Saturday, 15 December 2007

Toronto District School Borad Survey of 2006 is like looking into a crystal ball and seeing the future.

Ethnic mix of Toronto Schools

Grades 7-8

31% White
21% South Asian
16% East Asian
15% Black
6% Mixed
5% Middle Eastern
4% South East Asian
2% Latin American
.3% Aboriginal

Grade 9-12

33% White
20% East Asian
19% South Asian
12% Black
5% Mixed
5% Middle Eastern
3% South East Asian
2% Latin American
.3% Aboriginal


77% White
17% Other Minorities
5% Black
.9 Aboriginal

This is from the Toronto District School Board, 2006 surveys and I think the numbers are prophetic. I think that will be the racial makeup of a future Toronto provided no change is made in Canada's immigration system. Whites will become a minority at roughly one third the population.

Here are some related numbers:

49.97% of the residents of the city of Toronto are foreign born.
47.2% of the residents of the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area are foreign born.

Where did all the Canadians go? Is it a desired goal to make Canadians of European ancestry just another minority group in Toronto and Canada as a whole? What is accomplished by doing so?

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Anonymous said...

lol @ this dumb racist bitch

canada was originally all RED (Indians)..Therefore they are the actual canadians not white people.

Every white person in this country is an immigrant just like the minorities in toronto schools are.