Saturday, 12 January 2008

The brain drain may be reversed for now but Canada continues to poach the developing world of its much needed talent.

Remember the brain drain to the United States that Canada was suffering from in the 1990s? Well, here is a Toronto Star piece about the end of the brain drain or at least the reversal of it.

The "brain drain" to the United States should have alerted a sensible person to the fact that Canada was producing more talent than its economy could handle and thus Canada should have reduced its immigrant intake but didn't. Canada continued to pile in 230-250,000 immigrants a year when it was evident that there were no jobs for them since Canadians had to leave Canada to find work in their field. Canada should have reduced its immigrant intake based on this knowledge but didn't and now we are suffering the repercussions of it to this day. This is why Toronto has the highest concentration of over educated taxi cab drivers in the world. This is why productivity levels for immigrants has been steadily decreasing for the past 25 year.

But if the "brain drain" to the United States is over then why the talk of increasing immigration targets? If immigration at one time was a tool to compensate for the loss of skilled talent to the United States then shouldn't we reduce immigration numbers because it is no longer needed in this area? By continuing to import more immigrants than this country needs and by increasing immigration numbers Canada is just practicing a type of brain drain by poaching the developing world of its skilled labourers and the developing world need them more than we do. And the ones who are cheer leading this poaching the loudest tend to be the "progressive" left. I find this bizarre. These self-proclaimed "progressives" denounce the rape of third world resources by multi-national corporations yet encourage the Canadian rape of the developing world's most valuable resource: its human resource. I think the silence has to do more with the left's hatred of anything traditionally Canadian and they use mass third world immigration as a weapon to attack it (but more on that at another time).

This news will not affect immigration levels at all and in fact we can expect to see an increase in immigration levels. This just shows that Canada's immigration policy is estranged from reality, having more to do with importing Liberal party supporters than with anything else. It also reveals the hypocrisy that is the Canadian left but don't remind them of that. They'll probably haul you before a human rights tribunal. It's their human right to be idiots and a violation of the Charter to remind the Canadian left they're wrong.

And another thing. What does it say about an immigrant from the developing world who feels the need to abandon his nation of birth and his people to come and contribute to the economy of the wealthy industrialized world? What does it say about a doctor from India who comes to Canada to practice medicine when the poor and starving of Calcutta could use his or her talents more so than us? Is greed spelled with two ees or one?

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