Sunday, 2 December 2007

Any guesses on who the "perps" are?

Six Arrested In "Massive" Ecstasy Bust

Saturday December 1, 2007 Staff

Police are hunting for a seventh suspect after a massive drug raid early Friday.

After receiving a tip about an alleged drug lab at 5 Bibury Gate, near Warden and Steeles, police in protective gear raided a home around 10am seizing 25 kilograms of Ecstasy, making it the biggest narcotics bust in York Region's history.

Area residents greeted the news with a mixture of shock and shoulder-shrugging fatalism.

"There are a lot of busts happening in Markham so it's not too surprising," one said.

"Actually it was the nicest house in the neighbourhood. We didn't see anything suspicious," another remarked.

Six people have been arrested and the cargo and chemicals carted out. Like many of these kinds of cases, the house was located in a quiet residential neighbourhood, potentially exposing those in the vicinity to explosive danger.

This one is care of Toronto based CityNews and CP24.

One third of Markham residents are of Asian origin, mostly Chinese. Those charged and arrested in recent ecstasy busts in Toronto and the surrounding area are Asian. The report does not give the names of the suspects but you can do the math.

Sadly, there is some truth to racial profiling. If it looks like a duck...

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