Thursday, 6 December 2007

2002 study reveals that only 20% of Chinese immigrants intend to stay after obtaining citizenship

I don't know how accurate that figure is but here is what the study said:

Like many other studies, our research findings provide a troubling message about the experiences of Chinese immigrants in Canada, and have serious implications for shared ideals of citizenship, social inclusion, and integration that Canada has aimed to achieve through its reformed immigration program. The inability to succeed in economic participation makes immigrants feel disadvantaged and excluded, and may negatively affect their confidence about the merits of remaining in Canada to fulfill their immigration dream and commitment. An internet survey conducted in 2002 of recent Chinese immigrants by the Toronto-based North Chinese Community of Canada found that only 20 per cent of the 1,345 participants indicated they would remain in Canada after obtaining Canadian citizenship(World Journal January 10, 2003).

Here is the link to the study.

Like I said, I am not too certain on how reliable that figure of 20% is. It seems too low but if it is true then I wouldn't be surprised. I blogged about a Maclean's magazine article about the Asian diaspora jumping HMCS Canada for the golden shores of China. The article was quite revealing. It exposed the abuse of Canadian citizenship laws by Asian immigrants who really didn't have much of an intention of staying in Canada. It also revealed the relatively low opinion Asian immigrants have of Canada. Canadian citizenship was just an insurance plan to them and a place to offload the costs of educating their kids and caring for their aged parents while they work and pay taxes over seas. An estimated 200,000 "Canadians" live in Hong Kong. On a related note an estimated 50,000 "Canadians" were living in Lebanon at a single time. Combined that's 250,000 "Canadians" living over seas.

I recall reading one article about an immigrant Chinese nurse. She said she planned to stay in Canada after she obtained citizenship instead of going back to China like so many of her other expatriates. This is abuse yet nothing is done about it and it is in fact rewarded as we hand out citizenship to passerby like coupons. There is no political will and no public outcry. I personally find it infuriating.

According to a recent StatsCan study 20% of the Canadian population was not born in the country. How much of that population do not live in the country but claim Canadian citizenship? What is Canada to them? It happens to be my country and it's the only one I have.

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