Sunday, 14 October 2007

If the foreign takeover of Canada's economy is a bad thing then why is the foreign takeover of Canadian public spaces a good thing?

It's the same thing.

From a Toronto Star editorial.

Foreign takeovers demand attention

Oct 14, 2007 04:30 AM

In the first eight months of this year, foreigners gobbled up Canadian companies worth an astounding $90 billion. Canadian companies such as Inco, Dofasco and Alcan that formed part of the industrial backbone of the Canadian economy are Canadian no more.

The losses in steel, mining and other areas where Canadian companies were recognized world leaders mean that decisions affecting Canada on key issues such as investments, workforces, strategies for market expansion and environmental protection are now being made in Europe, the United States and even in India and Brazil.


That's tragic because if Canada is allowed to become an industrial colony for other nations, it will lose control over its destiny and fail to reap the benefits that come with economic self-determination.


Aside from foreign state-owned enterprises and issues of national security, which Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said Friday would be dealt with in a matter of months, Prentice made it clear in his Vancouver speech that the federal government favours the status quo on foreign investment.

That is another way of saying Harper won't stand in the way of the kind of takeovers that have been hollowing out the Canadian economy and turning this country into a colonial outpost for countries and companies that understand that ownership provides unfettered control.

Canadians cannot expect to keep up with the pack in the prosperity race if they have to take their orders from the competition.

If we take the language of this editorail and apply it to Canada's immigration policy we see that it is the same thing. How is our immigration policy not turning Canada into a nation of colonies? How are ethnic enclaves (areas where a particular ethnic group is 30% of the population of more) not foreign take overs of Canada's public spaces? Why is the surrendering of Canada's economy to foreigners a bad thing when the surrendering of Canada's culture landscape to foreigners via multiculturalism a good thing?

This solution to this is quite simple. Just give these foreign corporations Canadian citizenship then all's well. After all, a Canadian is a Canadian, or so we're told.

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