Sunday, 16 December 2007

As Canada's foreign born component increased so did it's number of gangs in Peel.

Related? Maybe. Canada's immigration system is so inadequate that the proper screening of criminals is almost impossible. If we lowered our immigration intake then we will free up resources to weed out the bad and let in the good. But since Canada's immigration system is purely a numbers game and a means to entice ethnic voters I don't expect anything to happen anytime soon. It's only Canada after all. Why do anything?

From The Toronto Star.

More gangs found in Peel, police say

Dec 05, 2007 04:30 AM
Michele Henry
Staff Reporter

The number of gangs in Peel Region has exploded in the last four years, growing to 110 from 39 in 2003, with a per-capita gang membership approaching that of Toronto's.

More than 1,000 proven gang members – up from around 625 four years ago – live in Mississauga and Brampton, which has a combined population of about 1.1 million people, police say. Toronto has 3,500 gang members – roughly 130 gangs – with a population of more than 2.5 million.


Media glorification of the gang lifestyle, recruiting via the Internet and a growing population in Peel also account for some of the increase, police say. But over the last few years gang members have been fleeing the big city for municipalities in the 905, said Toronto police Det. Sgt. Doug Quan of the Guns and Gangs Task Force.

What's funny about this is that this article can be found in the same edition - the Wed. December 5, 2007 edition - that also reported on the increased addition of immigrants to Canada's population, all 1.1 million of them. What is not funny is that it appears criminals are following immigrants to areas outside of Toronto. This is infuriating. The smug, self congratulatory moral superiority of elite opinion is protecting a system that allows criminals into Canada with relative ease. They seem to think what's good for Toronto is good for all of Canada. The over populating, over developing, increasingly less Canadian, increasing congestion, increasing criminal activity that is Toronto should be exported to areas outside the city. Many Canadians move away from Toronto to seek refuge from these things but mass immigration threatens that refuge.

Where are Canadians supposed to go? Should you be so surprised when Canadians outside of Toronto look down on immigration and what immigrants represent? Should acts of "overt racism" be of any surprise? Understand, now, why much of Canada hates Toronto?

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Anonymous said...

This doesnt surprise me. This is because canada should have one assimulated culture and one language english. People should have to learn canadian culture. Also the jobless rate in ontario is very bad and so is the rest of canada it is something like 25% now. The govt keeps bringing in foreign workers on visas so at least if your out of work u could always go work in fast food etc but now you cant as an foreign person on a visa has the job. Immigrants only hire their own. WHites have to hire nonwhites but nonwhites dont hire whites. Nonwhites wont hire a woman over 30 whereas a white man will etc. Automation, outsourcing jobs to india and china, high cost of living and massive immigration is killing our ecomony. We should not take any more immigrants until we help the local 2.6 million out of work in canada who are skilled and willing to work!!Also one in every two immigrants goes on welfare this is killing our economy as 75% of the immigrants are economic........