actively investigating the incident," said Staff Sgt. Ricky Veerappan, of the department's diversity and cultural resources bureau, referring to a Sept. 16 incident that left Toronto resident Shayne Berwick, 23, in a coma.

Berwick had been fishing with a group of friends that included Asian-Canadians.
Three other cases, dating back to the spring, are now also under investigation as hate crimes, Veerappan said. All took place in the Lake Simcoe area.
"We look at news reports and say, `What? Today?' This is Toronto," said Susan Eng, of The Reference Group, a community group focused on equal access to the political process.

Zanana Akande, former president of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, said the incidents affect all communities.
"`Nipper' is not far from `nigger,'" Akande said.

When radio show host Simon Li brought up "nippertipping" on Tuesday's edition of Power Politics, his nightly Chinese-language call-in show, he was shocked by the response. More than 10 people shared stories of harassment and assault, Li said.
One caller, a Chinese-Canadian man, said he was recently held at gunpoint while fishing in the Lake Simcoe area.

Note - Bull on that Chinese caller. He’s fabricating. I don’t believe him for a second.

Part of the problem is the Criminal Code's narrow definition of a hate crime, said Karen Mock, who chaired the hate crimes community working group, a government advisory team.

By law, hate-crime charges can only be laid when someone advocates genocide or disseminates hate propaganda, she said.

In a report published last December, the group urged the federal government to recognize "hate incidents," non-criminal offences motivated by bias or bigotry, such as harassment.

So apparently these "nippertipping" incidents are not "hate crimes" as defined by the law but it looks like some want to broaden it to included "non-criminal offences motivated by bias or bigotry, such as harassment." I don't agree with this because I suspect immigration and multiculturalism critics such as I can be charged under such a vague definition. What constitutes bias or bigotry and harassment? It seems “hate crime” laws are more concerned with silencing criticism and dissent than they are with protecting people. And who gets charged with "hate crimes" anyways? I cannot recall off the top of my head anyone who is non-white, or non-Christian I might add, that has had their butts hauled before a human rights tribunal at personal expense. It's probably because only whites are discriminatory and racists. Yeah, that's probably it.

My point in blogging on this is that these kinds of attacks should be expected and I expect more will come in the future and not just in “nippertipping” incidents alone. The reason is that many Canadians are dissatisfied with Toronto style multiculturalism and mass immigration but they have no way to express it because the state and the media do not allow it. Many just shut up and pretend that nothing is happening. Many leave the city and go where they hope that they can live with fellow Canadians in a Canadian setting. However some get fed up and they feel that they have to do something.

The civil and democratic way would be to allow an honest debate on mass immigration and multiculturalism and encourage Canadians to express their dissatisfaction vocally without fear of being labeled a bigot, a racist, a xenophobe, etc. But that is not how it is in Canada, at least outside of Quebec anyways. We are told to shut up and like it and if we don’t like it then we have legislation forcing us to like it. To complement that we have an Orwellian style re-education program that promotes the merits of a less Canadian Canada replete with such slogans as “Diversity is our Strength,” “We are a nation of immigrants,” “Multiculturalism is the Canadian identity,” “Ignorance is Strength,” “War is Peace,” “Big Brother is Watching.”

Forced into silence Canadians will take their anger out on immigrants. This is unfair because it is not the fault of immigrants. It is the fault of the elite left leaning social reengineers who bear no responsibility for the consequences their decisions have on the lives other people. It is they who decided that the “whitness” of Canada is a problem. It is they who promote mass immigration from the third world and then expect Canadians to accommodate these people as they move into their neighbourhoods and change it against Canadians’ desires. Bear in mind many of these elite decision makers do not live in the multicultural neighbourhoods they espouse is good medicine for others let alone whose jobs and incomes are threatened by mass immigration. What right do these people have to do this? Why should Canadians be forced to burden the consequences of the decisions of an elite minority? Do you think Canadians are just going to sit passively as they watch the transformation of their country into an increasingly foreign and unrecognizable one? I predict that many Canadians will become passive/aggressive towards immigrants or outright aggressive as in the “nippertipping” incidents.

I am not trying to excuse the actions of those in Sutton but I am trying to get to the roots of their behaviour. It is the best way to deal with the issue. Susan Eng, Avy Go, and other professional white-racist hunters are just oppressing a deep rooted problem. It will not go away that easily. There is a reason why some in Sutton do not like the Chinese fishing at the lake. Perhaps they are symbolic of an encroaching multicultural “Sinofied” Markham that they thought they could escape by moving to Sutton. Perhaps they realize that the Chinese do not assimilate but behave more like cultural colonizers and will transform Sutton they way they transformed parts of Toronto and the GTA. But maybe it’s because the people in Sutton do not want to associate with the Chinese the way the Chinese do not care to associate with anyone else.

Multiculturalism is turning Canada into a less tolerant place. To avoid this we need to reduce immigrant numbers. We also need to impose a quota type system so that the racial balance is not disrupted but maintained. This will tame the fear possessed by whites of becoming a minority in their own country which Canada’s current immigration is dooming them to become. Canadians will become more tolerant of racial minorities and not fear them as racial and cultural colonizers. Believe it or not Canada is predominately of European ancestry and it should stay that way to maintain social order. Right now Canada’s current immigration system is akin to population replacement. It’s great if you’re Indian or Chinese because you get another country. Canadians on the other hand lose the only one they had and how is that just?

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