Thursday, 27 September 2007

Some never miss an opportunity to remind Canadians that they are racists

`Hate crimes' label sought for assaults

Sep 27, 2007 04:30 AM
Robyn Doolittle
Staff Reporter

Community groups and anti-racism advocates are calling for police and politicians to address a series of assaults against Asian-Canadians as hate crimes.

They plan to make the demand at a press conference this morning in response to an article in yesterday's Star, which revealed a disturbing practice happening around the small town of Sutton on Lake Simcoe.

Locals have dubbed it "nippertipping" and say it's been going on for years.


Avvy Go, a lawyer with the Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, said the goal of today's press conference is to get police to do their job.

Avy Go never misses a chance to paint Chinese Canadians as victims of discrimination and racism. It's her raison d'etre and its how she makes her living. Yet the Chinese community is one of the worst offenders when it comes to racism and discrimination in Canada. I'm sure Avy Go knows this and you don't need a study to prove this either. You just need enough exposure to Chinese immigrants to realize this. Some immigrant groups invite negative attention and the Chinese community is no exception but this does not justify physical assault like those that happened in Sutton, Ontario. Well, they were just pushed into the water but even so.

Calling it a "hate crime" is going too far. The police have stated that people of other racial backgrounds, including white, have filed complaints. Maybe Avvy Go didn't get that far in the Toronto Star article preferring the "whites are racists" slant. If she is going to start calling people racists she better get her facts straight. After all, isn't that libel?


Anonymous said...

Well are you Chinese? Probably not. Then how the frig do you know that this is not racial hate crime.

I can personally say that we've heard derogatory comments and evil looks. Comments clearly stating our race and was told to leave. Comments saying that we are in the wrong area. And in the case of friend, he had all of his four car tires slashed. He noticed that after he got back to the parking lot after fishing.

Meh, you will probably never know until you look at it through someone else's eyes.

PaxCanadiana said...

Wow! My first post and it will probably be my only post. Ever. It's nice to see that somebody actually read what I wrote.

I don't know if I should even comment because I doubt the poster will be back but, meh.

The colour of my skin is irrelevant to the issue. I just went by what the police said and they know more about this than you or I do.

As for your personal experience I have to take your word on it and I have to say it is wrong but I have to ask have this: have the Asians, and I assume you're Asian, done anything to tick them off. For instance do you and your Asian friends fish without a license? Are you removing so much fish that the locals are catching less than what they used to? Have you Asians piled into the area that you are taking up the best fishing spots and depleting the stocks? If you answered yes to two or all of these questions then why shouldn’t the locals be ticked off at your behavior? You’re pretty much asking for it. Have you bothered yourself to look through the eyes of the locals and see what effect Asian behaviour has had on the area? Meh, probably not.

There are two sides to every story and I want to hear what those in Sutton have to say before I start shouting “Hate Crime”. I think that what happened to those Asian fishermen is wrong but it is also wrong if Asian fishermen have done anything to get the locals angry as them. I don’t think those in Sutton will be allowed to explain themselves. Minority groups like to play the victim. It let’s them get away with anything.