Saturday, 6 October 2007

Asian angelers attacked in Georgina, ON as well

At least that's what we are told. Now Asian fishermen are attacked in Sutton ON, Westport ON, and now Georgina ON. Three separate and distant communities have reported incidents of attacks on anglers of Asian ancestry. There are two reasons that come to mind:

1. They are racially motivated attacks.

2. The Asian fishermen are inviting the attacks.

If you live in Toronto then 9 times out of 10 you go for the first reason regardless of any details that may reveal that the reason is really the second one. If you have any exposure to the Asian community then you may find yourself drifting to reason number two.

I find it interesting that Asian anglers have been attacked in three separate communities. Why is that? If it is really racially motivated then why is it only Asian anglers reporting attacks? Where are the reports of attacks against the Asian residents of those communities? Asians have migrated further north than Richmond Hill and are now found in Aurora ON and Newmarket ON. Where are the attacks against them?

Asian anglers are being targeted because they are misbehaving. They are doing something to stir the townsfolk ire against them. What the Toronto Star and the Asian community want to focus on are the consequences of the disrespectful behavior of the Asian community. By doing so they cast the townsfolk as villains and the Asian anglers as victims and misdirect the discussion to focus on alleged racism instead of the bad deeds, possibly illegal deeds, of the Asian anglers. Thus, the real crime goes unpunished and continues unabated and the real victim gets a jail sentence. It's as if a black man kept poking his finger into your side and kept saying "does that hurt" and then you knock him down after he refused to obey your repeated requests to stop. You go to jail and get labeled a racist and he walks away the victim, probably get a one-sided puff piece in the Toronto Star, even though he instigated the assault. And the Star is there to help.

The Star does not want to offend the Asian community in any way, even if they deserve the offense, because the Star wants to appear as a friend of the Asian community; a community that forms a considerable, and growing, portion of the Star's readers. In other words to offend the Asian community is bad for the Star's business. It's much safer for the Star to castigate white Canadians north of Toronto than it is to take the Asian community to task for its irreverent behavior in this country. When Canada's law enforcement agencies did nothing to address the concerns levied against the Asian anglers they left the people of these towns little recourse. I am not condoning their actions but I am just asking, “What did you expect?”

Here is the story from the Toronto Star.

Georgina `embarrassed' by attacks

Mayor apologizes for assaults on Asian Canadian anglers, anti-Semitic and homophobic vandalism

The mayor of Georgina has denounced recent attacks on Asian Canadian fishermen, as well as anti-Semitic and homophobic vandalism, and has apologized on behalf of his community.

"The people that I have the privilege of representing are shamed and embarrassed that this would have happened in our community," Robert Grossi said yesterday after meeting with leaders of B'nai Brith Canada and the Chinese Canadian National Council.

Grossi's comments came after swastikas and anti-Semitic and homophobic slurs were painted on nine vehicles in Keswick, while York Region police investigate a series of attacks on Asian Canadian anglers at Lake Simcoe.

"From what we've heard so far, they're isolated incidents," said the mayor of the lakeshore community of 40,000 north of Toronto.

Note - The anti-Semitic and homophobic vandalism should be dealt with but there is more to the attacks on the Asian anglers. There is more to it than just racism.

Two related cases are before the courts, including one involving a high-speed chase that began when youths approached anglers fishing off a pier, and demanded to see their fishing licences.

The youths began shouting racial slurs and then chased the anglers as they fled, ramming their car from behind with a pickup truck.

Did these fishermen produce licenses? I say probably not. The behavior of the youths is unjustified and no tolerance should be made for it but neither should any tolerance be made for illegal fishing and poaching.

If mass immigration from Asia brings these kinds of racial tensions then why do we even encourage it? I say this laying much of the blame on the Asian community in Canada. They are part of the problem; I'd say a significant part of the problem. Asian immigrants account for a sizeable portion of immigrants to Canada. China is the top source country of immigrants to Canada. Do Canadians want more immigrants from Asia? Is it still Canada when half the population is Asian? Do you want to live in a town, a city, a country where you are the minority to an Asian majority? If yes then you can always move to China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. Should Canada's immigration policy be so colour blind so as to allow a demographic shift in favor of Asians?

I say no. It's time for reform.


Anonymous said...

I am Chinese from Hong Kong, and I find myself agreeing with you. I stay away from Chinese malls and areas - people just DON'T behave. I had been here for over 15 years and pretty grew up here, without any accent, and was educated here, and I was always shocked to find out so many that had been here cannot even speak English, and I find myself feeling like a foreigner when I went to their areas!!

Chinese have to behave to gain respect. I am Chinese and I can't stand them!!

Honestly, people who come here have to learn the languages (English or French) and behave. I agree with you over the reverse racism. And this is from a Chinese!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree that any crime or violence committed can be labelled as "self inviting".

Even if the Asian anglers are poaching, it is not the duties of these youth to demand to see anything or threaten's others lifes by ramming their pick ups into others.

It is racially motivated because Asian have always been seen as "push-overs". I am not sure if these youths would dare to ask crap if they are a group of natives or black dudes wielding knifes or guns around their belts.

Anonymous said...

This is for that "Chinese" from Hong Kong.

People in Chinese malls behave exactly how they behave in Hong Kong too. Maybe you should explain what is "mis-behaving".

Since you are originally from Hong Kong, I am sure you should know that all immigratns need to demostrate he or she can speak English or French before they can be admitted. Unless it is the seniors, who are too old to learn.

Chinese, like Italians, prefer to speak to themselves in their native tongue. I seriously don't think Chinese would speak Chinese to non-chinese. You can ask your parents who supported you to school, why they are not speaking English if they have the chance.

And also ask yourself why you didn't learn to speak Chinese if you want to be Chinese and not pretending to be White.

Anonymous said...

In your statement "...any exposure to the Asian community then you may find yourself drifting to reason number two"

This in itself tells me your generalized view of Asians is a biased one.