Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Asian gang war on Vancouver streets?

Vancouver gang wars claim 2 more victims

Nov 07, 2007 04:30 AM
Petti Fong
Western Canada Bureau Chief

Vancouver–One victim was gunned down outside his mansion, another man shot after eating noodles in a cheap late-night eatery, and now Vancouver police say an escalating gang war has become even deadlier and more violent.

Two vehicles trapped an expensive Mercedes sedan at a major intersection early yesterday morning and opened fire on two men inside.

The two victims, Ronal Shakeel Raj, 31, of Surrey and Ali Abhari, 25, of Kelowna died at the scene.

They were known to police and believed to have links to an emerging gang called the United Nations, which has its roots in the Fraser Valley


The shooting of the two men in this most recent brazen, targeted attack is just more of what police say is a spike in gang violence.

Another victim, Hong Chao Huang, also known as Raymond, was shot to death late Saturday night as he was about to enter his $5 million mansion in the elegant west-side neighbourhood of Shaughnessy.

The victim's 10-year-old daughter phoned 911 to tell police that her father had been gunned down outside their home.

Huang, 45, was a reputed leader in the Dai Huen Jai, or Big Circle Boys gang, which has been quiet for the last few years in the Lower Mainland.

He had been connected to the crime syndicate's operations in Toronto – where he lived for at least a decade – as well as in Alberta and Vancouver, according to a police source.

Another man, Hiep Vinh Do, 51, was shot to death outside an Asian restaurant Halloween night.

His shooting followed two other hits at restaurants – one in August that killed two men and a second shooting last month at a trendy Vancouver Italian restaurant that injured two others.

The deadliest shootings occurred in Surrey three weeks ago when six men were found dead inside an apartment.

Two of the victims were innocent bystanders who stumbled onto the crime scene by accident.

Read it all at the Toronto Star.

The victims of these homicides have either Asian (Chinese, Vietnamese) or South Asian names (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka). This tells us something. It appears a rivalry may be brewing between Asian and South Asian gangs in Vancouver. The Hell's Angels biker gang has a hand in the Canadian drug trade but they are a domestically produced problem. Asian and South Asians are an imported people. There shouldn't an excuse for this kind of behaviour from them because Canada's immigration system is supposed to weed out criminals. Immigrants are supposed to be a more law abiding people than the general population. Am I right?

Canada imported this problem and now were stuck with it. A way to tackle it is to reduce immigrant numbers. This will free up overtaxed resources so as to prevent criminals and other riff-raff from slipping in. But there is no political will to do this because immigration is a numbers game estranged from the real economic needs of the country. Inevitable law abiding Canadians are punished to deal with what is an immigration problem. For example most of the gun violence in Toronto is rooted in the immigrant Jamaican community. The solution proposed by the brain trusts in Toronto is to blame the Americans, of course, and legislate tighter gun controls. How does tighter gun controls stop the inflow of violent criminals into the country? Don't expect a rational answer from Toronto to that question.

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In Canada, even our crime is multicultural


r said...

you my friend are a dumbass. what you are saying is, that the Hells Angels who are a domestic problem are pretty much entitled to be a tax burden on the Canadian people.But landed LEGAL immigrants do not share the same ILLEGAL rights as the hells angels. Personaly no individual either citizen or tourist should be allowed to act like this, but it happens and you can not blame immigration for these individual actions. And for you to say "these are imported problems" is idiotic since you justify the actions of Hell Angels only because they are not imported problems

Anonymous said...

....and you, not my friend, are an idiot!

The convoluted balderdash you utter to ameliorate the crimes of foreign criminals invited into our country is ridiculous. If immigration is not to blame, just who do you suggest should take the fall...the tooth fairy!?

Canadian-born citizens in Canada have no connection with the Immigration people.

"Hells Angels" are our homegrown problem who're most likely Canadian-born citizens, who unfortunately, can't be deported from Canada unless we return to the dark ages and exile them to Devil's Island.

If the authorities can reach as far back as WWII aging war criminals to strip them of their naturalized Canadian citizenship, we can and should deport any landed immigrant committing a criminal act on Canadian soil, forthwith!

Of course, criminal landed immigrants are imported problems...just what part of "landed immigrant" don't you understand??

Anonymous said...

Just because the last name is Asian or South Asian do not make them landed immigrants and having a caucasian last name doesn't make someone a canadian citizen... Even people with asian or south asian last names have been known to be born in canada and thus are canadian citizens... i guess that makes them a domestic problem and not a imported problem...

Anonymous said...

U canadians are all clean? u all are the f*cking angels living in this f*uking piece of earth land?
the biggest mob of this "heaven" are some guys in the rotten gov!
u really think those guys did all without their nodding?
wake up!

Anonymous said...

Your a big time idiot your views are biased. What if the immigrants are Canadian born citizens which family tree lasted a few generations in Canada. Thats probably as long as many other European families. Just admit it your scared of immigrants and a bit of a racist, you probably live in a small town with no experience or knowledge of meeting other cultures. All colours no matter red black white blue have issues.

Anonymous said...

they must slow down Chinese, vietnamese and Korean immigration ... NOW !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

for anyone to say that immigrants bring crime to Canada, well how about Italian mobs, hells angels they're caucasians of European decent their roots can be traced back to Europe so even if they're born here they're still immigrants by fact and trying to justify the restriction on immigrants solely based on ridiculous media attention on one or more specific groups of minorities is very biased

Unknown said...

A criminal is a criminal, doesn't matter where he came from.

Anonymous said...

dude, your food is imported. you import things, not problems. the population of people of a certain ethic group decides the ethics of the gangs in that area, its a proven fact, you can't deny it. who isn't the problems, its what. I'm not talking about a gun i'm talking about what makes them pick up a gun. gangs are a international problem, no law can stop it.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not these supposed individuals come from either Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, or wherever is beside the point. I do agree that we do need to closely monitor who comes into Canada, as does any country, yet for different reasons. To me, I hope you don't take this offensively, it seems as though you are stating that Asians are bringing the crime lifestyle with them to Canada. Yes, I suppose you could make that argument, and you may have some very interesting and relevant facts to further your point. Yet, what I think we should be focusing on is the aspect of crime, such as these targeted shootings gone horribly wrong, prospering within our borders. These individuals do not necessarily wake up one morning in South Asia and say "right, I'm going to move to Canada and become rich from gang violence". Instead, I think many of them have the intent of living prosperous lives that many would claim to be morally correct. But, the fact of the matter is, gang violence is sky rocketing right now. It is not an issue of race, it is an issue of national policy. Many say "legalize marijuana". Yes, that's great. Except, if you actually pay attention to the drugs that are being sold by gangs to make the large sums of income, it's not weed. Selling marijuana is time consuming and does not have the pay off of harder drugs.

After reading my own comment, I have come to the realization that I have no solution to the problem. Surprise!! Many more individuals and groups have also contemplated this issue; needless to say they are more educated on the matter than you are I am. But, I would advise you not to point to finger so quickly. Racial hatred will only set us back.
And Yes, the Hells Angels have remained out of the picture for quite some time, despite being one of the largest organized gangs ever to exist within Canada's borders...besides the Rock Machine for a little while. Just because they have escaped the microscope is no reason to glorify them.
Just consider this. Thanks for starting the thread though. I hope this gets people talking and getting things off their chests.

Anonymous said...

the author is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

We takin ova!

Jamal said...

Scarborough niggaz keepin it real in lil-Baghdad.