Saturday, 6 October 2007

Two readers of the Star write in about Asian angler attacks. Both live in Toronto. Any guesses on what they wrote?

>Attacks are about racism

Oct 06, 2007 04:30 AM

Georgina `embarrassed' by attacks

Oct. 3

The Ontario Human Rights Commission shares Toronto Star readers' concerns about recent reports of Asian Canadian anglers being attacked while fishing in Ontario waterways.

We thank the Star for raising the issue, and the Mayor of Georgina for speaking out and condemning these incidents.

Some reports on angler attacks have raised the question of poaching.

We should not confuse the issue: these incidents are about racism, not about enforcing fishing regulations.

Note - Oh really? This woman, who happens to be a commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, has convinced herself it is about racism based on one-sided articles in the Star. Notice how she easily dismisses the possibility that these attacks may be a response to illegal behaviour by fishermen who are primarily of Asian decent. If she thinks Asians are incapable of such illegal actions then she should visit the Asia Pacific mall.

Also this smacks of prejudice. It scares me to think that these are the types of people who staff this nation's Human Rights Commissions.

If there are legitimate concerns, there are proper means to deal with them, like the Ministry of Natural Resources and the police.

Note - They did and nothing was being done about it. And if anything was done then the MNR would probably be accused of racism. I wouldn't be surprised if that is why the MNR didn't do anything in the first place. It was afraid of being labeled racist.

Many Ontarians have been hurt.

There is no excuse for vigilantism against particular ethnic communities.

It amounts to racial profiling because it assumes people are doing something illegal based on who they are.

Note - Go to the Asia Pacific mall lady. Go to Chinatown in Toronto. These kinds of illegal behaviour are pan-communal. Bootlegged movies are openly for sale in these places.

The accounts of racism are greatly disturbing and must be taken seriously at all levels of the community.

Asian Canadians should be able to enjoy fishing like everyone else, without fear of discrimination, harassment or violence.

Some Commissioner, Ontario Human Rights Commission, Toronto

Star is fanning the flames

Oct 06, 2007 04:30 AM

Anglers claim racism

Oct. 4

What is the Star doing giving voice to people who are justifying racist attacks against Asian Canadian fishermen?

Your reporter quotes Charlie Jones, who denies that this is about racism, then writes about unsubstantiated claims by Westport residents that "many GTA anglers of Asian descent" have been caught poaching in a local fish sanctuary, pictured in a photo with the story.

Note - This writer is a woman with a very Asian name. First notice how she, too, automatically assumes it is racism and dismisses the illegal behaviour of the Asian fishermen.

What is more disconcerting is how she disagrees with the Star for allowing the people of Westport to have their say. How arrogant of her and how undemocratic of her! She doesn't seem to think that the people of Westport be allowed their Charter protected right to freedom of speech. I guess that right only applies to Asian fishermen illegally fishing and poaching Canadian waters.

Even the Ministry of Natural Resources official quoted in the story says there is no evidence of illegal commercial fishing.

Note - York regional police at first dismissed the attacks as racially motivated citing that other fishermen of non-Asian ancestry were pushed into the water as well. Did she believe that? Avvy Go and Susan Eng sure didn't and judging by this woman's comments she doesn't believe the York regional police as well. However, we are supposed to believe the MNR.

Yet your reporter writes as if to inflame the situation and justify local residents' attitudes and warnings of further violence by mentioning two incidents in the Westport area involving Asian Canadian fishermen.

Finally, we get to the last sentence of the story that tells readers "neither incident is believed to have happened on sanctuary waters..."

Shame on the Star for fanning the flames of an already tense situation.

"Fanning the flames"? Oh, she means against Asians. Not fuelling existing Asian racism against whites. Gotcha.

Here we have two Torontonians with near identical and predictable responses. They both readily assume racism is at the heart of the matter. Both readily dismiss any detail that would say otherwise. Both say nothing about the alleged illegal behaviour of the Asian fishermen. Both do not even consider that maybe the Asian fishermen invited the attacks. Both are from Toronto and are estranged from the communities where the incidents occurred. Both read the Toronto Star and therefore we can assume both are ignorant of the complete situation.

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