Monday, 26 November 2007

For all you budding playwrights here is an idea for a play.

How to be really offensive

The National Theatre artistic director Nicholas Hytner has called for “offensive” plays, challenging liberal values, which he could stage on the South Bank.

It was last year that Hytner said he would like to see a ‘good, mischievous, right-wing play.’

Speaking at the Soho Theatre last week, he said: “I would seriously like to feel that somebody will deliver me a play that will really get up your (the liberal-leaning audience) noses. . . I would like to see a play about the white working class communities that were completely displaced by waves of immigration. These are the offensive plays we’re not doing.’

Read it here.

The left like to see themselves as champions of the working class so why to do they tacitly support a government policy that attacks the working class? Perhaps their attack on traditional Canada, most often expressed in the working class, outweighs the other. When it comes to ideological warfare you need to take some collateral damage from time to time.

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