Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Wouldn't it be nice if Ottawa were as honest as Britain is with immigration?

Britain is worth paying attention to when it comes to immigration issues. Like Canada, Britain practices an "open door" immigration policy and has been attracting the same immigrants as Canada has. What make Britain more interesting that it is an Island nation around the size of Newfoundland and Labrador playing host to 60 million people. Thus the effects of mass immigration is more concentrated and exposed to a greater portion of the population.

This article is from the Daily Mail.

Government finally admits: Immigration IS placing huge strain on Britain

Last updated at 11:08am on 17th October 2007

Immigrants are placing a huge strain on public services, Labour finally admitted.

Crime is up, schools are struggling to cope with Eastern European children, community tensions are rising, health services are coming under enormous pressure and house prices are being driven up, the Government said.

The situation is the same in Toronto and the surrounding area however instead of Eastern European children in the school system it is Middle Eastern, South Asian, South American, African, and South East Asian children and all places in between.

The findings, based on a survey of public sector workers, are the first published by ministers after ten years of an 'open door' immigration policy.


Those questioned for the survey said busy A&E departments in the East of England, North Lincolnshire and Southampton were being used in place of doctors' surgeries. HIV and TB were singled out as diseases specifically linked to immigration.

The situation is the same here in Canada. TB is on the rise because of poorly screened immigrants. We are also importing HIV infected individuals unnecessarily. For the sake of ethnic bloc votes the Canadian government is putting the health of Canadians in danger.

Workers in the North West, South West and Scotland all warned of increased 'community tensions' in areas unused to large- scale immigration.

Critics have accused the Government of giving no thought to the strain being placed on schools and hospitals, as ministers focussed solely on boosting the economy with cheap workers from overseas.


A Home Office study found that migrants helped to grow the economy by £6billion last year. But experts said this did not mean they had boosted GDP per head, a crucial measure.

This last paragraph is quite telling. Though it may be true that immigrants helped to grow the British economy by £6billion it fails to consider the costs of funding an immigration policy. The article does provide a cost break down of servicing Britain's immigration policy. The cost breakdown given is thus: Local authority race relations - £3.1m; Higher education race relations - £6.7m; Commission for racial equality - £32m; Translation costs - £100m; Ethnic minority awards scheme - £169m; Security - £174m; English lessons for immigrants - £280m; Cost of treating immigrants with HIV - £330m; Border controls - £690m; Money sent home by foreign workers - £1.4bn; Asylum support and processing - £1.6bn; Cost of immigrant crimes - £4bn; Total Cost - £8.8bn. In other words Britain's immigration policy runs at a loss of £2.8bn a year!

Ottawa does not publish the costs of servicing Canada's immigration scheme but if Britain's is any guide then we can imagine why. Ask you MP if he or she knows the costs and they couldn't tell you. Nobody really knows but some estimates put that figure around the $4 billion mark a year. Since Britain's costs are similar to Canada's we can draw from those figures and reasonably estimate that Canada's immigration policy costs Canadian tax payers around $10 billion a year if not higher. If you think those numbers are too high bear in mind that Canada has the highest immigrant intake in the entire world. We are continuously told about the economic benefits of mass immigration but little of the costs. If these estimates are close to the actual costs then any alleged economic benefits immigration provides is eaten up by servicing immigration. To be more clear, there are no economic benefits to Canada's current immigration policy. We are not investing in Canada's economic prosperity. We are mostly funding the replacement of the host population with a foreign one.

Imagine the amount of tax dollars funneled to service a policy of dubious economic benefits that could have been spent to provide better health care, lower tuition costs, retraining for laid off workers, training for unskilled workers, job skills services to help the poor and homeless, pensions for the retired, farmers, etc.

Britain's honesty about immigration is sorely lacking here in Canada. As a tax payer it is your right to know how Ottawa spends the tax dollars you send to it. We should demand better financial transparency with out immigration system.

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