Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Sikhs in Vancouver obstruct Canadian immigration laws. Foil attempt to deport failed Sikh refugee claimant.

Canadian immigration laws are not real laws. That's why Sikhs in Vancouver have no qualms obstructing the enforcement of those laws. In fact Indo-Canadians are notorious abusers of Canadian immigration laws, from fake refugee claims, fraudulent wedding arrangements, chain after chain of sponsored relatives, falsified credentials and males posing as nannies. And we cannot forget the Singh decision.

From The Toronto Star.

Protesters foil bid to deport paralyzed man in B.C.

Supporters at airport block border services

Dec 11, 2007 04:30 AM
Petti Fong
Western Canada Bureau Chief

Vancouver–The rocky path to deportation for a failed refugee claimant who is paralyzed and unable to speak hit another roadblock yesterday at the airport where he was to board a flight back to India.

Nearly 1,000 supporters with placards tried to block the entrance to the international departures area to protest Laibar Singh's 2:30 p.m. flight from Vancouver.

Border services officials said they didn't want to wade into the crowd to escort Singh to his Cathay Pacific flight.

RCMP Cpl. Nycki Basra said there was no violence and no disruptions.

Singh, 48, who suffered an aneurysm last year, was ordered removed yesterday after his appeals to stay on humanitarian grounds were rejected by Citizenship and Immigration. The widower arrived in Canada in 2003 with a forged passport and worked as a labourer to support his four children who remain in India.

After being detained for being in Canada illegally, he sought sanctuary last July at a Sikh temple.


If deported back to India, Singh will not receive adequate medical attention, said one of his supporters, Harsha Walia.

"People are very angry that they still plan to remove him."

If these Sikhs had any sincere respect for Canada then they would not behave this way. Laibar Singh arrived in Canada illegally on a forged passport and stayed here illegally. Why would the Sikh community wish to aid and abet Laibar Singh's illegal activity? By doing so they are condoning his behaviour. Instead of taking a responsible role and show their respect for Canadian laws Sikhs chose to circle the wagons and protect one of their own. Their loyalty is on full display here. They are loyal to Canada so far as it satisfies their needs but their loyalty to their people in India is much stronger to the point that they are willing to obstruct our legal system to help them.

Laibar Singh is paralyzed and cannot talk. He will be a burden on the health care system. The Sikh temple in Abbotsford B.C. says it will suffer his medical expenses if he is allowed to stay but talk is cheap. I doubt very much they will fulfill that commitment once citizenship is granted to him. The disintegration of family sponsorship arrangements is common enough for me to say that.

These Sikhs seem to think Canada has no right to control its borders and that every Sikh should be allowed to come here without obstruction and colonize it. It seems once you set foot here then you are entitled to everything. If this is how Sikhs regard Canada and our legal system then we should reconsider Sikh immigration to this country. Why should we let Laibar Singh, or any Sikh for that matter, stay here let alone come to Canada at all?

You're a Canadian citizen now. Be grateful of that fact and be loyal to this country and its laws. Respect the Canadian people since you chose to immigrate here. If you don't want to do that then you don't deserve to be here or call yourself a Canadian.

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Anonymous said...

My sister is 50 and she has thyroid cancer and she is canadian! She doesnt receive proper healthcare and our family is here 400 years! She could have died in may due to no one bothered to check her blood work. It took 8 months to get a diagnosis of cancer. She waits months in pain to see specialists. She is in NB. Why should someone not born here have more rights than a citizen???????????

Anonymous said...

They arent canadian. I am however! Canadian is a culture and a language and it means you have no other ties to a foreign country. This is what I am. Not many are canadians and I am insulted that other races not born here are called canadian.

ania sternadell said...

Hello all of you. First issue is that all of us is not a Canadian, only really Canadian are Native. Is very shame that Native is put in a isolated place with to many restricted conditions. This we call a great Canada. Shame, shame, shame. Our Immigration system is very ironic, all of us stop full ours self that we are a true Canadian. No! we are just immigrants. Ha.Ha.Ha....Stop to be an ignorant and admitted yourself that we are just renting this land.