Saturday, 22 December 2007

Canada's population now over 33 million while the collective IQ of Canada's environmentalists remains at 0.

That's right folks. Canada is a nation of over 33 million as of October 1, 2007. You can read about here at The Toronto Star.

The federal agency estimated Canada's population at 33,091,200 on Oct. 1, up 115,200 from July 1.

The population increased 0.35 per cent during the third quarter, the strongest growth rate since the third quarter of 2001.


Immigration remained strong during the third quarter, with about 71,600 newcomers, the second highest quarterly level since 1971.

Net international migration accounted for two-thirds of the country's population increase.

In related news Canada's stupid environmentalists hide head in sand.

Officially Canada receives around 250,000 - 260,000 immigrants per year, the highest immigration intake for any country in the world. If we include illegal immigration to that number - failed refugee claimants who are not deported, those who enter on a visitor's Visa who have no intention of leaving, smuggled individuals, etc. - then we can reasonably concluded that Canada's immigration intake is, unofficially but realistically, around 300,000 a year if not more. This places it close to the Liberal Party's desired immigration target of 1% of the population a year. Why 1% of the population, this is never reasonably explained outside of the usual rhetoric repeated ad nauseaum nor has it ever been reasonably explained why Canada needs a quarter of a million immigrants each year in the first place. Go and look for a reasonable explanation because you will not find it anywhere and the reasons given can be satisfied with a dramatically lowered number.

Since around 300,000 people enter Canada each year, we are introducing 1.5 million people into the country every five years. Southern Ontario, particularly around Toronto and the surrounding area, can expect population increases of over 1 million people every ten years. Ontario has a current population of around 12.8 million. Almost half of Ontario's population, around 5.5 million, lives in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) combined. Were a child born today in Toronto and if Canada's current immigration targets and immigrant settlement patterns remain unchanged then this child can expect to see an additional 7 to 8 million people added to the southern Ontario region by the time he or she dies at a ripe age of 80. Ontario's population will explode to over 20 million people and the GTA's population will balloon to Ontario's current total population of around 13 million people.

How and where will we house these 13 million people without destroying existing farmland and green spaces is not clear and Canada's environmentalists offer no real solutions. A reader to this blog wrote:

The common denominator is the act of putting new homes on agricultural and natural land that we should be protecting for future generations of Canadians. If we want continual economic growth, then the powers that be will make sure that our immigration patterns guarantee a healthy workforce and tax base. There is a lot of momentum behind that philosophy, so rather than trying to tackle that beast, environmentalists are advocating for realistic change: increasing densities in urban areas, and the development of urban plans which consider ecological carrying capacities.

First, note this reader's remarkable faith in "the powers that be". Second, note this reader's refusal to address the root of the problem - mass immigration - by writing "so rather than trying to tackle that beast, environmentalists are advocating for realistic change: increasing densities in urban areas, and the development of urban plans which consider ecological carrying capacities." Note the environmentalist's "buzz words" in use here. "Increasing densities in urban areas" and "ecological carrying capacities". But as for that realistic change how do you plane to stuff 13 million people into the already highly dense urban areas such as St. James Town withouth turning Toronto into what Daniel Stoffman called the Sao Paulo of the Norht? Do environmentalists even know what "ecological carrying capacity" even means or do they assume to know what it means? Is it even feasible?

Look bozo's, realistic change is to demand a decrease in Canada's immigration intake. This is the most cost effective means that will deliver the most immediate results in protecting Canada's natural heritage. If you somehow do not see a relationship between the importation of 1.5 million people into Canada over a five year period and the erasure of Canadian farmland and green spaces then you really are stupid. Get a brain and while you're at it get spine as well. Morons.


Tim Murray said...

Thank Christ there is someone, or at least a handful of people out there who think as I. Check out
160 articles. I hate CBC, Multiculturalism, Unconditional Foreign Aid, Birth incentives, Political Correctness, The Human Wrongs Commission, Speech Codes, Gun Laws, The Denial of Ethnic Crime as a Reality in Canadian Cities, and above all, the denial by environmental NGOs and their parliamentary mouthpieces, of the role of IMMIGRATION in the environmental degradation of our country. Tim Murray

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