Saturday, 29 September 2007

Time to meet your ethnic neighbours

In light of what has been happening in Sutton for the past two decades or so I think it is time we Canadians met our ethnic neighbours in the hopes that we may better understand each other and will become more readily accepting of them as Canadians.

From immigratiowatchcanada.

Reverse Racism Incident Causes Major Public Furor

A case of alleged blatant reverse racism has caused a major public furor in the Greater Vancouver area. Long-ignored by many in the media, but long-endured by many in Canada's host population, reverse racism has struck lease-holders in a 12-business strip mall in Surrey, British Columbia.

The strip mall was purchased in late July by H-Mart, a Korean grocery business catering to Korean immigrant shoppers. Three long-term businesses, which have been in the mall from 10 to 25 years, have been told to move----allegedly to make way for Korean businesses .

John Pook of Peter Pook Insurance, which has been in business for 50 years and has operated in the mall for 25 years, was shocked when he was told he had to vacate within three months. The Province, a B.C. daily, quotes Mr Pook as saying: "I had a verbal agreement with the previous owner and I just expected we would be staying. They're making this into an Asian shopping plaza and I guess we don't fit the bill."

For more, and to provide balance, read here.

From the above linked article:

June Lee, the project manager for H-Mart, said the argument that the entire mall would cater to the Korean or even the larger Asian community makes no sense because there isn't enough of a population base to support it.

The plaza straddles the Langley-Surrey boundary, two cities southeast of Vancouver experiencing explosive growth.

Statistics Canada estimates there about 5,000 Koreans in Surrey and less than 1,000 in Langley. The largest Asian group in both cities is Chinese.

The number of people of Asian descent in those cities pales in comparison with Richmond, B.C., where several Asian-themed shopping centres have been built deliberately over the last 10 years.

About 60 per cent of Richmond's population are members of a visible minority, with the largest share being Chinese.

The above is old news, I know, but it happened anyways and I am sure it happens more often they we care to imagine. Asians are racist in very subtle ways. They won't be as blatant as those thugs in Sutton choosing, rather, to be more covert about it. For starters Asians prefer to live amongst their own. They prefer to socialize with their own. They build shopping malls to cater exclusively to them. They erect language and cultural barriers in their communities that pretty much tell anyone that "if you are not Asian then we don't want you here except as a visitor."

If you don't believe me on any of this then see for yourself. Go to the Pacific mall in Markham and see how welcome you are there. Go to Asian only neighbourhoods and see how well you fit in. Go to York University, the University of Toronto, or even Ryerson and see how many Asians are socializing with non-Asians. This kind of observed behavior is not exclusive to Asian-Canadians but since they are the one’s some finger pointing lately I thought it only fair that I hold up a mirror.


Bruno said...

I don't agree with your use of the expression "reverse racism". I think it's more appropriate to talk about "anti-white racism". the "reverse racism" expression actually promotes racist stereotypes against white people. Saying "reverse racism" implies there is a "norm" in racism (white people's racism toward other racial groups) and that racism is, somehow, a "white thing", which is wrong and prejudiced.

Please see my page : reverse racism Vs anti-white racism

PaxCanadiana said...

I personally did not use the term "reverse racism". It comes from a bulletin title from

However I do see your point and I must admit that I haven't thought of it that way.

Well said and thanks for the comment. The second one I believe. Wow! People actually read this thing.