Thursday, 4 October 2007

The "A-HA!" moment, buried on A23. Asian fishermen behaved illegally, rude; invited attacks

I told you so, I told you so, I told you so!!!

From the Toronto Star.

Angler attacks: Racism or poaching?

But town residents say poaching has sparked anger, vicious attacks against Asian Canadians

Oct 04, 2007 04:30 AM
Dale Brazao

Westport, Ont.–To hear the anglers tell it, they have been attacked, thrown off a bridge into the water, and threatened with baseball bats and axes by angry residents.

The unCanadian behaviour, these Asian Canadian anglers say, is just because of the way they look.

But residents of this idyllic hamlet on the shore of Big Rideau Lake, 45 minutes north of Kingston, tell a different story. Yes, there is palpable anger in town toward the "Asian" anglers, but it has nothing to do with race.


"This has nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with protecting the fish," says Charlie Jones, a member of a fish conservation group. "These people have been caught time and time again over the last five years either over-fishing or taking fish from the sanctuary."

Jones, who also manages the local grocery store, blames the Natural Resources ministry's lax enforcement of fishing regulations for the problem.


Residents with lakeside properties have also complained of finding garbage, including human feces and toilet paper, on their lawns or behind their garages.

Note - Ewwwww. Gross. Now that's what I call unCanadian.

"That's all over the place and that is absolutely not right," said Peter Clipsham, a broker with Coldwater Banker in town, who is convinced much of the illicit fishing is being carried out for profit.

Rumours of aerated tank trucks trolling the countryside have added fuel to the speculation that many of these fishing trips are supplying Toronto's Chinatown restaurants.

Crappies and rock bass, considered substandard species by many sport fishermen, are a delicacy in the Asian community. And in July and August crappies are apparently voracious eaters at night.

There is no evidence of illegal commercial fishing, said Steve Aubry, the MNR's supervisor of enforcement for the area. He said his officers are aware and are monitoring the situation in Westport.

Congratulations Toronto Star and the inept reporters you employ. You have yet again stirred up anti-white sentiments among a minority group within Canada. Not only that but you have also fed the bigoted minds of Torontonians who already harbour prejudiced imaginations of a white, racist, back water populace north of Steeles. I don't know why this story is buried on A23. Who made that decision and why since two one-sided articles describing the attacks on the Asian fishermen got the front page, headline treatment. What are you, the Toronto Star editors, trying to accomplish with this nonsense? Why weren't these facts sought out before you published the stories? Why weren't they included when accusations of racism were being thrown about? Oh, that's right! It was you, the Toronto Star, making the accusations of racism by publishing, and seemingly favouring, one sided stories. Do you even know what balanced reporting even is?

But as I wrote already, “I told you so”. When Asian fishermen are the targets of alleged racially motivated attacks in towns as far apart as Sutton ON, and Westport ON, you have to wonder if the Asian fishermen are inviting these attacks. It’s not like the good people of Sutton and Westport conspired and decided to target Asian fishermen. Citing lax enforcement of Canada’s conservation laws the townsfolk, in Westport at least, took the law into their own hands. If the Ministry of Natural Resources wasn’t doing anything about offences to Canada’s conservation laws committed by these Asian fishermen then who will and when?

If poaching is what is going on in Westport are we going to be so na├»ve and assume that poaching is not happening in Sutton as well? Why wouldn’t it be? After all, Sutton is closer to the Asian restaurant market in Toronto and the GTA than Westport is. And if poaching is what is occurring in Sutton, ON and Westport, ON can we assume it is happening all across Canada with significant Asian populations? It seems breaking this nation’s conservation laws, to say nothing of its copyright laws, is an Asian Canadian problem that should be addressed by enforcement of our laws and the laying of heavy fines against the poacher and the buyer.

More to the point, and the purpose of this blog, is this: what does this say about the Asian Canadian community and their reverence to their adopted homeland if they choose to behave this way, by breaking our conservation laws, and being a general irritation. This isn’t just a few Asians mind you. It crosses their whole community. Their culture, Asian culture, compels them to do so. I don’t have to remind you of the many illegal mining operations that pop up in China with impressive frequency and killing 20,000 miners a year with no punishment from Beijing. I am not going to make a moral judgment on them. If that’s how they do things in China or Hong Kong then so be it. But you’re in Canada now. Respect our laws, our culture, our people, or get the hell out of the country. And many do actually but with Canadian passport in tow. That’s why there are an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 "Canadians" in Hong Kong alone. How's that for loyalty?

Are these people Canadians? Should they be? Why do we give away our citizenship so easily to such a people who, judging by their actions alone, do not deserve it? China is Canada’s top source of immigrants to this nation soon to be surpassed by India. Should we be importing so many Chinese immigrants? I do not think we should. They have proven, by their actions alone, that they do not care about Canada. They only care about the fortunes they can make here irrespective of our laws and the concerns of Canadians, hence the poaching. They enclave wherever they go and thus maintain the unCanadian aspects of their culture within Canada preventing them from truly integrating into Canadian society. But if they wanted to truly integrate then they wouldn’t enclave now would they?

That's why we need to set limits on immigrant numbers from any country so as to combat enclaving. If these Asian fishermen were truly integrated Canadians, instead of Canadian passport holding Asians, then there wouldn't have been any problems in Sutton or Westport. We need to set limits. We need reform.

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