Monday, 17 December 2007

If these Globe and Mail poll results are accurate they illustrate that elite opinion is out of touch with a majority of Canadians

Here are two similar polls found at the Globe and Mail.

One poll can be found here.

The question asked:

In your view, has Canada's multiculturalism policy proved successful?

Of the responses 37% responded in the affirmative and 63% in the negative.

The other poll, similar in nature, can be found here.

It states:

In Canada as a whole, multiculturalism is:

Of the responses 73% consider multiculturalism "a failed policy of the past" and 27% consider multiculturalism "an indispensable part of our future".

I am cautious about polls especially online polls however I wouldn't be surprised if these figures accurately reflect the attitudes of most Canadians. In conversation I have found that many Canadians disapprove of multiculturalism and what it is doing to the Canadian society and identity. But they won't go on record to say that because they are scared into silence for fear of being called a racist when what they really are is patriotic. They prefer to foster a unique Canadian identity that is recognizable the world over. Multiculturalism doesn't do that. Multiculturalism means nothing to us if you think about it. It's only important to immigrant groups and other ethnic groups looking for official approval in their refusal to assimilate and snub Canadian identity all the while claim to be as Canadian as maple syrup, hockey and butter tarts. It is a policy that was imposed onto Canadians without discussion or consultation and is still forced fed to us today.

We are told that multiculturalism is the Canadian identity but how original is that? London is multicultural. Paris is multicultural. So is Singapore, Sydney, and New York. The United States talks about being multicultural and so does Britain and France. India is multicultural as is Belgium, Malaysia, Denmark and Switzerland to varying degrees. You see multiculturalism is not an original identity at all and it is definitely not uniquely Canadian but you wouldn't know that by reading The Toronto Star or by watching the CBC. Multiculturalism is an incoherent mish mash of this and that, bereft of focus and direction condemning those unfortunate enough to be trapped within it to cultural relativism and cultural segregation because commonalities are displaced to favour diversity and difference. This is not a national identity worthy of cultivation.

But more to the point, if these figures are accurate - and I imagine that they are - it means elite opinion harboured in Toronto newspapers and the CBC are out of touch with the rest of the country. It also means these people are not doing their jobs. Decades of multicultural propaganda and Canadians are still not sold on multicultural snake oil. I guess they need to up the ante. You know, shame Canadians more with lectures on tolerance and accommodation and how we are not tolerant and accommodating enough; increase the witch hunting efforts with more dubious accusations of racism; remind us ad nauseum that we are a "nation of immigrants" though 80% of us were born in the country; harass dissenters and critics with Human Rights Commissions replete with fines, cease and desist orders, complemented by the financial strain associated with defending one's self while the accuser suffers nothing at all. If that fails you can rely on good ol' Hate Crime laws that are so open to interpretation that the Bible classifies as hate literature. In Canada you accept multiculturalism or else!


Vinay Puri said...

I happened to stop by your Blog unknowingly. I am neither a Canadian nor I live in Canada. I am from US. But interestingly understanding your views about immigration is not right for sure. I don't think you really understand what immigrants bring to Canada as such. I learnt in my recent visit to Canada that they are inducting about 2 Mil immigrants every year. Its way more then US actually does. I myself a highly educated immigrant too. Being US a no 1 country, immigrants have been the foundation to this success. Immigrant brings a lot to the table every year and a country becomes dependent on such kind of inflow of people and serving them. I think your tone of your blog is not very pleasant.

Anonymous said...


Simply put, we (Canadians) have been sold a bill of goods that is not compatible with our desires.

"Multi-culti" (a word I use with disdain) was foisted upon the Canadian people some 35 years ago without benefit of a referendum. PaxCanadiana explains this well may wish to read it again.

We were already a fully-developed country in the 1970s earning high wages and paying lower taxes, all without the help of the 3rd world masses who now inhabit our country.

There's much more to this story than diluting our wage base and gaining new immigrant votes, but I'll end it here.

Your reference to this blog not being "very pleasant"'s call freedom of speech.

PaxCanadiana said...

Thank you both for your comments. I do appreciate them.

Addressing the first I have to say I cannot comment fully on the immigration situation in the U.S. but does a very good job of it. I'm not too sure on the immigration situation in the U.S. but I do know it is a contentious issue.

You mention that immigrants bring many benefits to the U.S. That may be true but here in Canada such benefits are over stated. For instance immigrants bring diversity and it is assumed that this is a good thing but how is it a good thing it is never fully explained. Nor is it ever explained to what extent Canadians favour diversity. It is just generally assumed that Canadians "embrace" diversity at least that is what we are told. As for any economic benefits those appear to be over stated as well. Canada's immigration policy eats up any economic benefit mass immigration allegedly brings. The only thing I see immigrants bringing to Canada is themselves and their entire families. Such practices are so extreme with some immigrant groups that it is tantamount to colonization.

Another problem I have with your comment is when current immigrants lump themselves in with the founding immigrant/settler groups with statements like "immigrants have been the foundation to this success". That may be true but only for earlier waves of immigration. Canada's immigration system is such a mess that immigration no longer benefits this nation in the way it is supposed to do and at one time did. The point of my keeping this blog is the return some sanity to Canada's immigration system.

I am also troubled when immigrants take criticism of immigration policy personally. I cannot stress enough that Canada's immigration system hurts immigrant as well.

Vinay Puri said...

I think I see your point here, Canada may be inducting non-qiality/non-productive immigrants. US is very picky in inducting immigrants.

Do you think, that is the reason for your opposition to immigration?