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Are immigration and multiculturalism ideological weapons of the political left to attack traditional Canada?

Here is an interesting piece by Michael Coren writing in The Toronto Sun. Be sure to read the entire article by clicking on the link.

Sat, November 3, 2007

Brit leftists go mad
They're ready to ditch Christmas to improve race relations

A new report from the think-tank of the governing Labour Party states that, "Britain is no longer a Christian nation and Christmas should be downgraded in favour of festivals from other religions to improve race relations."

The report goes on to call for a new form of "birth ceremony," at which the state and parents would agree to "work in partnership" to raise babies. It demands action to "ensure access" for ethnic minorities to the "largely white" British countryside, advocates an end to "sectarian" religious education in schools and encourages people to fly flags other than the Union Jack.

"If we are going to continue as a nation to mark Christmas," the report says, "then public organizations should mark other religious festivals too." And, "any liberal state should recast the civic oaths and national ceremonies, or institutions like Parliament and the monarchy, in a more multi-religious or secular form."

So the pre-enlightened Ebenezer Scrooge has told us what Britain should become. Or has become to a relatively large extent. But unlike the products of Charles Dickens' generous and compassionate imagination, the spirits behind this report are nasty, intolerant and crude.


So what of Canada? We're in enormous danger. We adopted an official policy of multiculturalism long ago and decided that Canada simply was not worth preserving.

Immigrants to the country who wanted to assimilate, adapt and become truly Canadian were told that there was no need. Hold on to your own culture and traditions, speak your own languages, be anything unless it's Canadian.

Don't blame newcomers for doing what they were told to do by arrogant white liberals who always know best. Instead of the community and the family there was the state and the collective. Instead of patriotism there was self-loathing. Instead of sacrifice there was entitlement.



Along came the prince of the new and novel and he was far from good. Trudeau. A man who so detested English Canada that he became obsessed with expunging Anglo-Celtic culture and rebuilding Canada in his own image.

New Canadians would not be required to speak or to learn English and instead of one law, one way and one country for all, we would divide and subdivide into ethnic and linguistic ghettos. The wealthy would, of course, be immune and indifferent because money buys its own form of golden separation.

I agree with Michael Coren but he writes as though immigrants are unwitting pawns of the Canadian political left's culture war against anything that smacks of traditional and conservative Canada. This isn't true. Immigrants may be unwitting pawns but if they were aware of that I don't think they would have a problem with it. They would be proud and willing foot soldiers. They still have the option of fully assimilating into Canadian society by adopting our language (English, French, or both) our traditions, culture, and history but it is obvious that they really do not want to. They adopt our language only because it is practical for the time being. It is possible in some circumstances to live in Canada without possessing a functional knowledge of Canada's two official languages and many immigrants choose to do so. For instance English is a minority language in Vancouver where 47% of that city's residents have English as their first language. Were the numbers high enough I am certain that many immigrant groups will want to have their language recognized as an official language. There is a Punjabi organization in British Columbia that wants Punjabi recognized as an official language. Chinese is the third most spoken language in Canada with more than a million Canadian citizens claiming to be Chinese.

If the line were clearly demarcated in the sand I can say with full assurance that most immigrants and ethnic minority groups in Canada will side with the left, seeking to alter the cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and religious landscape of Canada so as to make Canada more accommodating to them. They want Canada and Canadians to change so that they won't have to. They want to diminish any dominant position Canadian culture has in this country; to reduce it to a place of equal standing with all cultures as though everyone came to this country at once in one big boat. Under the guise of officially sanctioned multiculturalism many immigrant groups, religious and ethnic, have declared war on the Canadian identity with the tacit cooperation and leadership, and prompting, of the political left. They want Canadians, and the world, to recognize turbans, hijabs, dread locks, saris, and dragon boats as Canadian as maple syrup and hockey. The effect will be the erasure of the Canadian because in multicultural Canada the Canadian doesn't exist. He and she never did.

Because of multiculturalism Canadian culture has been the receptor of intolerance by both the political left and ethnic minority groups alike.

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