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Immigration is about buying ethnic votes.

Canada set to boost `family' immigrants

Overall, immigration to remain steady next year as backlog of applicants has swelled to 850,000

Nov 02, 2007 04:30 AM
bruce campion-smith
ottawa bureau chief

OTTAWA–The federal government says it will allow more family members living abroad to join their relatives already here in Canada.

Canada will accept up to 71,000 immigrants in the family class next year – spouses, partners, dependants, parents and grandparents of immigrants already here, according to the immigration department's newly released annual report. That's 2,000 more than will be allowed into the country this year.

Vancouver-based immigration lawyer Richard Kurland said there are a lot of good reasons to open the doors to family members of immigrants already here in the country – including politics.


"It is not done willy-nilly, happenstance. It is a calculated political marketing move," he said of the increase revealed this week. "It's a direct response to the challenge faced by a minority government lusting for majority. It's good politics to let Mummy and Daddy into Canada."

The department's annual report reveals that 251,649 permanent residents were admitted in 2006. And 109,524 newcomers had been admitted this year up until June.

Overall, Ottawa intends to hold the line on immigration levels in 2008, accepting 240,000 to 265,000 people, the same range as this year, according to the report.

In a surprise move, it will allow fewer skilled immigrants to settle in Canada next year, despite a booming economy that has left some regions of the country begging for workers.

The cut to so-called economic-class immigrants – a maximum of 154,000 next year, down from 158,000 this year – is raising eyebrows among opposition MPs and immigration experts.

Note - I am not surprised. Unless immigrants want to work in retail, hospitality, security, and fast food restaurants, there are no jobs for them here. The looming job shortage is in low wage positions. The drought in Canada's skilled job market is being over exaggerated to scare Canadians into suffering an immigration policy they otherwise oppose.

New Democrat MP Olivia Chow (Trinity-Spadina) said Canada should set a goal of accepting 1 per cent of its population – or about 330,000 immigrants a year – to meet labour demand and the potential shortage of workers caused by an aging workforce.

"I think we need to take a bold step," Chow said yesterday. "I think we need a national debate."

Note - Olivia Chow is an immigrant herself and represents an immigrant heavy riding. She can be pro mass-immigration because it is to her political advantage to do so. Also, it is Canada that is being colonized by people from her home nation. If trends were reversed I am certain she would be singing a different tune similar to those coming out of Tibet.

No one has rationally explained, and Olivia Chow cannot either, why Canada needs to accept immigrants to the figure of 1 per cent of its population a year when Canada can achieve its economic goals with a smaller figure. No other industrialized country accepts more immigrants per capita than Canada does even though they all face similar challenges including an ageing labour force. She is right that a national debate is needed but I think she means one were she gets to set the parameters of the debate. Immigration reformers like me would be excluded if she had her way.

The report shows that the backlog of immigration applicants has swelled to more than 850,000.


In 2006, according to the report, the 138,257 economic-class immigrants made up 54.9 per cent of the new arrivals. Just over 28 per cent – or 70,506 immigrants – were in the family class; 32,492 refugees and asylum seekers were admitted; and 10,223 were granted permanent resident status on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Read the whole article at the Toronto Star.

Family class immigrants are useless to Canada but useful to politicians and ethnic communities who wish to swell their numbers and expand the borders of their respective colonies.

Family class immigrants do not need to posses any relevant job or language skills to get into the country. Many are the aged parents of landed immigrants. These aged parents will not work and pay taxes and will inevitably be a net drain on Canada's social programs particularly health care. The immigrant who sponsored his or her, sometime both, parents to come here has not paid enough into Canada's health care system to cover him or her and any dependent children. Thus, Canadian tax payers will foot the bill to care for the imported parents of immigrants which is why the immigrant imported his parents here in the first place. This puts further strain on an already stressed out health care system. They also exacerbate the doctor shortage problem and in fact it is because of mass immigration that Canada has a doctor shortage to begin with.

However the imported relatives of landed immigrants will eventually get the right to vote and this is what this is all about. This has nothing to do benefiting Canada or the majority of Canadians.

Here are some numbers:


2006 figures:

China: 33,080

India: 30,753

Philippines: 17,717

Pakistan: 12,332

U.S.: 10,943

Iran: 7,073

U.K.: 6,542

South Korea: 6,178

Colombia: 5,813

France: 4,915

Immigrants abuse Canada. Internal report states many "had no intention of remaining in Canada after their initial landing."
How many of the more than 1,000 are related?
Ontario Immigration and Citizenship Minister Resigns Over Ethnic Vote Buying Scandal

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