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Neighbourhood in Vaughan, ON built exclusively to house Ahmadiyya Muslims. Non Muslims not encouraged to move there

Plans are in the works for a Phase II and expansion to other towns in Ontario.

From the National Post.

Giving Peace a chance in Muslim suburbia

Peter Kuitenbrouwer, National Post
Published: Saturday, October 06, 2007

VAUGHAN -Before dawn in this sprawl north of Toronto, McDonald's is locked and Tim Hortons is empty. The fake mountain of Canada's Wonderland, the amusement park, peeks from the gloom. Across the street looms the white minaret of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at mosque.

Note - Ahmadi or Ahmadiyya in Urdu is a sect of Islam. Basically they believe that a prophet after Mohammed walked the earth. This is considered heretical by most Muslims since it is believed that Mohammed was the last prophet with none to follow. This is why the Ahmadi are not considered Muslims by many of their fellow Islamic believers. Ahmadiyya, as opposed to Ahmadi, tips us off that the majority of the residents in the exclusive Islamic neighbourhood in Vaughn are Pakistani immigrants since Urdu is the primary dialect of Pakistan. This makes sense when we consider that Pakistan is one of Canada's top immigrant producing countries.

Welcome to Peace Village, Canada's first Islamic subdivision, where all 260 homes belong to members the Ahmadiyya sect, who flooded to Canada in the 1980s after persecution in Pakistan. It looks ordinary, with basketball nets and minivans in the driveways, until you notice the street signs: Mahmood Crescent, Ahmadiyya Avenue and Noor-Ud-Din Court.

"There is nothing like this in North America," boasts Naseer Ahmad, a real estate agent from Pakistan who dreamed up this community of Islamic dream homes (including oak stairs and central air conditioning) on the edge of Toronto. "You have a mosque, and people are walking to enjoy their faith."

The houses, with some modifications, such as increased ventilation (for spicy food) and separate living rooms for women and men, are so successful that, six years after Peace Village opened, Mr. Ahmad plans to double the mosque's size and is now selling 55 townhomes, 1,700 square feet each, for around $350,000 with a garage and a yard, as "Peace Village Phase II."

Settlers have gathered around churches since Europeans first came to Canada. Newer immigrants took over downtowns vacated by earlier ethnicities, giving Montreal a Chinatown and Toronto a Little Portugal. This is different: it is a new development for one ethnic group.

To the dismay of some locals, a demolition crew last year took down a United Church next to where Peace Village is growing. The changes have inspired Christians to reassert themselves: Across the highway, Italian-Canadians built "Vellore Woods" with a large Catholic church at its centre, mimicking Peace Village.

Note - Is there a more apt image of the decline of Western civilization, of which Canada is apart of, than the demolition of a Christian church to accommodate an encroaching Muslim populace? But then again maybe the cultural aggressiveness of Muslims may be what we in the West need to rediscover our Christian heritage. I know, I know, it is wishful thinking.

The Ahmadiyya plan a similar faith-based suburb near a mosque they are building in Calgary.

The Ahmadiyya say they don't mean to isolate themselves, and they send their children to public school. Still, the nation's "cultural mosaic" is fairly monochrome in this spot: Teston Road Public School, which opened last month next to the mosque, is about 80% Muslim, and the school provides its gym on Fridays at lunchtime so the kids can kick off their running shoes, bow low toward Mecca and pray.

"Even though they are born in Canada," says Teston Road's principal, David Nimmo, "their first language is Urdu."


Although Muslims bought all the houses, he insists he does not sell only to adherents of Islam. "There is no exclusion here," he says. "You come and buy the house, no problem. You want to live beside the mosque, you want to live in a predominantly Muslim community, no problem at all."

Note - Who's he kidding? He knows no one is going to move there. That's why he says "there is no exclusion here" because he can get away with it. But we know that such an ethnically exclusive neighbourhood has a tendency to drive away and keep away those who do not share the same ethnicity. In fact he contradicts himself. What has he gained if he builds a neighbourhood with a centralized mosque but only, say, Hindus move into all the houses? He foils his own dreams for this community. He has managed to build for himself an Ahmadiyya colony in Canada with plans to build similar colonies across the nation and he is quite proud of it.

"Over here is going to be a TV station," he says. (Already a special cable to each home feeds Muslim television from an audio-visual room at the base of the minaret). "Then over here we're going to have a big huge guest house."

In his office, Mr. Ahmad points to other projects: "This is my Brampton mosque. This is in Cornwall. I have architects and engineers working for me freelance. This is the Calgary mosque."


The children's lack of English is a hurdle. "Our academic scores are low in these schools," Mr. Nimmo says, leading a tour of his shiny school, filled with children. He is helping to change that.

Two years ago, he called a meeting at the mosque. "I wanted to tell them how poorly their children were doing." When he got there, he found only a handful of parents.

"I was very discouraged, so I asked Naseer Ahmad, he got on the phone and within 20 minutes there were 300 people there. That's how organized they were." Now, he says, "they've rallied around us," and grades are going up."

Note - First generation Canadians being raised in Canada withouth a fluent knowledge of French or English is more common than we care to admit. This is a major problem with this type of neighbourhood. Those who live there can associate, work, and go to school in the native tongues of their home countries. This does not help them to integrate and become Canadians.

The appeal of faith-based suburbs is simple: People feel more comfortable among their own kind. Maqbool Bajwa immigrated to Toronto from Pakistan in 1987 with his four brothers, his mother and father. Immigration Canada let in his father under the business investor category. The family's first home was in Toronto's troubled Jane-Finch area. In 1997, Maqbool Bajwa bought a house in Brampton in Toronto's western suburbs. A year later he sold it and bought in Peace Village. Family bought adjoining houses.

"The mosque was nearby, the street names were all from our community," he says, sitting in an office at MB Computer Depot, a new store his brothers started in an Ahmadiyyaowned plaza near Peace Village. "I love it. When I see Ahmadiyya Avenue, it makes me proud, no question about it. Plus we've got the Vaughan Mills [a new mall], we've got the Wonderland and hopefully the subway coming. I can wear my shalwar camise and walk from home to the mosque without someone looking at me funny for what I'm wearing. It just gives me the absolute comfort of being home."

Read it all here.

Just remember that when white Canadians behave the same way they are called racists.

This does not encourage integration. It intentionally discourages it. That parcel of land in Vaughn no longer reflects Canada. It is an Ahmadiyya colony built to reflect the cultural life of a foreign country. And there are hopes to repeat this pattern across the nation. I find it offensive really. It tells me that those who live there do not really want to live in Canada with Canadians or partake of Canadian culture, to say nothing of preserving it. They only want the good life Canada can offer. Canadians can keep the rest. This community/colony is symptomatic of the failures of the multiculture social model.

We should expect this kind of behaviour though. Ethnic groups in Canada have been doing it for years with little deference to Canadian identity. How is "Peace Village" any different from the clustering of Chinese in Markham, the Italians in Woodbridge, South Asians in Brampton, the Jews in Thornhill? Nothing really it's just that the Ahmadiyya are being honest about it.

This is why Canada's immigration system needs to be reformed and official multiculturalism abolished. It does not serve the interests of the mass of Canadians. I am bothered to see my country parceled away piece by piece to better reflect foreign countries. This is not India, or China, or Italy, or Portugal, or anywhere. This is Canada and there is only one Canada. When it is gone it is gone for good. Why should we surrender it so others may preserve their culture here; a culture that is alive and well back in their homelands?


Anonymous said...

If ahmadis do not violate law of land, if they do not hurt canada or canadians materially, if they are loyal to the land where they live, if they want to live a neat clean pious and pure life, if they want to create an environment which is their dream environment, if canada accepts people from all cultures and religions, if Ahmadis are not creating a bad example for any other culture or religion or society on any ethically acceptable benchmark, if the writer is not harmed personally on any of these grounds, then such articles do not cause any good to the canadian society. However if some group who promotes their business or commercial activity by mis leading people to a certain way of life, then again such people should not be supported in any way. Did the immigrants give any undertaking that they would bid farewell to their previous way of life. If not, then again it is suggested that canadian society should discourage such feelings which are contrary to the canadian interest and serves the interest of business groups only. Khalid Munir.

Sheela said...
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Hani said...

Peter "Whatever", right?....Is it okay, if i may call you that???

I am a York university student, double majoring in Business Administration and Law!

MR. Whatever, let me remind you and state you that, you are posting several hate crime against the people who have done nothing wrong!

Let me quote you something.....and oh guess what? it is from your very own RACIST article!!!....

This is why Canada's immigration system needs to be reformed and official multiculturalism abolished. It does not serve the interests of the mass of Canadians. I am bothered to see my country parceled away piece by piece to better reflect foreign countries. This is not India, or China, or Italy, or Portugal, or anywhere. This is Canada and there is only one Canada. When it is gone it is gone for good. Why should we surrender it so others may preserve their culture here; a culture that is alive and well back in their homelands?"

hmmm...MR. Whatever (and yes this is you name from now on!).....CANADA is a free nation, open to every bright and intelligent immigrant.
You are speaking about culture??..Preserving the culture??.....EXPLAIN CANADIAN CULTURE TO ME PLEASE!!!!......Are you talking about the "culture" where the wives run away from houses? Where in you senior days, the seniors get put into senior housing? The "culture" of your abrupt racism?? The "culture" of how you go to schools and think of .." hmm, how can i skip this class and go to the back of the building and smoke a joint"???
Is this the culture that you speak of?!?!?!

How many of the south east Asians and specifically, Muslims, in Canada have ever interfere with the celebration of Christmas?, the celebration of thanks giving, Halloween, Canada Day and alll the holidays and events. Do we not respect and for most, also get involved with YOUR culture?

I fully believe that YOU and your "alliances" need attitude and moral CORRECTIONS!!!!

CANADA is a free nation, open to everyone for opportunities, and without immigrants....MR. about you go and enjoy eating your boiled eggs.....!!!!

I will be writing you more, and I will make sure that, this matter gets sent out to the right authorities!!!!!


i....wish...i...were...whiterr... so... i...could...make...this...dude...happierrrr!!!! said...

1. I live in peave village and one of my neighbour is guyanese christian, and the other is a shia from lebonan and behind me lives a teacher thats Caucasian. I play basketball with the guyanese kid alomost daily in the summer he seems like hes having jolly fun while hes playing actually... so i dont know where this all 260 homes belong to members the Ahmadiyya sect is coming from

2. i dnt mean to use my brain here but is it really that bad to have 7 streets with muslim names when u have like 89 gabajillion with christian names like st. joan of arc rd. vespusi drive i dnnoe i just dnt think a few muslim street names are gonna make ne1 cry... i could be wrong ofcourse.

3.i would hate to take the christianness of canada away i really do i mean its terrible to not let a country be as christian as it could... faith is a sacred thing that noone should be deprived of.... cough* aboriginal history cough* to its full religious potential

4. Next those 80% kids used to go to a school where the percentage was much lower but had to shift because it was a problem of transportation and didnt make sense to send them to the location that they were being sent

5. I was born in Pakistan... came here when i was two.... I personally love Canada and prefer the life here over Pakistan and have more respect for Canada because of its ability to protect and provide for its people. And i think Canada runs in accordance with Islamic teachings more than Pakistan could ever do. I dnt really know how to read Urdu... i speak to all of my freinds in english many of which are not from pakistan... my first language was udru now i hardly know how to speak it and my reletives make fun of me when i go back to Pakistan... i wish this werent the case ... i really do

6. Whats wrong with praying... u can do it

7. Ive never been to Mr. Ahmads office ill tell him to stop being mean to you

8. I hope the children get smarter too... i grew up there made it to u of T ... i got enuff friends in the same community in some of Canadas best schools... i think the following generations will do just fine buddy

9. Im proud of Maqbool Bajwa and his shalvar chemise.. he shows how wonderfully multicultural Canada is

10. these kids when going to highschool and university are made fun of and bullied for acting brown or smelling... thats when integration speads up

11. And im sorry sir ill try to be more white from now on... just dont write more articles highlighing multiculturism in Canada :(

PS. im taking a writing course soon time my grammatical errors should get better soon time...pce

Bilal said...
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same guy who wrote last comment said...

aright i wrote the last comment... in all seriousness though... some of the stuff the author says has a basis in my opinion... if he is upset maybe we outta be careful in making sure were clear with regards to our beliefs and goals... and make sure we dnt hurt anyone... cuz thats not wat were all about neither right... thanks for drawing our attention to this and i personally will be cautious of what he is saying even though i dont feel as if there is nearly as big of a problem as he has made it to be.... nonetheless i do see where hes coming from

Anonymous said...

Your arguments are fallacious in more than one way, and represents your fear of losing the white suburbia that you once called home. Learn to deal with it.

Mara said...

Before I start, let me assure you guys that I am an Ahamadi Muslim by birth. I come from the typical Ahmadi Family that believes in everything this organization represents. The difference between me and them is that I believe in the “RELIGION” not the cult that has formed from it. The sad part is I can defend peace village far better than you all, even though I am against the whole idea.
If you consider “mixing in with the western culture” a mistake than simply pack your bags and leave for Pakistan where your lovely home Country, free of all the “western flaws” awaits you with open arms. (hope u can detect the sarcasm)
Would you allow a “Qafir” as we state them, to put up a Christian neighbourhood in the middle of Pakistan? HELLS NO, then why the Hypocrisy?
As far as the street names go,. Our religion is about peace, simplicity, purification and non haters.. ....remember??? not Bashirual Ahmadi Zinda Baddul Naseer land.
We give chanda... when was the last time one of u gave a donation towards aids or any other cause??? Oh maybe cuz they don’t harass you for the donations? Hmmm maybeee.
The biggest problem with this organization is Hypocrisy.
The racism from the author bothers you, so you attack by being even more racist...real classy.
Everybody misjudges, and misunderstands. Shoot back by clearing them up..not by creating more misunderstandings.. Dimwits!
So the men and women feel awkward getting looks when they wear their traditional clothing..and exactly how do you think they would treat a person in their territory wearing a mini skirt and a tank, forget that ..try wearing pants to the mosque, regardless of the fact that it might be more covered up then the next girl’s tight ass Shalwar Kameez.. you wil get the awkward the once again WHY THE HYPOCRISY?
Men and women are in separate sections..until eid or jalsa is over...then its ok to stare each other down...standing across from them..ofcourse their really just looking for their mothers, wives and sister (hope u detect the sarcasm..again!)
So one commenter states, “I wear a Hijab”, and later states that she knows all the words to a Britney Spears song. The bothersome part is not that the two come together, but the hypocrisy behind it. Either believe in the Quran, or the “western ways” and if you believe in both then at least have the guts to stand your ground!
Instead of stating that you eat peanut butter sandwiches and don’t know the Pakistan National Anthem (representing that you are just as western, as the average western person) how about advocating freedom, independence and women rights. (What this Country really represents and what you originally came here for)
I can proudly say that I eat roti and salan, with my hands, know the national anthem of Pakistan, and still stand my ground in front of my parents with my believes, either against this religion or advocating my rights. I believe in Allah, yet still believe marrying outside of my religion isn’t going to send me to hell. Unlike the half ass girls in this jamat who start affairs , lead guys on yet want to follow their religion by marrying an Ahmadi guy... Straight to heaven girls.
The only reason I have given up on this organization is because they are like a bunch of ostriches. Unless there is willingness to deal with the REAL problems within this society there really isn’t any hope.
And last but not least if you think your religious Dad has never secretly watched porn or fantasized about it. You are in GREAT DENIAL!

Sheela said...
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MARA ka CHARA said...


Dont get me wrong, you can date everyone you want, but....... (I think the dots say alot)

S.G. said...


I am appalled at such an article, and can only blame the freedom of speech for such comments (and yet could not be more grateful for such a right, you will see why, keep reading =) ).

Suddenly it has become a "crime" and Ahmadi Muslims are now seen as "racist". Why? Because they wish to secure their culture and religion in any part of the world?Since when is wanting to keep your distinct identity a sin/crime? The Constitution of Canada has none other but encouraged multiculturalism. By way of this mostly Muslim-based community set up in Maple, these Ahmadi Muslims are contributing their part to the MULTIculturalism of Canada.

Who is anyone to claim we are not Canadians? I was born and raised in Canada. I am 20 years old, a 3rd year student at York University. No my major is not Islamic Studies, surprise surprise, it's actually Business Management. Yes, I observe my right to practice my religion, I wear a hijaab and am quite proud of it. I salute Canada for giving me the privilege and right to openly be able to declare that I am a PAKISTANI-CANADIAN, that I am a MUSLIM living in Canada.

Believe it or not, I do know the Canadian anthem and read it out loud every day in school up until grade 12. And unfortunate as it is, I could probably only repeat the first 5 words of the Pakistani anthem. So what does that make me now? A confused Pakistani? Or a "wannabe" Canadian?

Yes, I grew up to the theme songs of Sesame Street and Barney (although no one likes to admit the latter). I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I wear jeans, and love listening to the radio. I can name all of the Backstreet Boys and even sing the words to Britney Spears "Hit Me Baby One More Time" (another not so proud moment for me). Will Smith became my favorite celebrity after "Fresh Prince" and I was none more than disappointed when Stephen Harper became Prime Minister.

So what does all of this mean? Do we Muslims living in Canada still have to PROVE how "Canadian" we actually are? OR should we do as the author indirectly suggested and just pack our bags and go back to "our" countries? When was the last time an immigrant was stopped at the airport and asked to swear allegiance to "Canada" and never look back upon our native country again?

And suddenly, as this author suggested, we are somewhat "racist". Perhaps the slogan "Love for All, Hatred for None" means nothing to the author, but it is the principle that Ahmadi Muslims live their daily lives upon. So where is there room for racism? There isn't. And as far as my understanding goes, even implying such a notion and openly writing such an article, suggests otherwise for this author. If anything, he is the one that is beginning to sound very much like a racist.

Oh, and not to mention, because we are Pakistani Ahmadi Muslims, we are "dumb" or "illiterate"? Our children's first language is Urdu? Prove it. In fact, many of those children, including my younger brother, age 7, goes to Teston Village school, and I would call it quite unfortunate that he does NOT read or write Urdu at all. In fact, I beg him to speak in Urdu with me, for fear that he is LOSING HIS NATIVE ROOTS. Trust me when I say this, Canadian he definitely is, Pakistani, sure, by way of his parents.

And as far as street names go. Excuse me for saying so, but if the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT has no issue with such "Muslim" street names, then who are YOU (the author) to complain? Last I checked, there are many street names that are very "Christian-like", and yet it does not seem to bother a single Muslim here.

That being the case, along with the many other points I have made in this response, it seems that the author is perhaps stating his personal beliefs and trying to expand them to make them seem like an issue they are not. I am sure many people will agree with me when I say, that it is not the Ahmadi Muslims here in Maple that feel this (Surprise! I live on Ahmadiyya Ave. too!) but that anyone who reads this article will feel that if there is any racism being shown, it is from the side of the author.

Originally posted on:
January 13, 2008 4:30:00 EST PM

S.G. said...

For Mara:

Well I would like to start off by thanking you for putting in the time to actually read the ARTICLE. Or did you forget to do that part?

Secondly, if you have something to say to me, say it directly. There's no need to beat around the bush, we're all adults here and can handle the criticism.

Thirdly, perhaps, had you read the article (which I am strongly beginning to doubt) you would have realized, that it is NOT about what YOU believe. It is not about what YOU have noticed on Eid or Jalsa. It is also not about what YOU or others wear to the mosque. And it is most definitely not about the possible "politics" associated with the Jamaat system in place today (which is what I understood from your points, correct me if I am wrong).

You spoke much about hypocrisy. Well you took it upon yourself to criticize my post, so I will oblige myself to do the same.

You commented on such "Christian" neighborhoods that "do not" exist in Pakistan. When was the last time you were there? Because unfortunate as it is, your information is inaccurate. There are many Christian neighborhoods, including Christian schools and churches present in Pakistan today. Google it. Perhaps you'll find much on those same neighborhoods existent today in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, to name a few. Also to point out, no representative of any such Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim living in Peace Village said they do not wish, or do not like to mix and mingle with other races, religions or cultures. THAT is exactly why people began posting AGAINST this article. And if anyone did, please site it before throwing such allegations around. Once again, did you even READ the article? Or just the comments? And mind you, before taking the names of such respected people, truly, show some respect. Perhaps you don't know, but what makes these names "Muslim" is the meanings behind them.

Now on to the "chanda" issue. Who said Ahmadi Muslims don't donate to other public organizations? Where ARE you getting your information from? Ever heard of HUMANITY FIRST? Surprise!!! The AHMADI jamaat set up that NON-PROFIT organization (by the way, that makes it a CHARITY!) to help those around the world without eating up most of the funds made available. Ever heard of the Canadian Blood Drive? Oh right, suddenly your too "Pakistani" right? Eating with your hands and all. Well let me explain then. Not once, but a couple times a year, our local mosque here in Maple, Baitul Islam Mosque, hosts the Canadian Blood Drive on their private property, and encourages ALL people (yes that means NON-Pakistanis as well) to come and donate blood, so that perhaps through such donations, a life or two can be saved. I don't know about you, but suddenly, the Ahmadi Jamaat does not seem so selfish any more? Nonetheless, let us proceed.

You shot back at the commentators by stating that instead of being a reverse-racist, how about we clear up the misconceptions. Practice what you preach darling. The point of this blog was for us to give our ideas to the author, not to those who are trying to help in their own way. Perhaps you are right. And some people did not respond how they should have. But let's face it. Not everyone is as great as a writer as you. Right? ;)

You also wrote about a clothing issue. Mind you, I think you need to clear up the difference between CULTURE and RELIGION. You seem to be mixing up the two time and time again. What you wear to the mosque should be in accordance with your RELIGION (because a mosque is a religious monument). Religion does NOT say not to wear pants, or that you MUST wear shalwar kameez; it says dress modestly, whether that be in either culture's clothing.

You made a very bold statement by suggesting that either follow the Quran or Western ways. I am trying to figure out, why you believe the Qur'an cannot be adapted into the "western ways" of society? You either have very minimal knowledge of the Qur'an and the commandments within it, or you choose to try to insult this religion on purpose. Standing our ground? I believe admitting many such things of my childhood, was doing just that. The only difference is, I chose to display my feelings in a calm and collected manner, whereas you chose to be aggressive in your response.
I would not mind stating something in my defense of WHY I know the lyrics of a Britney Spears song, or WHY I wear jeans, but frankly, that is beside the point and completely irrelevant. However, if you do feel you would like an explanation, feel free to email me, and we can have a nice long chat of how sinful and detached from my native culture I have become after eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. =)

Last but not least, if you want to give up on an organization, and practice your religion any way you deem appropriate, that is your personal choice. We are no one to judge you or teach you to practise it one way or another.. If you have personal issues with acts of a certain parent, that too is for you to handle and deal with, it is not of concern to anyone else. Only Allah [God] can judge you.

Anyways, if you have anything else to say to me, I would say let us keep this blog civil and clean, feel free to ask for my email. Any issues or concerns can be cleared up if you feel it is necessary.

Oh, and feel free to read the article. =)

Originally posted on:
January 14, 2008 11:48:00 EST PM

(As per personal requests, my previous posts have been deleted for future anonymity, it defeats the purpose for previous readers but not future ones =) )

mara said...

My response, if you read it carefully or not was not towards the article but the ignorant comments of the many. It doesn’t concern me in any way that there is a phase II of Peace Village being built, that doesn’t better or worsen the situation with this organization. You keep looking at it as the literal religion and culture it is, there is no problem in that. The problem lies in the attitudes of the people in that community did you not read the comments? Did you not see the ignorance?
There is no doubt that there are Churches or temples in Pakistan, it’s about Ahmadyyat’s attitudes towards non Muslims and expecting the complete opposite when it comes to them.What if a mosque in Pakistan was being torn down to accommodate a Church. You would be ok with that? I don’t talk without rationale to back it up with. I’ve seen this attitude in many Sadars and Odedars speeches. It bothers me because they’re feeding these beliefs into the minds of their kids: it’s okay to hate (non-ahmadis) what happened to love for all and hatred for non and if its not okay to hate them, then why are you not allowed to marry them?
As far as chanda goes, I didn’t make assumptions about where chanda goes. If you read it carefully I said when was the last time an average Ahmadi donated towards another organization, liek through another mean of donating. The point was to state the cult like attitudes of the ppl in this religion, yet putting down other religions for that exact same reason.
You are taking every word into the literal meaning of it, read between the lines. The reason I mentioned your comment about the peanut butter and Britney Spears is because I thought your defence was very hypocritical. I didn’t understand what you were trying to prove, that you were western? Or that you didn’t need to be? Either way it wasn’t a strong argument. Like I mentioned you could’ve said anything about the good this western culture has offered you, where do you think you got your freedom of speech, or the “right” to wear pants from? Certainly NOT this community and don’t mistake community, with religion or culture, because I am very proud of those two and practice it far more than any “religious person” of this jamat, I say it with this much conviction because I don’t dilute either one of those.
What is so wrong with embracing all religions for what they offer. Good they hold a blood drive on their “private property” why not collaborate with a Church or Temple and do it? HMM there’s an idea. Without obviously trying to convert them.
Another clear up, I did not say the Ahmadi Jamat is selfish, get your reading skills straight. I said they are Hypocrites, not once, but five times in my comment!
You just proved me right, no where in the Quran does it say you should wear a certain type of attire, so why is it a problem when someone does decide to wear pants to the mosque. Culture is one thing, religion is another (both of which I believe in) then there is an organization like this, which in my opinion doesn’t fall under either of those.
You answered all of my questions, not accurately but with lots of detail, so why did you leave out the one with the street names?
When a religion turns into a cult, it is not a religion anymore. I believe in religion, I practice culture, I am however, against man made laws towards God.
You talk like you’ve rehearsed all this.
Hazrat Mirza Thahir Ahmed mentioned in his book “revelation, rationality, truth and Knowledge” that reason is nothing without faith.
I’m sorry but your fact sheet didn’t do anything for me. Try believing it yourself before you start shooting ur facts.


S.G. said...

It is kind of ironic that you posted what you did. Your new post quite nicely contradicts your previous one. But first I would like to add, you focus so much of your attention on the people, a religion is built on teachings, values, and beliefs. Not on its people. A person can try all they might to distort a faith, but it will only take effect if the beliefs of those people are also distorted, and that is not such an easy task.

Now, you agreed that your comments are directed towards the other people commenting. THAT is exactly the problem, no body asked your opinion on what others were writing, if that were the case, there would be a separate blog page for each of the commentators. Also, why are you attacking the opinions of these people in regards to the ARTICLE. I don't know how much I can possibly stress that the issue on this blog page IS NOT THE OPINIONS OF THESE PEOPLE, but the ARTICLE ITSELF!

You said the issue is in the ignorance of the people, if you feel that is the ACTUAL problem here, then feel free to start a new blog. No joke, I would love to comment on that too, because believe it or not I do agree with many points you've raised in regards to the IGNORANCE of people. However, once again, that is not the issue at hand in this particular blog.

I am not sure, which Sadr or Odedar's speech you listened to, but being here for 20 years, I have yet to hear a SINGLE speech, teaching us NOT to feel free to speak to other races, cultures and religions. In fact, we have always been encouraged to make friends different from yourselves, we have been taught to set an example. For who? Those who are like us? What would be the point of that. It's for those who AREN'T like us.
And when was any other religion EVER put down? Perhaps you remember the Cartoon incident with Denmark I believe. When all the Maulvis and Maulanas in countries around the world were fighting to boycott Denmark, what did our Amir's say? They said that is not the Islamic way. And time and time again, the example of The Prophet (pbuh) was given of how He even offered the mosque to traveling Christians, and so boycotting was not the answer. THAT is the principal this Jamaat runs on.

There is a reason there are multifaith symposiums held in the mosque and other centres, every year. If it was just about Islam, then there would be no other guest speakers. But they have always been welcomed. Thus the moto: Love for All, Hatred for None. And as far as marriage goes. Perhaps you are unaware that the Islamic Shariah DOES allow marriage outside ones religion, with 2 conditions. The first is that the individual must believe in the existence of only a single God. The second is that the person marrying outside of Islam cannot be female; basically men can do it, women cannot. Now once again there is valid reason for this, as per the Shariah. I do not want to begin a preaching session (which is what I am beginning to sound like), so I will leave it at that. If you are truly interested, you can do the research or contact me and we can talk about it OUTSIDE of this blog. =)

You said a church was torn down to build the mosque? Or you indirectly implied that it was through a question. When was a church EVER torn down to build a mosque? Baitul Islam Mosque was built along with the Church still in existence. The Church was torn down to extend TESTON ROAD! And even if it was to accommodate residential homes, then even that is in the power of the government. Take it from someone who knows real estate very well, no one can legally tear down a building to build residences, or even extend a road, without the government intervening. So please try not to sound like the mosque had anything to do with the abolishing of the church.

I did not once imply that you suggested Chanda is going here or there. In fact, I responded to exactly what you said, and wrote a lengthy paragraph on other charities this local community is contributing to, thus to show you, that yes, people DO donate outside of the Jamaat system. However, you implied in your previous post that perhaps people are hounded for paying chanda. Please get your facts clear about this as well, such is not the case.
As far as holding the Blood Drive on mosque property. The Jamaat will offer what they have. And unfortunately they do not own a church or a temple, or I'm sure they would offer those such properties too ;). And if what you meant by this was, how about collaborating with other communities around to hold such events, well, I believe that is exactly what is being done by hosting the Blood Drive, or the Run for Vaughan or any sort of Symposium with guest speakers. These different associations are NOT run by Paksitani Ahmadi Muslims. There we go. Multiculturalism right there.

As far as the clothing worn to the mosque goes. I myself have worn pants there many times. No one has ever said anything to me. I have seen others wear "non-pakistani" clothes too. Never have I heard of anyone having an issue with it. And if someone does have an issue with it, then I guess you would agree with me when I say they are ignorant in this manner. Many people questioned H. Mirza Tahir Ahmad (mAbph), in regards to this matter, and he too always said, dress modestly. If you have a personal issue with this, then I feel that is very unfortunate. But perhaps you should not hold the whole community responsible for the few ignorant people you encounter. Let's leave that to George Bush. =)

I, in fact, did mention my feelings in regards to your comment about street names. Perhaps it is you who is not reading between the lines. Nonetheless, let me clarify. If our Jamaat requested these names, and they were approved, then what is so wrong with that. These street names for Non-Ahmadis Muslims mean nothing, and thus should not bother them. But for Ahmadi Muslims, it is great pride they take in them. It is a memory, a symbol of something great. No body is claiming their own utopia here. They are simply getting more comfortable in a land they call home. And once again, if all the Christian street names for example, have never bothered ANYONE, then why should any sort of Muslim street name begin to bother them? If it does, THAT is the discrimination. It's all about equality.

You specifically said that I myself presented myself as a hypocrite. Why? Because I tried to show the author that I am as much westernized as he believes I'm not? Why would I need to tell him how Pakistani I am? He already knows that. Mr. Maqbool Bajwa did an excellent job showing him that, I was finishing it off. There's always two sides to a coin. The author saw one side, I was simply showing him the other. Once again, my comment was not there for you to pull apart, but for the author to take note of it. I was showing the balance between two cultures. The co-existence of them. But had you been more concerned about the article rather than our comments, perhaps you would have noticed that on your own.
You felt that I did not praise Canada at all for what I have. Or that others did not do it either. Please go back and reread the comments made then, because you surely must have missed it. Every single person had something to say in that regard, including myself.

You said I sound like I have this rehearsed. It's funny how you figured that out simply from reading. You don't know me, you don't know how I practice my religion, or live out my life. I don't feel I need to prove to you or anyone for that matter, of how "religious" or "cultural" I am. I would however appreciate you to NOT jump to conclusions about how strong my belief actually is. For you, it was a fact sheet. For me, it was knowledge I've attained through mere interest.

You're right in quoting that "reason is nothing without faith". I have the faith, hence, the reasoning is valid too.

If you don't see it, then I pray that the author to this article has a perspective different from yours.

Now that this is done, if you don't have anything to say about the article (which is why we both should be here to begin with), then let us end this. I will be looking forward to hearing about some sort of blog from your end. You have much to say about your view on this "cult" that this religion has become, and I would love to hear it.



ali said...

i just came across this very interesting article and yes i do agree with it. a girl here made some very points and "mara ka chara" said does she have a white boyfriend????? what the F*** does that have to do with anything. the truth is that neighbourhood was built just to accomodate the ahmadiyya community and the only reason ahmadi's live there is because they feel they can protect themselves from everything outside of peace village. here's something to think live in CANADA. the article is not racist and neither am i. i have nothing against any faith or religion. but you ahmadi's keep forgetting that you are not in Pakistan or India you are in Canada and you have to respect the people and culture of Canada. A friend of mine took me to Eid a couple of months ago, it was in a community centre and the imam kept trashing white people and christians and i was like was it not a christian that let you rent this place so you can have your little gathering. ok so maybe these are 2 different issues and i am focusing on ppl more than the article but i agree with the article because I think it makes perfect sense. You people come to this country out of refuge and when you get it you trash everything that helped you get there. i have seen people kissing in the stariwells of your masjid which is why i agree with Mara, you are all a bunch of hypocrits.

S.G. said...

For Ali:

You stated that "the truth is that neighborhood was built...." Oh right, I almost forgot, the Jamaat and Mr. Naseer Ahmad came and spoke to YOU personally before initiating such a project as to what the REAL reason was behind it. Right? Before throwing such allegations, reword your statement, because that is not the TRUTH, it is your OPINION. There is a vast difference between the two.

And please do explain what it means to live in CANADA. You have such an issue with how the people in Maple are living out their lives. Feel free to read my previous posts. I am sure you will find many contradicting facts to your comments.

Once again, Love for All, Hatred for None. That is our moto. And we abide by it. If you are saying an Imam delivered some sort of profanity in his sermon, I assure you, he was either not Ahmadi Muslim, or that was not an Ahmadi Muslim gathering. There is no room in our Jamaat for such instances. And if such an incident HAD occurred, surely someone would have spoke up. Surely, it would have been heard all over of what a NON-ISLAMIC speech had been delivered. I am not doubting what you saw, I am doubting that the Imam could call himself an Ahamdi Muslim (Please read my previous post about the example of the Prophet (pbuh) and how he welcomed Christians into the mosque).

As far as the mosque incident goes. I don't really understand how YOU got in that stairwell to begin with to observe such an incident. I also have trouble believing anyone could be stupid and disrespectful enough to do such an act in a MOSQUE (whether it be a Sunni, Ismaili or Shia mosque even). Nonetheless, if you are stating it happened, then all I can say is Astagfirullah, and may Allah help those lost souls.

Once again, please don't blame the whole community for the ignorance of the few you have encountered. We're all really not that bad.
Take Hitler for example. He was a bad apple. Does that mean all Christians will soon relinquish another Holocaust? Didn't think so.


ali said...

for S.G. You have had positive experiences as an ahmadi living in peace village and thats great. but whether you like it or not islam is a very contradictive religion as all religions can be. you say what you have to with so much conviction which is great but i'm not lying about what i have seen. my experience has been awful anytime i have been around that mosque, that neighbourhood and ahmadi's in general and so i will share my oppinion. as far as why peace village was built goes- there are obvious reasons and then not so obvious ones but i dont wana get into that. the imam who was provoking ahmadi boys and girls to stay away from Christians and not make them friends is the imam of Hamilton,ON and i was not the only person present for that speech there were many others who found it offensive. this is a complex issue and we are getting into things that have nothing to do with the article but S.G- just like you are passionate about defending what you believe thats how i am and the only reason i stopped going to the masjid is because people there can be rude and arrogant and i can worship GOD alone in my house. you tell me and other people to go and do our research did you ever try to find out how many ppl are upset with this jamat, how many ppl want answers to questions that naseem mehdi and other ppl dont wana answer. 1 person can be wrong but believe me there are many who are fed up with they ways of the jamat and maybe thats why they found this article as a means to express another issue. anyhow i usually dont get into this so all the best to you and you seem like a person who really knows her stuff which is great but there's a lot out there that you obviously dont have a clue about.
take care

S.G. said...

For Ali:

Knowing very well that you do not like this Jamaat, and have had many bad experiences, I would like to thank you to even put your time into this article > or at least the comments?

You're right, I have had many good experiences, but that is not to say I havn't had bad ones. I guess I like to weigh them out. My point for my strong defense was to show you and many others, that the Jamaat is not as bad as you may have experienced it to be. I do know many people are holding grudges and dislike the way things are run. But, that is not to say that there is not any good here either.

I have been told time and time again, that it is the Jamaat of PV in particular that has been labeled with "politics". I will not agree or disagree, because I do not want to cause an uproar on either end, however, do not assume I agree with everything going on.

Sometimes we see things but choose to ignore them with hopes that they'll get better. I guess I have done that many times now.

Anyhow, as far as you going to a mosque or not. Even after all you have experienced, I would still encourage you to go. The peace one finds in the House of Allah, is unmatched with any other. Of course I have seen and encountered those "Aunties" whom I cannot stand due to their ignorant ways. But I choose to ignore. I go there for Allah, not for those women.

Anyhow, just thought I would clear that up.
Best of luck, take care.


Anonymous said...

I believe that the ideas in this article are greatly flawed. In your opening statement you said “This does not encourage integration” but correct me if I am wrong aren’t your comments preventing integration. You have accused a group of people who live in peace and openly welcome all to join their community. I think there would be a cause of concern if Peace Village would only allow a certain breed of people to enter, but clearly that is not the case.
Our country is a cultural mosaic, but you are saying that these people should integrate, but integrate to what?? To Canadian culture? But I thought Canadian culture was about the combination of many cultures.
You also mentioned “Why should we surrender it so others may preserve their culture here.” But why are you so afraid of loosing your culture, immigrants who come form foreign countries cannot force their culture upon you.

Mr. man said...

I wanted to say somthing. Since were all going off topic neways. Ali when people like yourself or that lady who commented earlier see something displeasant and that you know is very unislamic, why do you not speek up against it in the way as prescibed by the founders and administrative heads on an international level. Ive herd Hudhur say this is Your jamaat... if theres a problem... bring it to his attention. Its one thing to sit and criticize. Its another thing to be do something about in a constructive manner. Hey I am an ahmadi Muslim. I truly believe that this is a devinely appointed community. However at the same time i do acknowledge taht its not perfect and when i personally see something i bring it to the attention of the people in charge. I see the same things... but so what? I can sit here and go on and on about how life isnt fair or i can go and do something about it. You think something should be done a certain way? speak out through shura and your local presidents and if your still unhappy write to hudhur.... just imagine getting all the people that have an issue and having them speak out. Its no different then how parliment works man if you got a problem and you dont do something about it its not going to get herd. Now some ppl might right back saying oh its not going to make a difference so and so... but yo i dnt believe that ive seen it work with my own eyes i think the problem is our laziness more than anything when we see we dont do what should be done. Not all, ofcourse but this is far too often the case. If you care enuff, speak! and be prepared to back it up. If you dont have the courage to confront the system then theres in all honesty no point in complaining. These people arent phsycics they cant read your minds.. tell them whats going on. I know for a fact that when alot of the stuff thats happening the people on top dont even hear of it.. I think thats the problem

And everyones not bad... i dont care what yall say. Tru ive seen some things im not proud of... but ive seen some people that are amazing in character and morals. And remember you cant like everyone. Every single leader in history has had people who dislike something about them. To let such people control your perception of the teachings and values in which the community was built on would be a mistake on your part and to blame anyone else for your own shortcomings i think is unfortunate and cowardlike behaviour.

and to shila i do respect and admire your responses with the acception of how you said i can only hope for it to be better. I dont personally know you but i think hoping isnt sufficent when you have the means to turn those hopes into a reality... ofcourse you could be doing this i dont really know... i hope you are... but just thought it should be added to your already enlightening response

pce God bless

S.G. said...

Thank you, and yes, the process has already begun =)

Tc, KH


ali said...


I agreet that if you dont speak up about something that's wrong it may not ever change. how do you know that i havent tried? how do you know that i tried and nothing changed? you and shila seem to think that i got up one day and said f*** this jamat and F*** this religion i just dont wana be a part of it anymore. im just gona be hater...nah man its not like that. i'll say to you what i said the S.G you are lucky cause you may have had positive experiences but there are others who have not been so lucky. so i backed off because from my experiences nothing changed. i took my issues all the way to the top of this administration but naseem mehdi and the whole team DID NOT solve the issue-they cant, because they dont know in it the way it is, if you try to change something your the one who's gona get f***cked cause then you look like the one trying to bring reform...even if its for the better. i believe in Allah but i dont believe in a lot of the things Islam says or ahmadi's for that matter. and when you and S.G agree that there is stuff that needs to be changed then go for it. change it and i would like to see how far ya'll get. people in this jamat ignore things hoping one day they will get better and the ones who wana speak up gota think about it 100times because there's always an iddiotic issue like izzat behind it. i commented because i felt like i needed to, i am not a coward nor am i hesitant to stand up for what i believe in- i hate standin up for others believe in and thats what i was doing when i was an faith is humanity now and i like it much better. i gave up on that a long time ago...sad part is even today things have not changed.and i aint talking about blood donations and charity runs, every organization does that good stuff. im talking about the internal stuff that makes us feel good. like no double standards and really living out love for all hatred for none.

Javed Ahmad said...

I am an ahmaddi myself n i dunt understand wats rong with wanting tolive near a mosque
personally i know a lot of people working their and they love canada a part of our faith is to lov the country we are in. also most of the people live there because it is close to a mosque and it is easy to go pray.
and u talkin like the kids are fresh immigrants there juss like ur average canadian no difference.
We play ball, hockey, and i know how to write english, amazing eh?
so i think u should jus chill wif the racism buddy cuz i dun think u done ur reesearch and u gotta write a lil more non-biasly i think u have the english problems... for once i thought everyone was cool with multiculturism buh then bit*** like u come outta nowhere wif this stupid articels

Mr. man said...

Aright Ali,

Im sorry You feel this way. Again Ive seen some things i dont like but they havent been enough to make me hate the teachings of the Community... but sall good theres no compulsion in religion right... you go your way... Well go ours... u more then welcome to leave brav. I must say i dont really know the specifics of ur issue so i cant really comment on it.. but if you saying u not down with Islam than thats a decision ur free to make... i dnt really agree with you but acknowledge that everyone cant see eye to eye on everything right... pce

KTN said...

Phew. Well that was certainly a whirlwind of a read.

Many points worthy of reflection, in both the article as well as the preceding comments, have been brought up. So I'll try to not be redundant.

Now in regards to the article, in fairness to the author - it can be understood that some people will have apprehensions about various communities
living together. In this specific case, the discussion revolves around the Ahmadiyya Muslim community living in a "cluster" as was the coined term
in Peace Village. Yes, the clustering of communities hasn't always faired very well. In fact, it's been downright dangerous at times. When the
clustering of a people disables them from becoming positive contributors to the society in which they live in and integration with those beyond the
pales of their religious/ethnic communities becomes an alien concept, we give rise to serious consequences. And this does indeed beg our immediate

However, if clear indication points to the nothing of the sort, and integration and friendly relations between the "clusters" and those beyond
are maintained and maintained well, this apprehension becomes invalid. Living within close confinements to those we share cultures and
lifestyles and faith with can be comforting because, well, that's human nature isn't it? And when this sort of living arrangement hasn't seemed to have
made any threats to the economic, social, etc. concerns of the local and national entities as a whole, it is simply a comfort-zone - nothing more, nothing
less. In which case, unease towards any such group of people living together appears to be just that (to the state the obvious) - unease over a group of
people living together. Rather precarious a reason for a discussion on immigration reform, no? Belief is fine. But belief without reason becomes a
dogma. That is dangerous for everyone. Be it in Saudia Arabia or a metropolis in Canada.

I understand that your article was meant to be an opinion rather than scholarly research as is obvious and hence, most of the comments you receive
here will be as such as well. But to save us all the headache, opinions should also come with reasoning, yes? Makes life easier. Because you speak
of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in particular, a little reading done on the history of the community prior to writing this article would have
revealed that everywhere it has settled in small or large numbers, it has maintained peaceful and friendly relations with it's neighbors. And as
mentioned earlier, the love for all motto of the community has emphasized love and tolerance. This is worthy of mention in order
to emphasize that fear of this particular community you discuss may perhaps be ill-founded. Fear is justified. But rationality and integrity demand that
one fears where there is reason to, no? In addition, you forgot to mention how the Ahmadis in this area are fairing. Are Canadian Ahmadi Muslims
integrated into society? Have they offered anything to their country? Have they made efforts to build relations with neighbors? The answers might
be generalizations, but are necessary for discussion. If the answer is yes, then is this apprehension of Peace village justified, or is it nothing less of a
dogma of some sort? If the answer is no, then please provide sufficient facts to prove that claim. Otherwise, you might not be taken seriously.

In any case, if we fight to death over issues like who is living where and how - we're losing out on the chance to put forth our critical reflections
towards issues that really DO beg the attention of each and every Canadian. Deteriorating public health care and education systems, constantly
rising living costs, increasing poverty and homelesness, shocking rates of violence among youth, environmental hazards, a massive amount of Baby
boomers getting ready to retire (leaving the workforce in every industry crippled), and the list unfortunately goes on. and on. These are the issues
that all of us, as Canadians, need to be focusing on. We're in this together after all. Whether some of us like it or not.

As for some of the deviating comments, I'll throw my two cents into the money bank another day. Hah.

God's Peace.

- K.T.N

Anonymous said...

This has got to be the stupidest article I've ever read.....
You accuse the Ahmadis of being racist because they want to live near each other and near their mosques, when, in reality, most of your comments in this article portray your own racism..

Tayyab said...

Are you guys crazy or sumthing? Ahmadis are the most peaceful people I know (as I am one) and do not commit hate crimes or the crime of racism. We're established in over 120 countries. We're not just "Pakistani immigrants". In fact, I'm Afghani and the maternal great-great-grandson of Shaheed-e-Marhoom, Sahibzada Abdul Latif, martyr of Islam.

Anonymous said...

This article is a joke right? Not only does it violate what Canada stands for, it shows how stupid and narrow minded some people are. Let's begin with the fact that Canada is a multi-cultural country, that is why the Multiculturalism Act was invented because of white-ethnic groups that were in Canada long before any sect of Pakistanis arrived to Canada. (Italain and Polish to name a few, who were discriminated againts just like visbale minorites now a days, and who are the ones that actually built pretty much the city of Toronto) Moving right along, I live in this neighbourhood, and though I have left Islam far behind, my parents and family members are Muslim so I think I shall go on a little rant.

1. You people dont live here, so you have no clue what this community is about. This community not only works along side with the City of Vaughan to make the community better, but has also contributed back to the community not more than once, but constantly. The Ahmadiyya community have an annual blood drive every year, hosted by themselves, and the blood is sent off to save lives, maybe even yours! We have annual marathon known as "RUN FOR VAUGHAN" that invites ppl of all ethnic backgrounds to run, and raise money for a hospital in Vaughan and more. As well, the community goes into Old People's home, mostly of Italain origin, and spends time with the elders almost 2 times a month, having conversations with them and bringing them snacks to eat. Yes, that is correct because one of my family members is involved in this FREE volunteering, of going to cheer up elders that people like YOU have dumped their parents behind because they are "too old" by the way, great tradition! Should I go on? The community also has an organization called Humanity First, that helps countries in crisis. So, as far as the information is concerned our community is actually helping out, I guess that is why Politicons recognize us and come to our annual conventions.

2. "This is why Canada's immigration system needs to be reformed and official multiculturalism abolished. It does not serve the interests of the mass of Canadians." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Canada is a multicultural country, and by 2017 56% of Canadians will be of a visable minority, so I think you can go in your little corner and pull your hair out to that thought. What is Canada? Oh let me think, a country that Britan STOLE FROM THE NATIVE AMERICANS?! Ah yes, thats Canada. You lied, manipulated, and cheated people into taking their homeland, and if they objected? They were either, killed, raped, or sent off to be slaves. Therefore, what is Canada? As Mr. Trudeau stated, "Canada is a country of 2 languages, (English and French. Funny how we forget the Natives) but many CULTURES!

3.Vaughan is over populated by Italians, and Portugese. Vaughan and Woodbridge are pretty much of all Italian descents and they have their own stores, their own churches, their own clubs, should we ask them to leave too? Should we change their street names? Should we change "Corso Italia", a street located on Dufferin and St. Clair, a solely Italian community to be named something else? What about China Town? Should that be changed?

Canada is a country that screwed over the Natives and took their land by force. History lesson baby. Overall, my point is, this country aint yours! And we, "immigrants" or I would like to call myself, a prould Canadian who has been in this beatiful country for 18 years, who has grown up in this rich diverse community, who calls home Toronto, and wouldnt trade this place for the world, we are here to stay! And not only am I contributing to this country, but I know I love this country and ignorant morons, racist people like you dont deserve to even be in a country as open minded and accepting as Canada. Canada is a country of many cultures, and ethnic groups who have also aculturated with Canada.The beauty of Canada is that it has its own unique heritage, from its wildlife, to its maple sap, to its Saturday night hockey games, and that allows who ever that comes into this beatiful country to associate, and aculturate with that unique heritage and proudly say "I am prould Canadian" and my ethnic origin is Pakistani, Chinese, Italain, Jewish, African, Iranin etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...

That is not true. Just beause Ahmadi's have this area for themselves, it doesnt mean they are all cut off from mainstream society. They take part in society by working, paying taxes, going to schools, and obeying the laws. Let's remember one thing, the government allowed this community to be built, so stop blaming Ahmadi's, and in general ethnic groups who decide to come together in one setting. Ofourse people are going to keep their culture alive, even if they arent living in an ethnic neighbourhood of their owm ethnicity. And as far as Friday prayers being offered, I dont know what that means. I do not agree to that, yes 80% of the population of Teston Public School is Ahmadi but 20% is not, and it is a public school, not a Muslim school, that issue should certainly be addressed. As far as schools baes on ethnicity and religion is concerned I dont think children should be seperated that way, because this is a country of many cultures, and the last thing we should do is isolate children into their own ethnic schools. That is dumb.

Anonymous said...

There is alot of issues with this community. It is true what Mara said, alot of the elders do their best to isolate their children from mainstream society. Going out is an issue, if a child does not wish to wear the hijab she is forced to do it, or issues of 'izaat' come in, girls and boys are divided by parents, and dont deny it because its all true. These issues are something that surley need to be addressed, and I agree with the post on top of mine when it states that Teston Public School is a PUBLIC SCHOOL, so to have Friday prayers in the gym is not right and is ignoring the rest of the 20%of the children that go there. If Teston P.S was a Muslim school then that would not be a problem. Other than that, yeah this community needs to solve its issues on the inside. But the point is, they are all law abiding citizen. They all get up in the morning pray, eat, and go to work, come home, pay taxes, shovel their drive ways etc etc. Many of them work at Vaughan Mills and go to University, they take a part in mainstream society, and they're doing nothing wrong. Many ethnic groups form together to keep their heritage alive, but that doesnt mean they isolate themselves from society, if anything they acculturate with it. Canada is a land of many cultures, lets not forget that Canada was wrongly taken from the Natives, who were later abused or killed if they stood up in objection. This land is soley a land that accepts people for their ethnicity, and grows strong together with its own hertiage, history, and culture.

S.G. said...

You guys are right at stating that Teston Village is a PUBLIC school.

That means that EVERYONE is allowed to go there. It also means that EVERYONES beliefs, faith, values and religion will be respected.

Which leads to the issue at hand, of WHY Muslim students are allowed to pray there. The reason for this is because of exactly what you stated, because it is a PUBLIC school! NOT permitting them to do so would lead to discrimination ;). And that of course cannot be allowed.

You guys are raising an issue about Muslim prayer. When did anyone say that a Jew, Christian, Sikh, Hindu or any other believer could not pray at school? Have they ever asked? I doubt it. Rejecting such a request could put the public school system in jeopardy. Its just a mere coincidence that the very special "Friday Prayer" falls on a (Tah-Dah!) Friday. =) That being said, I am sure if "Sunday service" fell on a different day, and a request was made, to have it held during school hours once a week, it would definitely fall through. The same can be said for any other religious days of the week for different faiths. No one is discriminating, in fact, it is simply being proven of HOW multicultural this country truly can be.

You go on and on about multiculturalism and the beauty of Canada and how much you love it; but did you forget that the RESPECT they show for different people and their cultures and religions also falls under that "multiculturalism"?

It is like you praise Canada for being like this and then contradict yourselves by arguing against it suddenly. Please, stop jumping sides and stick to one view.

Either love Canada for the multiculturalism and its ability to be able to pull through with so many requests in schools in regards to religion, or don't. It's either the whole plate or nothing at all, you don't get spoonfulls.

Anonymous said...

Actually S.G you are quite wrong. The meaning of a Public School is what it states, Public. Therefore, religion is not the main concept of a Public school, and that's most likely why the Public school board has been growing, to accomodate these ethnic minorities in Canada. Either way, when did you see a Public school in Maple? It was mostly Catholic before the development, and arrival of ethnic minorites came in to that area of Vaughan. Either way, how is it discrimination? Faith is not a part of the Public school system, (read the Ontario cirriculum)thats why its Public. Other school, Public schools, that have a no Muslim students, or Jewsih, ete etc, whose majority is Catholic, do not have morning prayer every morning, just because 80% of the children in that PUBLIC SCHOOL are Catholic. If it was a Catholic school it would be different, I wouldnt be saying anything if Teston P.S was called Teston Village Islamic School. The article states, "Teston Road Public School, which opened last month next to the mosque, is about 80% Muslim, and the school provides its gym on Fridays at lunchtime so the kids can kick off their running shoes, bow low toward Mecca and pray." DURING LUNCHTIME, and the Mosque is, the article states, 5 minutes away? Why cant the children pray at the Mosque and then go back to school? Either way, this whole lunch time issue of praying probably gives the children an advantage to miss out on class because its okay if they are 20 minutes late, while the other 20% has to follow regular rules. Why is it that the rest of the 20% arent allowed to have morning mass? or have the chanting of Gayatri Mantra? BECAUSE ITS A PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM, THATS WHY! Ever watch the Simpsons episode? When Ned gets fired for being the Principle because he read a prayer for the morning announcements in a PUBLIC SCHOOL?! How does it put the Public School system if its built on those Principles? Rules cant be bent. And you cant expect requests like these to put into a system that has been stable for many many years. This has nothing to do with your religion, or your community, its the fact that your community is breaking rules, and making requests in a system that shouldnt even be allowed to do it. I am shocked that the Principle even abided by this. I am sure all those religious folks bent the rules, and got the principle to comply with this Friday prayer thing. I dont know, but either way its not right. WOULD A MUSLIM SCHOOL EVER ALLOW A CATHOLIC CHILD INTO ITS SYSTEM? WOULD A MUSLIM SCHOOL EVER ALLOW READINGS AND PREECHING FROM THE BIBLE? I DONT THINK SO. And dont say "Yes, blah blah" because no Catholic has even entered a Muslim school in Canada. And either way, the principles, the teachers, and the staff of that school are having MAJOR problems with the children there because they're not properly educated when it comes to rules, manners, and lifestyle, by their ignorant parents who dont want to acustom, or acculturate themselves into Canadian rules and law even though they are feeding off this country, and they have no way of disciplining their kids because fights break out in the school EVERYDAY! My cousin Daniella goes there and she tells me the BULLSHIT that happens everyday in the school.
"You go on and on about multiculturalism and the beauty of Canada and how much you love it; but did you forget that the RESPECT they show for different people and their cultures and religions also falls under that "multiculturalism"?"
I dont know were you got this point off of me. Human rights, Equality, and Respect are the fundamentals of the Canadian law, and that every individual needs to be treated with those 3 things. Canadian law was never built on Multiculturalism, nor religion. Multiculturalism just falls on those 3 things, because Canada is a country of Multi-cultures, including mine, Italain, so dont think I am only judging you. I'm not disrespecting you, or your community, I am saying that there are issues in your community, with your people that need to be straightend out. I dont go againts this community because I am Italian, and Maple is pure Italain, therefore I would be contradicting myself if I was to say your community should go. There are issues with my community too, but not as much as yours.

Yeah, I do love Canada, and I am glad that it allows people of many faiths, and cultures to come and grow, and make this country a better place. I respect everyone's culture, because they are Canadian and because it is them who make this country what it is. Cultures are great, and ofcourse should be respected, but, when people take advantage of a country like this, and break rules, or try to bend them for their benefit is not right because they arent the only people here. Pretty much my concern is the rest of the 20% in Teston Public School, not this community, I could care less about people of the same origin living together, thats what people do! Thats why I said what I said, it's not fair, and its not showing the rest of the 20% of kids, and their parents RESPECT AND EQUALITY, and RIGHTS, the fundamentals of Canadian Law. And just a little info from my research, the Charter of Rights, and Freedom comes before the Multiculturalism act, and to deny the rest of those 20% of kids what is being given to those 80% is violating the Charter of Rights and Freedom, in my view. Good Luck with getting the people who wrote this article.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that The National Post did not write those ignorant extra notes, another author did. Hmm, people have issues?!

S.G. said...

"religion is not the main concept of a Public school" << I never stated it was. In fact, that Muslim population gained special permission to read their prayer in the gymnasium.
1)they do NOT cut into class time
2)they do NOT cut into anyones "gym" time either.

Simply put, the gymnasium was available so that fact is taken advantage of for the benefit of such children.

NOBODY is stating that it has suddenly become a "Muslim" school, because it is not. ALL people are welcome there. And it is funny what great an issue is being created because of ONE prayer being held at LUNCH time. That is the children's RECESS time. If they are willing to give that up to remember a little bit of their religion once a week at school, I do not see why it would disturb or upset anyone else.

"Why cant the children pray at the Mosque and then go back to school?" I'm surprised you even asked such a question. You seem like you did your research (which is nice to see after reading many comments that are not so, "up to date" per se, but the fact remains that children are not allowed to leave school grounds like that. Of course you must remember that children need to have supervision while on school grounds and must be accompanied by parent or guardian to leave school grounds during school hours. Can you imagine the hassle the PUBLIC school's OFFICE would have if they had to check each students written parent's permission note on Fridays? Not to mention, there is a designated prayer time in the mosque, which is not in accordance with the lunch break at the school. Which takes me back to the point once again, that these children are NOT allowed to miss class time.

You mentioned a Simpsons episode. First of all, this is not a cartoon its real life. Secondly, NO BODY is PREACHING the Islamic religion to the WHOLE school. Even the Muslim students that DO go there, are given a choice as to whether or not they wish to pray. It is not forced, it is a choice. The same way, the school was not FORCED to give such permission, rather it was a CHOICE the PRINCIPAL made. If you feel so offended by it, feel free to speak to the right authorities, I doubt you will get very far though.

"the principles, the teachers, and the staff of that school are having MAJOR problems with the children there because they're not properly educated when it comes to rules, manners, and lifestyle, by their ignorant parents who dont want to acustom, or acculturate themselves into Canadian rules and law even though they are feeding off this country, and they have no way of disciplining their kids because fights break out in the school EVERYDAY! My cousin Daniella goes there and she tells me the BULLSHIT that happens everyday in the school." << I love the way you worded this. Its like your screaming "I'm a racist!".
So when did the principal, teachers and staff have this nice talk with you about how upset they are? Or do you just love to spice things up on your own? I would vote for the latter.
So suddenly, we don't know how to teach our kids the proper values of life, nor do we discipline them, nor do they want to grow accustom to Canada's culture. Wake up and smell the coffee sweetheart, we ARE Canadian culture. Canada is not about "Catholics" (as you mentioned many times) but rather it is the MIX that others bring to it. It is the blend of the many people and things you find "foreign", that has given Canada its identity.
Further more, you said that we are breaking laws and rules? Name ONE that has been broken. The Muslims know where their loyalty lies, and I assure you, no laws have been broken. As far as rules go, if the public school system REALLY felt rules were being broken, you truly think anyone would have stood for that? Its a school SYSTEM, a few parents can NOT just force their way in and have everyone do as they request. It doesn't work that way. And once again, if you have such an issue with it, feel free to speak to the principal, teachers and staff you were mentioning.
You said we're "feeding off of this country", oh right I forgot, the country belongs to YOU now right? And we're just a bunch of dumb immigrants? Guess it must really get to you of how our traditional films are shown in local movie theaters too now, eh? We're just "feeding off" of the local entertainment system too now, aren't we?

You spoke about how your concern is for the other 20% of the students. So please explain HOW they are being left out? Would they like to pray too? Did they ask to? Have ANY of them felt "left out" because they were not "allowed" to pray in a secluded area during their "lunch time"?? IF the school denies any such child their right to freely observe their religion on request, and yet allows the Muslim students to do it, only THEN is their discrimination. But I doubt, that ANY such request was even MADE to begin with. So please stop trying to create an issue when their isn't one. If someone, a student or parent that makes a request is denied such a right, only THEN is there a problem. So far, so good.
You also said that the Muslim children are not disciplined, because of fights breaking out at schools? You can insert a laughing emoticon here, right about now. I am not sure what kind of a school you went to, but this implies to the whole WORLD, so please pay attention. CHILDREN will be CHILDREN; they will laugh, play, cry, smile and yes, FIGHT too, ALL the time. But then they make up and everything is okay again. By the way, that's called life, not "undisciplined" children. And mind you, I went to a public school for elementary as well, and there were fights between children everyday, and no, they were not all Muslim children.

You said the parents do not care about their children and are ignorant? What about the groups of parents that held meetings with the principal and staff due to concern for the lack of education their children are receiving? Believe it or not, the elementary school system is not what it used to be; less focus is put on children nowadays. I have a younger brother that goes to Teston Village, age 7, I check his books, his homework. I know what work is getting done. What homework gets checked and what mistakes are pointed out IF they are. So before blaming these "ignorant" yet concerned parents, get all your facts straight first.

I'd like to give you something to think about. You are getting so offended because of a Public school allowing secluded prayer time by choice. I went to a Catholic high school, St. Joan of Arc, most likely you have heard of it. Every Friday, the few Muslims attending were permitted to go for a Friday prayer in a room in the library upstairs. Not only that, in the sacred Islamic month of Ramadhan, along with the morning Catholic prayer read from the Bible, a MUSLIM prayer or verse from the HOLY QURAN (Muslim Sacred Book) was also read. This was requested and granted. So please ponder on this and ask yourself, if a CATHOLIC school is allowing all this, why wouldn't a Public school, although the Public school is asking for much less. Also ask yourself, why is this bothering you so much about a public school, when a Catholic school allowed the same events and much more? Are these schools becoming too Multicultural and Respectful? Or are you just lacking those attributes?


Anonymous said...

You're point is correct but it doesnt change the fact that its a Public School, and that activity shouldnt be allowed. I dont know why the Principle is allowing it, and if enough light was shed on it, to many of the parents, or other members in that community, it would come to a halt. It's not the point whether the children want to pray or not or whatever you want to throw at me, my point is that a Public School shouldnt be bending rules. Okay, wow, children want to practice religion, which I am sure they're doing from the pit of their souls, riighhht, but the point is, Public School systems shouldnt be allowed to do that! Since when did a Public School allow morning prayer just because 80% of the attendants are Catholic, get my point?! And once again I ask you, would a Muslim school ever allow a Catholic child into its school and read the Bible every morning? Dont think so.
As far as going to a Catholic school, that is a religious school so ofcourse they wouldnt have a problem accomodating your needs. If they accepted a Muslim student such as yourself, they really wouldnt have a problem letting you pray every Friday too. But that kind of accomodation doesnt work in Public Schools. In fact, I work at a Public School and 75% of the children are from Iran, there is alot of Multi-Culturalism in that school, but we dont have Friday prayers, and I am sure many parents wouldnt mind that but the point is Public Schools dont allow that. And for the 20% of the kids, I dont know what their parents asked of them, or their Church leaders, or Temple leaders asked of the Principel, nothing I am sure because praying isnt really an issue for them at school, that kind of prayer and love for religion should be taught at home.
And as far as fights break out, yeah, children will be children, but when it goes to an extreme, were fights break out everyday, were parents dont send their kids to school because it is "too cold", were parents dont show up to teacher/parent meetings because they think it is unneccissary, and were the children leave the lunchroom looking like a pigsty, and the fields, yeah that is bending the rules and not disciplining your child. And children, are allowed to leave the school if they want, its called going home for lunch. So, they should be allowed to go to the Mosque and pray if both their homes and Mosque is 5 minutes away. If the prayer of time of the Mosque is different than too bad, school systems dont run according to prayer times, especially not at a publich school. Other than that, you can throw your pathetic little untrue ideas at me about how I am a racist, and how Multiculturalism is being violated, and how everyone should have the freedom to practice their religion, I dont give a crap. I am sure no one even cares about this article as much as you do, because it is still available on the net. I say, if your bending rules that clash with a cirriculum, and laws that have been the same for many many years, then you are wrong. And I think myself, including the staff I work with, and the Principle of the school that I teach at will have a talk with the Teston Public School principle, thanks for the advice!

S.G. said...

No problem at all. In fact I ENCOURAGE you to go and have a talk with the Principal. Because if there are rules of the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM that are being bent or broken, then yes, there needs to be a stop put to it.
However, if by allowing one prayer a week in a childes LUNCH hour (which does not take away from education OR disrupts anyone else for that matter) is permitted,because the AUTHORITIES have ALLOWED it, then perhaps you are getting all worked up over nothing.

As far as the conditions of a school goes. I am sorry but I am not a janitor, but as far as I remember, school has always been dirty. Nonetheless, I feel it is unfair to say that the ONLY reason the condition of that school is like that is because of the MUSLIM population attending there. There are many external factors to consider. Perhaps the custodial staff is not doing their job, perhaps the other 20% is responsible, OR (this is what gets my vote) perhaps the school looks like what ALL schools look like. I have yet to walk into a school in which walls are shining like glass and you can see your reflection in the floor.
And as far as the other assumptions go, children not coming to school because its too cold, or parents missing parent/teacher night because it is not necessary, Well, I am not sure what school you are at, but Teston Village is not like that. I have not only a brother who goes there, but MANY cousins. NONE of which have ever missed school because it is "too cold", and mind you, my parents are probably the first ones singing up for parent/teacher night. So please before throwing allegations as such, get your facts straight. You said you had a cousin that goes there? Perhaps your sources need to be double-checked. After all, I am sure an 8-YEAR-OLD is not the best person to be depending on to find out about the conditions and occurrences of the whole population of a school.

And you mentioned Morning Prayer being offered? Here is the difference which I spoke about in MUCH detail but you must have missed it. So let me explain again. The Friday Prayer being offered is in a SECLUDED area (the available gym). It is at LUNCH TIME (so not to disrupt any ongoing classes). It is solely for those who WISH to participate (no one is forced, and believe it or not, some children ARE that spiritually connected to their religions that they WANT to pray). Now the comparison you make is a Morning Prayer relayed to whom? The whole school right? How about, that same Morning Prayer take place when NO classes are ongoing, and in a SECLUDED area so that it is not "forced" upon anyone who does not wish to participate. Take it like an extra-curricular activity. If you want to join the Volleyball team, go ahead, but practice will be at lunch, and you do not have to join if you don't want to. So explain to me please, WHAT harm is being done? Are the other 20% being FORCED to hear the prayer? or FORCED to participate in it? Do they have a choice to NOT be involved? YES, THEY DO!

You mentioned that children should be able to go to mosque at lunch time? And too bad if prayer times don't match? Hmm, well see that's just it. BECAUSE of that, a compromise was made. A REQUEST was made to the Principal and authorities, who AGREED to it. No body said that the school should run on Prayer timings, so don't put words in my mouth. And let me give you an example. Let's say, a child decides he wants to pray on Friday, and during his lunch, he finds a nice quiet corner and decides to pray on his own. Is there something wrong with that? Should he be punished or told he CANNOT pray (by the way that WOULD go against the Bill of Rights ;) ).
And about leaving school property, you work in a school, so you should know. As long as the child is at school, the school is responsible. Let's say while crossing the street, the child gets hit by a car? Guess whose in trouble? The parents? NOPE. That would be the SCHOOL. Which is why permission is NOT given to students. And if it is, it is simply to GO HOME. And even then, it is NOT RECOMMENDED. But you already know all this right? Because you work in a school and all ( a very dirty school I should add, from what you mentioned :P).

So my ideas and words sound pathetic to you. Sweetheart, if my words are pathetic, then your words make you a racist....for example "...ignorant parents who dont want to acustom, or acculturate themselves into Canadian rules and law even though they are FEEDING OFF OF THIS COUNTRY...". I wonder how the authorities at YOUR school would feel knowing this is how you feel about so many of the non-Catholics you come across (or should we say strictly those immigrant Muslims who are FEEDING OFF OF this country?) No I am not going to tattle on u :P rather, trying to point out that you contradict yourself by saying you respect others cultures.

No one cares as much as I do about this article? Well you took the time to post didn't you? So what does that tell you? If only we had more people like you =). And it is not a matter of getting this article off the internet, it was already in the National Post. What's done is done, the issue behind it is far greater. But lets hope the other "not so caring" people like you will notice it.

Other than that, best of luck in your escapade to shut down human rights. =)



ali said...

For S.G..

just wondering which "traditional movies" you were talking about that are being played at the local movies???? do you mean like bollywood films???..which mind you ahmadis are not encouraged to watch. :)

S.G. said...

For Ali:

yes I was referring to those...
tradition and culture is one thing, religion is another. I was merely making a fact of how our SOUTH ASIAN culture is blending in so well with the west and so people must learn to accept that...

lol I AM aware of the fact that we are not encouraged to watch those, nor did I say that I have gone there :P


ali said...

for S.G,

my e-mail address is add me to msn if you can, i'd like to talk to someday about all this stuff..i dont come on this blog often..
take care

Anonymous said...

For S.G.:

You're awesome. That's all there is to it.

What some people fail to realize is that there is a vast difference between religion and culture. There have been many atheists that have converted to Islam [more specifically, Ahmaddiyat] because they believe in the teachings of Islam and our Beloved Prophet [saw]. Those people are not south Asians nor African...two of them were Chinese, and one was a former Christian. They still follow their culture [they're not about to start speaking Urdu like a native or start eating curry]. Yes, I am very much aware of the problems and issues in our society, but that's exactly it: the problems occur within the society, and not the religion itself. And whoever that Italian person was, with the eight year old cousin, I'd just like to point out that Italians don't have an ideal society in Maple themselves =) And who are you to say that your community doesn't have as many issues as ours? That's just all talk, right there.

Kudos to S.G. =)

ooo said...

Just commenting on a post by "Mara"

She wrote a pretty decent realistic post lol i thought this line was high-larious!

"And last but not least if you think your religious Dad has never secretly watched porn or fantasized about it. You are in GREAT DENIAL!"

HAHHA..good one! True indeed.

Anonymous said...

U GO "S.G" I think you have made valid and just points. May Allah keep you on your path of righteousness and truth. You seem like a girl with good head on her shoulders and someone who is a true devout muslim, who wakes up every morning for her prayers. May God bless U.. "23"

S.G. said...

To these last two anonymous bloggers:

Thank you! Your support and encouragement is highly appreciated, and only results in me wanting to take bigger steps in such situations.

Remember me in your prayers, Inshallah.

Tc, Khuda Hafiz


so fed up said...

Salaam and Hello

I didn't read the whole article due to the lack of creative writing, in other words it was boring...but I do agree with the gist of the article.

In terms of AHmadi's building a community with Ahmadi street names and Ahmadi mosques, then that's fine. Ahmadi's should be allowed to have homes, street names and mosques of there own as they could not exercise that right in Pakistan.

On the other hand I strongly agree with assimiliation, like it or not, most of the Ahmadi's that posted here have horrific writing skills, perhaphs leading to the authors assumption that most do not know English as a first language, sorry guys.

Ahmadi's do not like to integrate and in factthey love there Pakistani-ness. Even when a Muslim converts to Ahmadiyyat they must hold this Punjabi Pakistani persona...go on admit it. You love your shalwar kameez, women must be white faced with red lips and the men must hold diplomas with goatees.

In fact your younger generation is on a whole new level of self destructions, isn't it? Weed, alcohol? the previous car accidents. Think about it, Peace Village started out as a utpopian dream and now just harbors refugees who have turned to crime. Lets name the famous ones: Atti and his gang. The Wannabe Khalil brothers and so forth.

The author is also correct that AHmadis do not want non AHmadis to live in Peace Village. For God's sakes they call other Muslim Kafirs, you do know that a true Muslim does not call another Muslim a kafir? as they have a 50 percent chance of actually being the kafir. Too confusing of a concept? I know...AHmadi's love Ahmadi's and they hope to take over the world threw conversion...starting from Africa.

The problem is, this is a problematic ideology and in fact scary. Furthermore AHmadi's make the rest of the Muslims look stupid and ignorant, like themselves whilst calling them kafirs. Grow up you lot.

I can go on and on, but I choose not to, I would like to say I am glad I am out of that sect and have embraced the true Sunni Islam. As for your Peace Village, go on have it, but don't you dare say you are inviting and open lot are racist, ignorant and backwards. Yes backwards? Aunties go to Pakistan to find rishtas for there drug dealing sons, whilst everything is taboo so no one can speak about anything. Oh and if you don't know how to cook curry and sew clothes you won't find a good mate and if you do his mother will rule your world. Hence the high divorce rate in Peace Village.

I choose to end it now farewell. You know you are suffering from within turn to the outisde world and integrate. Oh and here's some cool facts about Peace Village and the followers that live there.

Michael Cranny, the school, was hit with a lice epedimic and the cause 90 percent was due to Ahmadi Pakistani children that had lice.

I once saw a chicken, rooster running in the streets of Peace Village.

Uncles smoke hookah in the garage

The mosque smells of socks, because Ahmadis do not use Oud (scented oil) because Suni's use it and thats kafir activities. *sarcasm*

Ahmadi children do not go out in the winter, because the parents can't bother with winter activities, it's too cold, hence Michael Cranny school held an emergency meeting. (Don't count the one trip you made to Blue Mountain).

If you go to the mosque, with a proper hijab and perhaphs a coat and jeans you are seen as weird. You must wear shalwar kameez.

Naseem Mahdi is a political fat cat who loves mindling in people's personal affairs he also liked being worshipped hence your Khalifa stripped him of his duty.

Ahmadi girls are in a constant identity crisis, head scarves on the streets of peace village and skirts at night. For example Sabah Choudry on Ahmadi Ave.

Ahmadi uncles do not help out with cooking, cleaning or anything at home.

I can go one but I'm tired. So take care.

Anonymous said...

When someone builds "White World" I'll be the first one to move in.

Anonymous said...

Sure the majority in woodbridge are muslim, jewish in thornhill and etc etc but the fact is that there is still lots of diversity within thornhill, woodbridge, vaughan and everywhere else. WE SHOULDN'T ABOLISH THE multicultural act because thats what allows it forcing cultures to become some ethnically neutral Canadian is assimilation and what seperates us from America. I feel welcomed and curious and interested when I'm in a very indian, islamic etc neighborhood I get to have a taste of a different culture they never make me or the outside feel as if they are seperating from us. I chose to live in a diverse neighborhood but It's nice knowing I could chose to live in another predominantly ethnic neighborhood in case needed the resources available there. Also THERE ARE FAR MORE ETHNICALLY WHITE AREAS in canada all throughout smaller cities whites dominate and arn't always as welcoming so I don't see why spreading your culture could be any worse than excluding us from it.

PaxCanadiana said...

Sure the majority in woodbridge are muslim...

Actually it's Italian.

WE SHOULDN'T ABOLISH THE multicultural act because thats what allows it forcing cultures to become some ethnically neutral Canadian is assimilation and what seperates us from America

That's a silly reason to have the Multiculturalism Act. Why not forge a unique Canadian identity instead?

And what's wrong with assimilation? There are stronger arguments for it than there are for multiculturalism.

...whites dominate and arn't always as welcoming so I don't see why spreading your culture could be any worse than excluding us from it.

Whites dominate until they are overrun and become the minority. A host culture dominates until it is overrun with an introduced one and then the host culture finds itself the one doing the assimilating.

This stops being immigration and multiculturalism and then becomes colonialism. This is what happened to Canada's indigenous people and it is a lesson Canadians have failed to learn.

Why should Canadians be forced to accept this fate when it's clear we don't really care for multiculturalism nor the immigration system that supports it.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that each group of muslims have their mosques and point at other muslims as the apostates of untrue followers of islam.
Peace Village was caught having their Welcome Sign with arabic on it to cite a prayer to have Victory of the infidels in canada and claim the land for allah. It was from the quran and they cursed canada behind our backs , plus take note of how Peace Village poured over into a PUBLIC School and dominated as 80% and then imposed islam on the school to maker the GYM a Mosque on friday. When muslims were 20% the Christians were not allowed to do prayers and learn about christ and didn't force muslims to practise their faith or follow the rituals and costumes.
How ironic that the Ahmadi's fled oppression by stricter muslim and now oppress non-muslim in canada around Peace Village that must accommodate muslims that don't accommodate non-muslims .
canada's future will belong to the group that can out breed the others and dominate to impose their culture and cause a civil war or iraq style Jihad as muslims start to bomb each others mosques.
Pretty telling that even the Ahmadi's used 9/11 to play the victim and whine about islamophobia and people having doubt that islam=peace , how many infidels needed to be slaughtered that day for Ahmadi's too let non-muslims be angry and question islam.
Every time a non-muslim tries to built a bridge to islam, the jihadists blow it up and then cry racism as if Muslims are a race of people .
The wealthy white liberals have their segregated neighbourhoods they go home to after the diversity and tolerance speech they give to other people. Minorities have not caught on yet that they are being used like ignorant peons easily bought for votes.
They don't want you on THEIR street , so go ahead and build more mini-pakistans to feel at home . They don't even want you close to them in Politics and only let brown people get low level positions as tokens with high salaries to shut-up and get them votes.
Get a map of the GTA and Ontario and take a good look at STATS CAN data for income, faith, citizenship, family size, and Property values. Lots of poor people were here in the 1950's and saw how canada's ruling Class whites got richer off real estate and housing and took canada from a $3 billion national debt to $630 billion where everyone owes almost $300'000.00 of it.
Good luck finding a wealthy liberal once the charade collapses , they have homes outside of canada and Paul Martin hid his wealth in a tax haven as you suckers fund his Pension $$$ and other MP's that sold out canadians long ago.

Anonymous said...

When I started off reading this article, it was very interesting and captured my attention right away. The further I read though, I realized how narrow minded you were being, probably not on purpose. For one of my classes at University of Toronto, I was researching bilingualism and found out about Peace Village. I found it interesting but I see it in a completely different view than you. I see that Canada is a beautiful country where anyone and everyone can practice their faith. As humans, it is in our nature to cluster around what we find is similar to us, therefore, what these Ahmadi's are doing is completely natural. You must understand that most of these immigrants are leaving their country because they HAVE to. Most of them have no family, don't no the language and have no money. Can we really fault them for clustering around others who are going through the same thing? While checking out the place I learned that they have these special houses full of clothing and furniture that they add to when ever they can. When new immigrants come to Canada, be they Ahmadi or not, the Ahmadis tell them to come and pick out anything they want from these houses. Furthermore, Ahmadis have built a place called Tahir Hall in front of the mosque where Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis are all welcome to come. Another point you have failed to mention is that Ahmadi's have created a non-profit organization called Humanity First which helps people all over the world, people who aren't Ahmadi. Instead of looking at them as being racist and not wanting to actually be in Canada, you should look at the bigger picture. Ahmadis are clustering, sure, but they are also giving a whole lot to the non-Ahmadis too. Did you know that it is actually a part of their religion to be loyal and fight for the country they are residing in? Yea, well they do and they try their est to fulfill this duty of theres too.
Don't mistaken me to be insulting you or anything, I'm just merely asking you to be a bit more open minded and find out all the information about something as sensitive as this before writing about it where millions of people will read your work.
Lastly, the school is called Teston Village Public School, not Teston Road

Have a nice day.