Monday, 8 October 2007

Another Torontonian, another idiot's opinion

If reading the Toronto Star encourages comments like the following one then maybe it's time to change papers. You're intellect is at stake.

Protecting fish doesn't require beating anglers

Oct 08, 2007 04:30 AM

Anglers claim racism

Oct. 4

It is appalling that Westport residents are attempting to justify what is clearly blatant and inexcusable racism. If they were actually environmentalists, they would be welcome to write angry letters to Stephen Harper about his goal to sidestep the Kyoto protocol rather than brandishing axes and committing hate crimes. With 73-year-olds being beaten unconscious, it's obvious that this has gone beyond protecting the local fish population.

This is disgusting behaviour and they should be expected as a community to publicly apologize

So, in order to protect the local fish populations this woman suggest the good people of Westport should be writing angry letters to Stephen Harper about his commitment to the Kyoto protocol. Yes it is true folks. The people of Toronto are stupid.

I wonder if this woman has ever heard the saying "think globally, act locally". How is stopping illegal fishing and poaching in your community not acting locally? If she is appalled by the tactics that were used then maybe this woman should save some of her typical Torontonian moral outrage and redirect it at Greenpeace and PETA; two organizations that are not shy to use violence and the destruction of property to make their points and achieve their goals.

But she is Torontonian. Her sense of self-righteous indignation is selective, not universally applied.

And they wonder why the rest of the country hates that city so much. It's not the city Canadians hate. It's the people who typically live there. And considering the above comment I say that hate is deserved.

If she expects the community of Westport to publicly apologize for the deeds of a few I wonder if she expects the Canadian South Asian community to apologize for the Air India bombing? Hell, I’d like to hear that. That community is only responsible for the deaths of over 200 people, the largest mass murder in Canadian history, and legal costs in excess of over $200 million billable to the Canadian tax payer. It's not like they pushed someone into the water or anything.


Missionary said...

The lame leftoids of Toronto can
Screw off.
The asians are taking fish out of sanctuarys in westport.
They break the law and they don't care. The MNR and OPP are either at the donut shop or reading books.
They don't care and they won't enforce protection or patrols.
Put up cameras or something.
The illegal asian fishers need to stay out of westport.
Tell them to fish in the fountain at Toronto City Hall where they can enjoy themselves in the great spirit of multiculturalism..the massive failure brought to you by
Pierre Turdeau.

PaxCanadiana said...

Thanks for the comment.

I am left with the impression that the MNR and the OPP are reluctant to do anything because the illegal fishing and poaching is being done largely by fishermen of Asian ancestry. They are afraid that they may be called racists. Therefore being the well indoctrinated Canadians that they are they preferred to look the other way.

A similar example was when the RCMP raided the Asian Pacific mall and seized all bootlegged material for sale. The RCMP was called racist and was accused of racial profiling. If you go back to the Asia Pacific mall the bootlegged DVDs are back and in large numbers. Did the seizures make a difference? Apparently not. The Chinese are back to their illegal behaviour, indifferent to the laws of the land.

Anonymous said...

I must admit many a time I've sat at the High Park pond in Toronto and watched Asian fishers pluck fish after fish out of the pond - many not even larger than a human finger - and plop them in their pales either to be thrown in the garbage later or God forbid eaten! These people have to be taught SUSTAINABILITY.

PaxCanadiana said...

They don't have to be taught sustainability. They have to be taught that "You're in my county now! Respect it or get the hell out!"

I know that is a crass response but I find that those kinds of responses are the most effective and to the point. It seems immigrants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan do not care so much about Canada as a country but more so as to how they can abuse it and gain from exploiting our society irrespective of our laws, culture, history, language, etc. To the point, they simply do not care and their poaching of Canadian waters is illustrative of that indifference and is in character with their cultural priorities.

I know they cannot be held totally responsible since they have been told by a liberal permissive society that what they do is okay and that their culture takes precedence over any Canadian’s concerns. I say enough of that.