Saturday, 19 January 2008

If the NDP want to help Canadian workers and the poor it should pressure the government for lower immigration targets.

NDP leader Jack Layton talks a lot about helping Canadian workers and curbing poverty in this country but is he willing to do what is really necessary to accomplish this? Mass immigration has not been good to Canadian workers nor the poor. It has not raised the standard of living in this country for the average Canadian. It has not ameliorated Canada's poverty rate but has made it worse by importing an underclass into Canadian society and swelling the ranks of the poor. It has flooded the job market with superfluous labour keeping wages, benefits, and salaries down while gas prices, public transit fares, and the overall cost of living increases. How the importation of 250,000 (300,000 if we include illegal immigration) help Canadian workers and the poor, no one has explained and I doubt Jack Layton could either.

Here are a couple of Toronto Star articles where Jack Layton can be seen playing the role of social advocate.

The first one can be read here. Here are the key paragraphs.
The growing ranks of the unemployed and poor in Canada have lost their voice while the Conservative government speaks loudly for its corporate friends, NDP Leader Jack Layton says.


Layton said the front page of the Toronto Star's business section on Saturday told the story. One story reported that 18,700 manufacturing jobs disappeared in December, while another detailed "what the Bay Street boys were going to do with their big bonuses," Layton said.

The second one can be read here.
Stephen Harper needs to put himself in the shoes of the growing numbers of laid-off workers and take more aggressive action to tackle a brewing economic crisis, says NDP Leader Jack Layton.

Layton issued his own financial warning yesterday, grimly predicting 2008 will be the year when the "squeeze" on the middle class becomes more intense.

"We can see working people just losing their jobs by the thousands in the manufacturing, the forestry sectors," Layton told reporters.

"We can see it with people having a tougher and tougher time just trying to make ends meet," he said.

"There's that sense of economic insecurity and of course it affects people with the lowest incomes very seriously."


With recession fears heating up in the United States and provinces such as Quebec and Ontario raising a red flag about the loss of manufacturing jobs, the economy could emerge as a key issue if a spring election does happen.

Apparently Jack Layton is very well aware of the current economic climate. He knows that Canadian manufacturing jobs are being lost in the thousands. He is predicting tougher times for working Canadians. How does mass immigration help them? How is the importation of 250,000 people into a recessive Canadian economy going to see Canadians through it? It won't but the NDP will not seek lowered immigration targets because it is ideologically committed to helping working Canadians while supporting mass immigration which doesn't help working Canadians but mostly helps Bay Street boys who haven't decided what to do with their big bonuses.

What I want to stress on this blog, and I will stress it time and time again, is that immigration is estranged from meeting any real needs of this country aside from delivering votes to the federal parties. Everything else is secondary. The NDP party is just another flavour of political ice cream and it needs customers to buy its product to survive. The NDP have a hard enough time attracting enough votes to form the official opposition. It needs the immigrant and ethnic vote more so than the Liberal party. That's why the NDP will not pressure the government for lower immigration targets even in a weak economic environment though such a measure will benefit working Canadians and poor Canadians. The NDP is in the business of getting elected and that is more important to them than some Canadian who lost his job and can no longer support himself or his family.


Chilled said...

Layton isn't about to risk a huge potential vote by speaking against the current status quo on immigration. The man might be an idiot but he's not stupid!!

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