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Indo-Canadians attack a Canadian's freedom of speech or Why I Support Bruce Allen.

From The Province.

Critics attack Allen's Olympics role

Fiery radio comments spark cries of racism, calls for removal

John Colebourn, The Province
Published: Sunday, September 23, 2007

Calls for the dismissal of Bruce Allen from a key position on the 2010 Olympics ceremonies committee continued yesterday following a storm of controversy over the concert promoter's radio comments -- comments some have labelled as racist.

"He is a person who will have important influence in the opening and closing ceremonies and, judging from his comments, I don't think he will reflect Canadian values," said MLA Harry Bains, the NDP Olympics critic, last night.

Note - Harry Bains is an Indian Sikh with Canadian citizenship.


"He is not the right person to be representing Canadian values at our opening and closing ceremonies and if he has any influence we will be embarrassed."

Note - Bruce Allen is ten times the Canadian Harry Bains is or ever will be.

Allen, a veteran music-industry heavyweight and manager of a stable of Canadian music stars, including Michael Bublé and Bryan Adams, was introduced Thursday as one of 10 members on a creative team shaping the ceremonies and entertainment at the Vancouver and Whistler Olympic Games.

In his regular Reality Check radio comment on CKNW Sept. 13, Allen stated "special interest groups" expect rules for themselves.

"There is the door. If you don't like the rules, hit it," said Allen. "We don't need you here. You have another place to go. It's called home. See ya."

Added Allen: "This is simple. We have laws in this country. They are spelled out and easy to get a hold of. If you're immigrating here and you don't like the rules in place, you have the right to choose not to live here. If you choose to come to Canada, shut up and fit in. We are a democracy, but it seems more and more that we are being pilloried by special interest groups that want special rules for themselves."

Indira Prahst, a sociology instructor at Langara College who specializes in race and ethnic relations, said she was "shocked" when she first heard Allen's comments.

She also said Allen's subsequent appearance on Christy Clark's CKNW show last week would have been an opportunity to show his remorse at the comments. "He could have apologized," she said. "I think the people representing the Olympics should be culturally sensitive. I think there should be some very serious consideration about his role with the Olympics."

Allen, in a lively exchange with Clark, was unrepentant over his comments. He called the controversy "a bunch of crap dredged up by some people who don't get it. I'm not hate-mongering. I'm an editorialist. I hate people playing the race card . . . I make people think. That's my job."

I would like to announce my membership to the Bruce Allen fan club. Just leave a comment that makes a similar announcement if you do too.

What does Bruce Allen have to apologize for? Immigrant groups, particularly Sikhs, have incessantly attacked our Canadian cultural identity for years. Sikhs have attacked the RCMP and the Royal Canadian Legion. They created Mr. Allen and people like me. I have never felt the need to comment on immigration and call for its reform until I began to witness the erasure of the cultural uniqueness of my people and country by immigrants groups who refuse to assimilate, opting instead to stamp their cultural identity onto the Canadian psyche, all the while calling themselves "Canadian". If any apologies should be made it should be by the Indo-Canadian community. Sikhs are responsible for the largest mass murder in Canadian history yet still no apology has come from them. I guess they're too busy building memorials to themselves to bother with that.

I encourage you to follow the link and read the comments while the link is still active. Most of the comments support Bruce Allen and so do I. I encourage more Canadians to speak out like Mr. Allen. We should let people know whose country this is. You want to live here then fine. But if you want to be a Sikh living in the Punjab then stay in the Punjab. Don’t come to my country and turn a portion of it into a Punjabi colony with health benefits.

Notice how the Indo-Canadian community immediately called Bruce Allen a racist. Notice how they want to punish him for expressing his views by seeking his removal from the Olympic committee. Harry Bains said that Allen "is not the right person to be representing Canadian values" yet isn't freedom of speech a Canadian value? Who then is not really representing Canadian values if Harry Bains wants to punish a fellow Canadian citizen for exercising his freedom of speech? What is wrong with expecting immigrants to preserve the cultural identity of their adoptive homeland? Immigrants know the importance of preserving their cultural identity and continuously make demands on Canadians to accommodate them (while calling us racists if we refuse). Why are Canadians racists when we make similar demands? Whose country is this anyways?


Anonymous said...

It is completely idiotic to say that 'Sikhs are responsible for the largest mass murder in Canadian History' or that an apology needs to come from 'them'. CERTAIN particular followers of Sikhism were allegedly behind the attack, but were acquitted. I don't, you don't, very few other people have information beyond that. That's like asking 'white people' to apologize for Robert Pickton. Your blog is full of incredibly ignorant blanket statements.

Anonymous said...

You need to face the fact that you need immigrants to come to canada and pay taxes, ei, and cpp. canada needs immigrants. think about how much money the economic system makes with immigration, and needs it. your future depends on it. but i do agree that sikh's do a bit too much.

Anonymous said...

It is true that we do need immigrants to come to Canada to work. However, should a Canadian go to another country, either visiting or working, we are expected to abide by the rules of that country. It should be no different here in Canada.

We are a very liberal country, maybe too liberal at times.

Bruce Allen has the right to his opinion, it is called freedom of speech. You may not like his opinion, but that is the great thing about being in a free land.

I do feel that some people who do immigrate to Canada take advantage of this country. We have so much to offer anyone that comes here, but I don't feel our country is respected by some who do make Canada their new home.

I think Canadians are getting frustrated and tired of being so politically correct.

In past generations, people had to assimilate to our country, now I feel we have to assimilate to the foreigner and not the other way around.

Canada might be a melting pot, but it still is a bilingual country, English and French.

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with immigrants but it seems like Canadians that have lived here all their lives are losing their freedoms. We have an established set of laws that were created for our country and anyone wanting to live in Canada should abide by said laws. Anyone remember a time when you could go out in public and see "Merry Christmas" posted up all over the place during Christmas season???

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Bruce Allen does have the right to freedom of speech like all other Canadians. I think the more important issue is the content of his remarks, and the role that he will have in an INTERNATIONAL Sporting event, which in my opinion are contradictory.

In 2010, there will be people from all over the globe watching the Olympics or visiting Canada, some of who aspire to one day immigrate to Canada, the views of Allen are embarassing to Canada on the International stage.

I agree that some cultures do expect more then standard accomodation in Canada, but Bruce Allen is nothing more then a typical hard nosed red-neck, get with the program I say.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, this is a country made up of immigrants. That means ALL of us except for the first nations. Ppl say here that sikhs take advantage of being canadian?. . . im not sure exactly what is meant by that. Do sikhs not pay taxes? do sikhs not have the right to schooling and health care like everyone else? Im not sure what part of being canadian sikhs are taking advantage of. Could you mean Surrey BC, and how sihks have left there mark there . . . fair enough, they brought a bit of home to surrey. I believe this adds diversity to our country. Im not sure why sihks are being singled out in the blog, Richmond is the same thing with the asian community, which I love. . . again adding diversity. As for Bruce Allen I distinctly remember representatives from most other minority groups as well as sihks expressing there feelings towards his comments. When the olympics do come and the world does have its eyes on Canada, ill be dam proud to be standing next to a Sihk, a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian or what ever the case may be.

PaxCanadiana said...

It is completely idiotic to say that 'Sikhs are responsible for the largest mass murder in Canadian History'

No it isn't. Sikhs are responsible for the largest mass murder in Canadian history. Deal with it.

or that an apology needs to come from 'them'.

If family of those who died on that Air India flight expect some form of compensation then I want an apology from the South Asian community for bringing their war here. Quid pro Quo.

but Bruce Allen is nothing more then a typical hard nosed red-neck, get with the program I say.

No he isn't and many Canadians, I'd say most, share his views but are too afraid to say anything.

Firstly, this is a country made up of immigrants. That means ALL of us except for the first nations.

No it isn't. I was born here as were 80% of the people living here. How does that make Canada a nation of immigrants? It doesn't. Canada is a nation with a history and it has an immigration policy. If any correct statement can be made is that some ethnic groups are immigrant groups. For instance 3/4 of the South Asian community was not born in Canada making them, still, a foreign people. And since the first nations people are the indigenous people of Canada and South Asians are largely a foreign people living on Canadian soil that effectively makes South Asian immigrants colonizers. Agree?

Ppl say here that sikhs take advantage of being canadian?. . . im not sure exactly what is meant by that.

How much taxes have Sikhs paid prior to their use of the health care system? Enough to cover two parents, two children, and two grandparents, all one two incomes, maybe one? How about the school system? First of all paying taxes is the law. However, when they pay taxes they expect something from it. Such an act is made for their benefit. They benefit from subsidized schools and health care that's why they are here. It's not to contribute to Canada but to gather unto themselves. And since I am talking about taxes a lot, and I mean a lot, of tax payer dollars is spent to service the immigration system to the point that any economic benefit that allegedly is derived from mass immigration is nullified.

What I mean by that comment is that Sikhs come to Canada, not just Sikhs exclusively but I'll use them as an example to illustrate my problem, not to assimilate and be Canadian but to effectively live, work, and socialize amongst their own all the while benefiting from the achievements of Canadians. It's parasitic. I want immigrants coming to Canada because they want to be Canadian not just in passport only. Canada is not an insurance policy or a lifestyle and shopping mall which it seems many immigrants think Canada is. But what happens when Sikhs, and other ethnic and religious groups, are allowed to remove their tax dollars from the public school system and reinvest it in their culturally specific school. How is this beneficial?

Could you mean Surrey BC, and how sihks have left there mark there . . . fair enough, they brought a bit of home to surrey.

This is an outward expression of their lack of desire to integrate into Canadian society all the while enjoy the benefits of living in it. And that bit of home is the transformation of Canadian public space into a foreign one. It is colonialism plain and simple.

I believe this adds diversity to our country.

True but most Canadians don't care about it and it is never reasonably explained why this is needed in the first place. This is just diversity for diversity's sake.

Im not sure why sihks are being singled out in the blog, Richmond is the same thing with the asian community, which I love. . . again adding diversity.

My reservations about the Sikhs extend to Asian and European immigration as well. Sikhs are seemingly being singled out because they are the most culturally aggressive towards the host population and thus bring this attention to themselves. If they were more like the Buddhists then there would be no problem.

And if you love Asian Richmond and Sikh Surrey then how would you receive a Canadian society where Asian and South Asian immigrants and culture outnumber and overwhelm the founding European one? Would you still "love" it? Is it still Canada? My argument is that it is not. Canada has a uniqueness to contribute to the world but this uniqueness will be erased forever under the guise of diversity and multiculturalism.

When the olympics do come and the world does have its eyes on Canada, ill be dam proud to be standing next to a Sihk, a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian or what ever the case may be.

First of all it will be the winter Olympics and therefore the eyes of the world will not be on Canada in 2010. Only the wealthy northern countries will be and that's what, 20-30% of the world maybe less?

Second of all will you feel comfortable being the only white person there, in a Canada where whites have become the minority? I don't think you would be but you'll of course say otherwise.

Anonymous said...

i am a sikh ok i am not a afrid of that ok and who did not let the firt sikh pepole come to canada canadian shame on canda now they or calling sikh terrost how dare they

Anonymous said...

The largest mass murder in Canadian History is the residential school system. With a mortality rate approaching 60% thousands of children were outright murdered by the representatives of the Canadian government.

Anonymous said...

The tone of this blog represents an anti-immigrant sentiment that has been circulating recently. When people start generalizing about groups of people, it should raise red flags.

He says Bruce Allen has the right to "freedom of speech" while agreeing that immigrants should "shut up and obey the laws or go home." The fact is that everyone has the right to question the law - that is why we're a democracy and how we achieved equality for blacks or women. Special interest groups are needed to help society to evolve, especially in Canada's first past the post electoral system where huge sectors of the population are not represented.

The fact that he says he is only talking about first generation immigrants and not "people who were born here" does not even make sense.

"Obey the rules?" What about what we did to the natives' culture and language. It's ok that we evolved before and not now?

The reason I am proud to be Canadian is because it is a multicultural country that embraces differences, rather than being a melting pot like the U.S. Maybe it is people that are opposed to this and believe in an all-white, "one-size-fits all" Canada should be the ones to leave. Perhaps another country would be more to your liking???? Just food for thought......

Anonymous said...

i thought this kind of rhetoric didn't exist any more, especially in supposedly "diverse" and open-minded Canada.

i just read your response to paxcanadiana and it is just full of blatant racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

but i am glad that you have chosen to ally yourself with Bruce Allen, since it proves a point i have been trying to make that his comments have obviously racist undertones. but your comments really bring out the "juice" of my point, i.e. the prejudices and justifications for being anti-immigrant.

what's also funny is how you say that the majority of Canadians agree with you. is this a way of trying to make your argument seem credible? if the majority of people were like you, our country would not even be a democracy. thank god that many people are educated and open-minded (like the people who are responding to your blog).

you somehow feel you are more entitled to canada's health programs because you have lived here longer??? the funny thing is that immigrants have a higher % of workers and a lower crime rate than people born in Canada. so using your argument, they should be more entitled right? no, because this argument is just fundamentally flawed - that is not how government programs work.

and the Sikh thing? blaming an entire group for the actions of fanatics? well that is the meaning of prejudice - look it up in the dictionary.

i am an immigrant, i have an MBA, i do volunteer work and i stand up for what i believe in. am i a valuable member of society? who knows but i'm white, so i guess that doesn't count to you?

you should look into some of the speeches by Hitler and Pohl Pot - you might see some things there you recognize.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that much too often, immigrants from South Asia come to Canada and just outright REFUSE to ASSIMILATE.

It's fine to preserve one's heritage while at the same time assimilating to the host country.
But, if you come to Canada, you are expected to adapt to the mainstream.

If your intention is to come to here and bring along all of your cultural baggage and carve out a country within a country, then don't bother coming to Canada - STAY HOME.

You are subject to the laws that are applicable either by your municipality, Province, territory, or Canada, itself. That is all.

I too often find myself asking what is it with these people? Why are they the only ones who come to Canada and refuse to assimilate.

Other people come here from all other regions of the world, but they at the least make an effort to assimilate to mainstream Canada.

South Asians, on the other hand, just outright refuse to assimilate.

Let's get one thing understood. You can cry racism all you want, but you have only yourselves to blame for the problem.

Stop whining and adjust - or go back.

Welcome to CANADA.