Thursday, 20 September 2007

Why the Toronto Star is fiercely pro mass-immigration

Newspaper readership stable

Online editions growing in popularity as source for breaking news, but readers rely on papers for analysis, says survey that shows Toronto Star is still No. 1
Sep 20, 2007 04:30 AM
Rita Trichur

Newspaper readership trends remain stable in Canada's four biggest markets despite the growing popularity of online editions, according to a study released yesterday.


Baby boomers remain a key demographic, while women and immigrants are potential pockets of growth, said Anne Kothawala, president and CEO of the Canadian Newspaper Association.

The Toronto Star rarely prints anything that questions the rationale of Canada's harmful immigration policy. It does at times but the paper mostly prints one sided immigrant puff pieces and sob stories on an almost daily basis that appeals to the reader’s emotions and the immigrant’s ego. The Toronto Star does not allow a balanced debate on the immigration issue. That's why the paper is popular with immigrants. It always wants more immigrants and from anywhere, it doesn't matter. You don't sabotage your growth potential by cutting off the source of your growth even if it is in the best interests of the nation. The Toronto Star, like any corporation, is a business first, patriot second.

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