Sunday, 16 December 2007

Canada's Environmentalists just don't get it: It's mass immigration stupids!!!

These two articles appeared in the same edition as the one that glowingly reported on the increase of Canada's immigrant population. They are both from The Toronto Star.

The first one:

The battle for Simcoe County

Dec 05, 2007 04:30 AM
Ian Urquhart

The government "will take strong action to protect Lake Simcoe's water quality for future generations."

It was just one line in the last week's throne speech at Queen's Park, but it may herald the toughest fight that the newly elected Liberal government will face over the next four years.

The battleground is Simcoe County, a vast area between Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe, north of the Greater Toronto Area and south of Muskoka.

This is more commonly known as "cottage country" and it provides a much needed escape to nature for many southern Ontarians.

As predicted by environmentalists, developers have leapfrogged the Greenbelt on the northern fringes of the GTA and targeted southern Simcoe County as the next frontier for their subdivisions. Pressures are being felt in towns like Alliston, Innisfil, Clearview, and Bradford West Gwillimbury.

The government says it has anticipated this pressure and, under the Places to Grow Act, has imposed a ceiling of 667,000 (up from 420,000 today) on the population of Simcoe County and its two biggest centres, Barrie and Orillia, over the next quarter-century.

The environmentalists say even 667,000 people are too many for Lake Simcoe to sustain, given that the lake is already acutely stressed.

But according to Mark Aitken, Simcoe's chief administrative officer, there are enough development projects in the pipeline to accommodate up to 1.2 million people in the county.

The second one:

Halt new highways, activists demand

Watchdog's position on Greenbelt expansion also bothers sprawl foes
Dec 05, 2007 04:30 AM
Peter Gorrie

Environmental Commissioner Gordon Miller delighted greens yesterday by calling for measures to curb urban sprawl in southern Ontario and protect the boreal forest in the far north.

Note that Gordon Miller was attacked by The Toronto Star in an editorial because he linked the degradation of the quality of life for southern Ontarians to rapid population growth fueled by mass immigration.

But many advocates were disappointed the tough language in Miller's annual report, Reconciling Our Priorities, wasn't backed by strong recommendations in at least two key areas:

The commissioner warned that the province's "car culture" and highway expansions are fuelling congestion, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and sprawl, and said a growth strategy for southern Ontario should "avert any further plans for new highways and/or highway expansion projects."

But he said every expressway already proposed, including several through the Greenbelt, should go ahead. "They are all too far down the pipe to be stopped," Miller told a Queen's Park news conference.

He also rejected expanding the 720,000-hectare Greenbelt into Simcoe County, where developers are assembling large tracts of land for subdivisions as well as business and retail centres, with projected populations far beyond what the growth plan would allow.


Miller's response on highways was disappointing, said Janet May of the Ontario Smart Growth Network. "If the province is truly serious about protecting our rapidly dwindling agricultural lands and green space ... spending scarce public money on highways to sprawl will stop immediately."

"I disagree they're too far along," said Natalie Helferty of Ontario Nature.

"There's still time to stop them if there's political will," said NDP environment critic Peter Tabuns. "Miller makes excellent arguments about sprawl. If you do curb it, you don't need all the highways."

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation said preliminary construction has begun on the northern extension of Highway 404 to Ravenshoe Rd. Some contracts have been awarded.

If you consider yourself an environmentalist and you are reading this then read it well: IT'S MASS IMMIGRATION YOU MORON!!!

Mass immigration is ruining southern Ontario. How do you expect to protect Canada's natural beauty famous the world over without addressing the immigration problem? Who do you think drives cars? Who buys houses? Think you idiot!!! Your cowardice at being silenced by accusations of racism results in the loss of Canada green spaces forever. Get a spine!!!

It seems many on the left, such as Toronto Star journalists, want their cake and eat it too. They want to protect the environment but support increasing mass immigration as though one does not have an effect on the other. You cannot do that. We should be protecting the rights of future generations of Canadians to enjoy Canada's natural beauty. Why should the rights of individuals not born on this soil take precedence over that? When do Canada and Canadians come first?


Anonymous said...

I never fail to be stunned by the degree of racism that lies just below the veneer of civility and tolerance we have cultivated in Canada. We are almost all immigrants here in Canada. It does not matter who buys a home on green fields, or where they are from. The common denominator is the act of putting new homes on agricultural and natural land that we should be protecting for future generations of Canadians. If we want continual economic growth, then the powers that be will make sure that our immigration patterns guarantee a healthy workforce and tax base. There is a lot of momentum behind that philosophy, so rather than trying to tackle that beast, environmentalists are advocating for realistic change: increasing densities in urban areas, and the development of urban plans which consider ecological carrying capacities.

PaxCanadiana said...

I never fail to be stunned by the degree of idiocy that lies below an assumed veneer of civility and tolerance by some who immediately equate criticism of immigration with racism. It's to be expected.

Of course it doesn't matter who buys a home on green fields or where they are from. What matters is how many are buying homes on green fields and the fact that 1.1 million people were introduced into Canada over a period of five years immigration is an environmental issue. It does matter that we are importing these home buyers and rapidly eroding our environment and threatening our green spaces.

How do you expect to protect our green spaces for future generations of Canadians when 1.1 million people are introduced into Canada each year? Where do you think they are going to go? Do you think they come to Canada to live in high density areas in downtown Toronto? Are you going to tell me that we are to tell them were to live in Canada? Are you going to deny them the freedom of movement and the option of home ownership? Are you sure your head is screwed on right?

Continued economic growth is not dependent on rapid population growth. That is a scare tactic employed by the mass immigration lobby to frighten Canadians into accepting unacceptably high numbers. The lie is that if we do not have mass immigration then the standard of living of Canadian will fall. It's never actually explained mind you but it is a lie told over and over again that it is now taken as unquestioned fact.

Your faith in "the powers that be" is remarkable. Whoever those "powers that be" are I don't know but I assume you mean the government. If guaranteeing a "healthy workforce" is real then why has productivity levels for immigrants been declining for the past 20 years in relation to Canadian born and previous waves of immigrants? Why are second generation immigrants having a tougher time economically than Canadian born? Because of racism right? Why are we importing as many engineers that graduate from Canadian universities? Why are we importing teachers when current teaching graduates are told to expect to look years for a stable teaching job? Why do you think skilled immigrants are driving cabs? Why do immigrant women have the same birth rate as Canadian women? Racism right? Why are only 20 -25% of all immigrants to Canada come via the skilled class? Who are the other 80%? Are we importing immigrants, and ruining their lives in the process, to fill the many unfilled low wage jobs in fast food restaurants, retail, and hotels which is were the real job shortages are? Why are "the powers that be" ignoring the many laid off, unemployed, underemployed, and temporarily employed Canadians to favour mass immigration if "continued economic growth" is such a high priority? If "the powers that be" are concerned about a growing tax base then what good is publicly funding a policy such as immigration that eats up in tax dollars any alleged economic benefits it is supposed to bring?

Environmentalists do not want to "tackle that beast" because they are cowards and you displayed such cowardice by discounting my comments as racist. You are afraid that you will be called a racist. You may be surprised to learn that the Sierra Club of the U.S. compromised its integrity by accepting a handsome donation provided it did not mention immigration as a threat to the environment.

Environmentalists’ solutions, “increasing densities in urban areas, and the development of urban plans which consider ecological carrying capacities”, never come to fruition and are unlikely workable and will most likely produce unexpected results (increase in crime, creation of slums, garbage problems). In any event it means diverting more tax dollars to support a system that already eats up tax dollars to the tune of billions.

The most cost effective solution that will produce the most immediate results is to demand greater immigration controls starting with the lowering of immigrant numbers - around 80,000 a year. If you are an environmentalist who avoids the immigration issue then I can't take you seriously. You're just a coward. I propose an immediate cost effective solution and for that I’m a racist. You just propose unfeasible ideas.

Hey, I'm a racist and you're a coward. Name calling is so much fun. This reminds me of being in kindergarten. I propose an immediate cost effective solution and for that I’m a racist. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

On the 'racism' don't need my advice... however this common smear parroted ad nauseam by the truly indoctrinated that are fearfully 'towing the party line' to be expected. It's unoriginal, it's redundant and the poster crying "racism" looses instant credibility with me.

They're mis-guided fools taking the moral high ground by denouncing others who're not afraid on calling out the emperor on his lack of clothes.

I believe it was Peter Brimelow who stated -- anybody calling another a 'racist' was a liberal losing an argument.

Anyhow, you've got my keep up the good work for as long as you can.

ACSial said...

Who is REALLY behind the push for mass immigration is the land-speculator/developer lobby. Continued growth in the home (and school, hospital, road, etc.) building industry requires a steady influx of warm-bodies. 'Liberal' parties (like the Liberals & Democrats & Labour) tend to have ties to this sector. this was evident in the U.S., where liberal Judges (and the Liberal New York Times) sided with developers, in Kelo v. New London.

Out here in Calgary, the farmland lost to immigration-related sprawl
is staggering.

Adam C. Sieracki