Monday, 8 October 2007

If Canada's health care system encourages an American to propose marriage to any Canadian...

... are we to be so naive as to assume that many immigrants do not make bogus refugee claims, make similar fraudulent marital arrangements, and import their aged parents for the same reasons?

From the Toronto Star.


Desperately seeking medicare

Seattle woman facing debt from cancer treatment advertises for north-of-border mate with benefits

Oct 08, 2007 04:30 AM

Petti Fong
Western Canada Bureau Chief

Any wonders why Canada suffers from a doctor shortage. It is a problem our immigration system helped create. We imported, and continue to import, more people than this country needs without a corresponding increase in medical care professionals. If you think the answer is as simple as allowing foreign trained professionals the opportunity to practice you might want to reconsider that one. The following is from a weekly bulletin found at

Foreign doctors are not the answer
National Post
Saturday, February 19, 2005
Letter To The Editor

Re: Many Foreign Physicians Not Making the Cut, Feb. 18, 2005.

I sit on the post-graduate anesthesia committee at the University of Toronto, which has been assessing foreign-trained "anesthetists" for the past three years. We have assessed 10 so far, and only one was deemed fit to practice in Ontario. The other nine required at least another two years of training in a Canadian anesthesia residency program in order to be up to our standard of anesthesia care.

It might be tempting to "fast track" foreign-trained MDs into clinical service, but at what cost? How much is one life worth when a foreign-trained anesthetist is quickly given a licence to practice and then kills a patient under anesthesia? Is one life worth it to get political brownie points for solving the MD shortage?

Henderson Lee, assistant professor, University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anesthesia, Toronto East General Hospital

If Canada reduces its immigration intake, restricts family class immigrants to the nuclear family only as well as build more medical schools to train Canadian doctors instead of poaching the greedy ones from the developing world we can reverse the doctor shortage trend. Canada's health care system is one area that has been adversely affected by mass immigration and by doing so it has negatively affected the quality of life for many Canadians. Why do we allow it to continue? We need to speak up. The health of our nation depends on it. And how dare anyone call us racists for doing so.

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