Thursday, 22 November 2007

Sikh extremism alive and well in Canada and guess what? We brought here!

`The reign of terror is still there'

Liberal MP describes beatings, death threats faced by opponents of Sikh extremism

Nov 22, 2007 04:30 AM
Jim Brown
The Canadian Press

OTTAWA–Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh says he and others who spoke out against Sikh extremism in the 1980s faced a "reign of terror" that included beatings, arson and threats of kidnapping and death – and the rest of Canadian society didn't seem to care.

Testifying at the Air India inquiry yesterday, Dosanjh (Vancouver South) said most mainstream politicians and police officers viewed the problem as an internal dispute among immigrants, with no consequences for anybody else.


Dosanjh was brutally beaten in 1985 by a man believed to be acting on behalf of the extremist groups he had repeatedly denounced.

A suspect was eventually charged, but Crown attorneys warned the evidence was weak and asked Dosanjh if he really wanted them to proceed with the prosecution. He said he did and the man was acquitted – only to be convicted years later in the shooting of a visiting Punjabi cabinet minister on Vancouver Island. Dosanjh insisted he harboured no bitterness over the failed prosecution, but he did offer one pointed observation: "The investigation left a lot to be desired in the way it was done."


He stressed yesterday that he wasn't accusing anyone of conscious racial discrimination in the investigation of his own case, or of similar attacks on others, or of the bombing of Air India.

"The vast majority of (Canadians) are fair, just and compassionate," he said. "If they weren't that, I'd never be elected in the first place."

Note - Ujjal Dosanjh is heavily dependent on the Indo-Canadian vote. That's how he got elected as leader of the B.C. NDP and thus as Canada's "first" Indo-Canadian premier though he did lose his seat in the provincial general election. There was heavy recruiting for new NDP members within the Indo-Canadian community by Dosanjh's wife because she knew that they would vote for her husband when it came to elect an new NDP leader. The recruiting got so bad it was almost embarrassing as Indo-Canadians, some who could barely read or speak English and had to be told where to vote, began to swell new NDP membership figures at a disproportionate rate. The other candidates, all white, running for the NDP leadership knew they didn't stand a chance. Dosanjh won the NDP leadership race because of the Indo-Canadian vote and a little bit of racism to go with it. It was a real mockery of the democratic process. It was tantamount to ballot stuffing.

Dosanjh himself is an Indian immigrant from the Punjab as are most of his support base. Immigrants from the Punjab are so concentrated in B.C. that they are able to elect six Punjabi immigrants to the B.C. legislature. South Asians are still a foreign people in Canada. Approximately 75% of Indo-Canadian citizens were not born in this country. So basically an Indian immigrant is representing the Indian immigrants who got him elected to parliament. That's why I found it bizarre that Dosanjh would say that "Canadians" elected him to office. Who is he trying to kid, really? This kind of ethnic politics is harmful because it will cripple Canada's governing institutions much like it does at the United Nations.

He added, however, he'd be "less than candid" if he didn't admit to sharing a widespread belief among Indo-Canadians that many of his fellow citizens had a cultural blind spot about what was going on before the Air India bombing.

The attitude of the public, said Dosanjh, seemed to be that beatings, threats and bombings "weren't really happening to Canadians. They were happening to some brown guys that were arguing with each other that we don't understand."

Note - He's right about that. This isn't a Canadian problem, it's an Indian problem that Canada was stupid enough to import. How naive are we to assume that the violence and culture of intimidation that plagues Indian society would not find a home here? It's here because South Asians brought it here and now people like Dosanjh want Canada to police it? No thanks. I think it is time for some deportations and restrictions on Sikh immigration.

The latest threats came after he was critical of a parade in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey last spring where Talwinder Singh Parmar – the suspected mastermind of the Air India bombing who was shot dead by Indian police in 1992 – was held up as a "martyr" to the cause of an independent Sikh homeland.

A number of federal and provincial politicians, including some Liberals, attended the event, although Dosanjh charitably suggested his colleagues probably didn't understand the political motives behind the parade.

Read the whole article at The Toronto Star.

When Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was touring the Punjab this past summer a Punjabi politician remarked the there are more Sikh terrorists in Canada than in India. I don't know how true that statement is but I don't think he is too far off the mark. Canada is a choice destination for Sikh immigrants. Because of Sikh immigration Canada can now boast that it is home to the largest collection of Sikhs outside of India. Sikhs from Guyana were the catalyst for the "Singh decision" that opened Canada's refugee system to abuse. Mewa Singh, a Sikh, assassinated Canadian immigration official William C. Hopkinson in 1914 over the Komagata Maru incident. Mewa Singh is honoured as a martyr at the Khalsa Diwan Society Gurdwara in Vancouver. Sikhs are responsible for the largest mass murder in Canadian history (Air India bombing). From Hopkins to Air India. Now that's a history to be proud of.

I have become weary of Sikh immigration. They seem more bane than benefit to Canadian society. Much of their behaviour in Canada has been aggression towards the host nation. We don't need people like that.

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This is one word of advise from a white woman who represents thousands of women in canada- 1. You were never invited to canada by my people 2. We do not like you keeping your culture in canada 3). We only want to hear english on the streets not foreign languages 4) You treat women like SHIT!