Wednesday, 12 December 2007

500,000 pour into Britain but 200,000 leave. Is this immigration or population replacement?

I don't know how accurate this story is but if it is true then Britain is becoming less British by the day.

This story is from the Daily Mail.

Half a million migrants pour into Britain in a year, but 200,000 leave

Last updated at 00:27am on 16th November 2007

Half a million foreigners came to live and work in Britain last year as immigration hit new records, official figures showed.

Nearly a quarter of a million said they came for jobs and more than 150,000 more arrived as students.

At the same time, an unprecedented total of more than 200,000 Britons left to live abroad.

The breakdown from the Government's Office for National Statistics shows that the number of foreigners coming to live in Britain went up by nearly ten per cent in a year.

Fewer than one in five were from Eastern European countries. They were outnumbered by migrants from Commonwealth countries in the Indian sub-continent and Africa.

It's a similar demographic shift here in Canada expect it happens to be South Asian and Chinese immigration greatly outnumbering immigrants from traditional European sources. If this trend continues indefinitely the South Asian and Chinese communities will eventually outnumber Canada's traditional host and founding European population effectively making Canada a colony of both China and India. A similar fate awaits Britain if nothing is done. Call it "The Empire Strikes Back" character of immigration when the colonizer becomes the colonized.

The unprecedented wave of foreign citizens came as a record number of British people joined the exodus for new lives elsewhere. For the first time ever, more than 200,000 British citizens left the country in a single year. Some 207,000 turned their backs on the UK, more than half the total of 400,000 people heading overseas.

Most of the Britons went to Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain or the U.S.

Not Canada? Aw, how come? Is it the weather? I can't help but feel slighted.

Opposition politicians and critics of large-scale migration said the Government had failed to get a grip on the borders and ignored the impact on schools, housing, health and neighbourhoods.

Same thing here in Canada. The real costs of mass immigration, the financial costs plus the costs of housing; language services, stress on health care, and other social services; loss of green spaces and farm land; increase in population density, road congestion, commute times and the attendant increase in pollution levels; garbage problems, etc. has never been tallies nor has it been discussed. It's taboo and when these issues to arise individually no one ever makes the connection to mass immigration. It's like increasing road congestion and mass immigration are not related.

Tory spokesman Damian Green said: "Immigration is still running at unsustainably high levels. This is the direct result of the Government's 'open door' approach which has totally failed to consider the impact on public services, housing and community cohesion."

Same can be said here in Canada. It's unfortunate that such criticism is never given in the first place. At least some British politicians are brave enough to confront the issue head on and call it for what it is: a problem. It's democratic. Here in Canada we should be so deserving. Our politicians are too cowardly to address this issue with real honesty and concern. Our political parties are more concerned about getting elected than they are with governing and responsible leadership. It's a sad testament to the strength of the "ethnic vote" and the "first past the post" electoral system.

This isn't nation building it's colonization. It's population replacement.


Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian, living in Britain, having done so for 30 years. The British are leaving, and the influx is from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The UK is changing. Do not buy into the 'immigrants from India are educated' or 'immigrants from India add to the multi cultural tapestry and add wealth.' Sure, you will find the exception, but mostly, they sponge on welfare, use up the medical services, demand their own schools, and try to destroy the non Indian religions. Every country that has these people in abundance regrets this fact. People in the UK, Canada, USA etc. are all afraid of being called racist. This has nothing to do with it. India is a giant slum housing almost a billion people. If these immigrants are such wonderful contributors, why dont they stay in India and make it into a place everyone runs away from. When Canadians lose their jobs, replaced by Indians, when their neighbourhoods become eye sores, they are unable to teach christianity at schools etc. it will be to late. I suspect it is to late already.

Anonymous said...

Indian-British have educational achievement/income above White-British it's Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who struggle in poverty and crime.