Thursday, 13 September 2007

When I heard of a stabbing death in east end Toronto I immediately thought Tamil

And lo my assumption turned out to be correct.

Slain student tried to mend ways

Teen stabbed by school had sought healer's help, was possible target of an old grudge, his pastor says

Sep 13, 2007 04:30 AM
Tamara Cherry
Staff Reporter

The night before he died, 16-year-old Dineshkumar Murugiah spent a long time discussing his future with a high-profile spiritual leader visiting Toronto.

"He was talking about how he wanted to concentrate on his study more and concentrate on his life very much," according to senior pastor David Loganthan of Miracle Family Temple in Scarborough, describing the slain youth's conversation with Dr. Ananda Stira.

Note - Scarborough is home to a large concentration of Tamils among others.

Stira is a TV evangelist who runs the Ministry of Jesus in Tamil Nadu in south India.


Murugiah's parents, who moved here from Sri Lanka
in the late 1990s because "they wanted a better life for Dinesh," went to Loganathan for help.

Read the whole article here.

Living in Toronto for as long as I have and reading the Toronto Star on a daily basis I have come to notice some predictable trends in the crime reports. Drug busts, for instance, involve Chinese (ecstasy, heroin) and Vietnamese (pot), and to a lesser extent South Asians for some reason but mostly Tamils, disproportionately more so than the numbers of their respective communities should warrant. When a murder is reported you can almost always bet the farm that the victim and the perpetrator are black (read Jamaican) but if the murder happened to take place in Scarborough you can almost always be sure it is Tamil. A lot of the violent crime in Toronto is committed by visible minorities and some groups stand out the most. Jamaicans take the lead with Tamils following a close second and Indo-Canadians following a distant third. How can I say this? Well, I read the newspaper and not just any but the pro mass-immigration Toronto Star.

The article doesn't specify that the victim was Tamil but who are we kidding? Sri Lanka is predominately Singhalese Buddhist. The slain teen visited a pastor. Canada has the highest concentration of Sri Lankan Tamils outside of Sri Lanka mostly due to the abuse of our lax refugee laws reaching a peak in 1991 when Tamils formed the largest growing ethnic community in Toronto. Bear in mind that Tamil Nadu, the Southern Indian province where Tamil is the predominant language, is literally across the street from Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Tamils are economic migrants posing as refugees and since Canada is "the land of trusting fools" Canadians can say that their country is home to yet another ethnic colony that is the largest outside of particular country (Somalis and Sikhs fall in here to for the same reasons). To drive home this point, Canada had and still has a general acceptance rate of 76% for all Sri Lankan (read Tamil) refugee claims. This is in comparison to Britain with a 2% acceptance rate and Germany with a 4% acceptance rate. Humans will follow the path of least resistance and if there has been any country that has so willingly surrendered itself to a foreign intrusion it is modern day Canada (save the France jokes).

And what has Canada gotten in return for such foolish generosity? Nothing much, really. We lost six federal ridings to a group of people who continue to push their foreign conflict onto the national agenda, Tamil gang violence both domestic and imported, and a general disturbance of the peace. Sure, you can say most are law abiding but just because you obey the law doesn't mean you are not a headache. Besides, if you consider refugee fraud a criminal offense then no, most are not law abiding citizens but since Canada's immigration and refugee laws are not real laws anyways then ho harm no foul I suppose.

There shouldn't be these many Tamils in Canada if our refugee laws were correctly and justly applied. Canada's refugee laws are for real refugees not these Tamil frauds. And considering the behaviour of many Tamils in Toronto I say they don't deserve to be here.

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