Monday, 28 January 2008

Enough with foreign ownership? I agree. Canada should nationalize its economy and its public spaces.

Here is another diatribe against foreign ownership from the Canadian left which can be read here care of The Toronto Star.

I happen to agree with them. NAFTA is hogwash and a mistake for Canada. The soft wood lumber dispute exposed NAFTA for the fraud that it is. Also, you only see strong economies seeking free trade agreements with weaker economies that can bullied. You don't see the United States and Japan engaging in any free trade talks though both countries are actively seeking free trade agreements with weaker countries. Also, the United States and Japan account for almost half of all global economic activity. They are also two of the most protectionist economies in the world. Coincidence? China is also extremely protectionist and that country is being hailed as the next super power though that remains to be seen. But this is all a digression.

If foreign ownership of Canada's economy is a bad thing then why is the foreign ownership of Canada's public spaces a good thing? What I mean by this are neighbourhoods that have effectively been transformed to reflect foreign societies due to the settlement of a foreign people into them. These neighborhoods become de facto colonies of foreign nations. They can be of any nationality; Italian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Indian. These spaces, these neighbourhoods, cease to be Canadian and when you are in them you are practically no longer in Canada. The land has effectively been surrendered. You see this in the very common Toronto expression "I can visit the entire world simply by walking outside my house." So why is this a good thing? If this trend spreads to the whole of Canada any uniqueness that was Canada is erased forever. Is a unique Canadian identity not worth cultivating and preserving? Are Canadians not allowed a country to call their own or are we somehow compelled to share this country with the entire world to colonize how they see fit?

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